Best 3 Barrel Curling Iron Reviews [Leading Triple Barrel Wavers]

When we look at a person, the first thing we notice unknowingly is their hairstyle. It is the primary part that makes you look. It is pretty hard and time-consuming to set your hair in a beauty salon. It is costly too. The ultimate solution comes with helping hair tools. The 3-barrel curling iron is one of the best solutions.

These 3-barrel curling irons are full of supportive features. The best 3 barrel curling iron can produce high heat to make different types of curling hairstyles. They are safe and effective hair tools. If you can choose the correct curler, you can save time and make attractive hairstyles in your daily life. So, check the most efficient 3-barrel curling iron here to select one for your need.

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Things To Check Before Purchasing 3 Barrel Curling Iron

When selecting a 3-barrel curling iron, you should consider some essential points, including the barrel size, need, hair types, and style you like. So, let’s know what to look for buying the best 3 barrel curling iron.

  • Barrel Size

Barrel size depends on the hair length. If you have short hair, you should choose a small barrel size. For long hair, you should select large barrel curling iron. So, you should invest in the curler that suits your hair the best.

Best 3 Barrel Curling Iron

  • Comfort and Safety

The three-barrel curling iron works with high heat. So, you should be careful enough hie using it. The best 3 barrel curling iron provides the ultimate safety and also comfort. Most of the 3-barrel curler comes with a handle made of rubber, silicone, or other insulating material that is heat resistant. These handles offer a flexible operating option with better safety from heat. Check these matters when you buy a curler.

  • Technology

There are different innovative technologies to offer you the best safe and effective curling service. These technologies include Teflon, ceramic ion, tourmaline, and titanium. 

Teflon can distribute heat evenly to the barrels and make long-lasting curls. The ceramic coatings on the barrels prevent heat damage and create frizz-free curls. Tourmaline can lock the moisture over the hair and keep it soft and healthy even after heating it. Titanium-made irons barrels are durable and robust.

3 Barrel Curling Iron

Some curlers have metal plates. Avoid those curlers as they can be risky if not handled with proper caution.

  • Other Factors

Within these critical factors, you should consider some other factors like the weight of the curlers, heat setting options, presence of display, and length of the cord. Choose a curler that is light in weight and portable, has 2 to 3 heat setting options, have a temperature display, and has a long swivel cord. These options will provide more safety and flexible handling options.

Top 10 Best 3 Barrel Curling Iron Reviews

There are many curling irons in the market, and it is pretty hard to find the right one. It will be easy to choose one when you get the detail idea on the best 3 Barrel Curling Iron. Here, you will find the top ten 3 barrel curling iron reviews. Explore them and select one for you.

1. Alure Ceramic Tourmaline Three Barrel Curling Iron

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Are you bored with your straight hairstyle? The most fantastic solution is to curl your hair in a minute. Yes, it is possible. When a single barrel curler takes a massive hassle and consumes huge time, Alure brings their three-barrel curling iron. This iron is the perfect choice for both short hair and long hair length. Actually, it is the ultimate solution to create and unique curly hairstyle. 

Barrels are made of ceramic tourmaline that creates negatively charged iron. This negative charge iron can make soft and glossy waves that prevent making frizz. It is expected that the hair gets so hard when using an electric curler and hair spray. But this three-barrel curler ensures a soothing hairstyle of your hair to keep it soft but in style. 

This curler works faster. This Alure three barrel curling iron takes only 60 seconds to reach the high-heat condition to a faster curling process. It creates 410 degrees Fahrenheit temperature heat within one minute and heats your curled hair to make it long-lasting.

Handling this curling iron is easier than you think. It has an LCD screen that clearly shows the temperature status, allowing you to control it in your way. Each barrel is one inch in diameter, perfect for making a balanced curling session for your hair. Every piece barrel can rotate 360 degrees which enables you to curl your hair in your style. You can make different curling styles for this rotating feature. 

There are other supportive features like a tangle-free cord to move the curler quickly and the coating of Teflon on each of the barrels to make it pH resistant. The construction of the curler is for making it durable for long. 


  • Highly color accurate
  • Fully Dimmable
  • No Warm-Up
  • Easy to install
  • 3 Year Warranty


  •  Not Instant ON & OFF

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2. Bed Head Triple Barrel Curling Iron

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The bedhead comes with another best 3 barrel curling iron that ensures your safety from excess heat and lets you customize the curling settings. Yes, it is possible to make different curling styles with this one machine. Barrels are designed so that two barrels move away from the third one when you open the curler. Then you set your hair inside it, which gently curl your hair. This movement of the barrels allows maximum adjustability.

The tourmaline ceramic technology of this curler makes sure that your hair does not get hard. It keeps your hair softer but creates a fantastic effect on it. It ensures the maximum shining effect reducing the frizz possibility. The easy adjustability of the curler makes different waving levels create unique styles. This curler allows four extra curling sessions with excellent options, including loosely curled, tousled, defined curling, and tight curling. You can set it easily by only pushing on the button. 

This curler lets you reach a temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You also can make three different temperatures setting for three types of hair. For thin and fine hair, you have to set the temperature between 250 to 280 degrees Fahrenheit. You have to set the temperature between 325 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit for the wavy to medium wavy hair. For the thick and stiff hair, you can select the curler’s temperature between 375- or 400-degrees Fahrenheit. 

Operating this curler is also easy and convenient. This curler machine has the auto shutoff option that works for high heat or after reaching the preset heat to provide the best safety. This curler is also easy to clean. You just have to wipe clean the spots. The dual voltage care provides you with a premium service.


  • Different levels of waving
  • Three sets of temperature settings
  • Long swivel cord to move the curler machine to long-distance
  • Easy to operate the machine


  • Low performance for thinner hair

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3. Revlon 3 Barrel Curling Iron

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Bore with a straight hairstyle? Revlon curling iron creates a unique style with your hair. You can create a stunning curly hairstyle, be it thin or thick hair. After making a curly hairstyle using this curler, it looks so natural that people do not understand it is not your natural hair. Revlon 3-barrel curler arrives in jumbo size, which covers more hair at once. It takes very little time to style your hair using this styler.

To create long-lasting curly hair fashion, it reaches up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. This high heat ensures a powerful setting for your hair. With this high heat production ability, this curler makes 30 unique customized hair designs by 30 heat settings. With its reliable performance, this curling iron has won the trust of a lot of people.

Within the performance, this large 3 barrel curling iron is easily portable. You can carry it in your luggage or handbag and use it everywhere you go. There is a ring to hang the curler from a height. That is why it is easy to store. The swivel cord is tangle-free so that you can move the curler quickly and use it flexibly. To make it last for a more extended period, it has a tourmaline ceramic coating. This coating can keep your hair softer even after heating it. It keeps the curler safe from damage for heating.

The on and off switch makes it easy to handle. Actually, the whole procedure to operate this machine is much easier. So, have it and get ready with a gorgeous hairstyle.


  • Tourmaline ceramic coating with massive durability
  • 30 heat settings to make unique hairstyles
  • Tangle-free swivel cord
  • Customizing options


  • Quite a time-consuming job

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4. Conair Double Curl Styler

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Conair is a renowned brand for its innovative hair care tools. The double curl styler is one of the premium hot tools 3 barrel curling iron from Conair. With its premium quality and supportive features collection, this curling iron serves the best to meet your demand. You can make unique hairstyles.

The specialty of this curling iron is the premium coating of ceramic. It is a double layer that increases its durability and makes the hair softer than other curlers. When you use this iron, you will feel superior comfort and, indeed, your hair is in the right hand. The coating makes your hair safe from high heat and roughness. 

This curler has a unique design. Two barrel is thicker compared to the other one. The outer two barrels are 5/8 inches in diameter, while the inner barrel is ½ inch only. This design lets you make different styles of your hair with this setting of the barrels. This curler machine is also easy to operate only by pushing some buttons. The auto-off feature ensures the safety of you and your hair. Handling it is safe though it can produce high heat to make a long-lasting hair setting.

With a 30 heat setting, it works for all types of hair. You also can produce extra heat for the hard-to-set hair. You just have to set the turbo boost option. It is a button that you can control easily. So, have this great curling iron and create a smooth and shiny wave in your hair.


  • Turbo boost setting included
  • 30 heats setting for different hair types
  • Faster curling option
  • Double ceramic layer for the premium durability


  • The temperature dial is set on the grip that can mistakenly change the temperature

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5. Mojonnie 3 Barrel Hair Curling Iron

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Are you going to a party? Make an attractive curly hairstyle with this three-barrel curling iron. It is an easy and simple task when you have this curler machine. Curled hair will look natural and stunning. Be bold in the party by a unique, trendy hair fashion.

This curling iron is easy to operate, and you do not face any hassle while doing your styling. No need to take any help from other persons. You can do your hair curling job yourself. To make a long-lasting hairstyle, this machine can create up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit heat. The most supportive feature is that it adjusts the temperature setting automatically depending on your hair’s nature. The ceramic coating makes it more friendly. Your hair will stay soft even after curling it several times.

So, you can use it for everyday hair styling purposes. This curler is also a time-saver. It takes only a minute to reach the desired temperature. Based on your hair type, this curler machine goes the proper temperature setting. For the complex and thick hair, this curler machine can reach up to 410-degree Fahrenheit Temperature. 

This curler machine can do well with all types of hair. It can gently curl the thin hair and make a bold curly design to the complex and rough hair. To make an S curve, it takes only a minute. So, you can be ready for your party without wasting any time. This curling iron also suits professional use. It can take loads of curling jobs. So, an expert can select this curler machine to use it.

This curling machine has an LCD indicator light that shows the temperature for your hair setting to make the operation easier. The swivel cord can rotate 360 degrees for hassle-free and flexible handling. The non-slip handle and the insulated barrel tip ensure your safety. You can work at high heat without thinking of any risks. So, grab this machine as soon as possible and get all the supportive features.


  • Easy to operate and handle
  • Suitable for different hair types
  • The temperature reaches an optimum level ensuring the safety 
  • Tame-saver solution


  • At the top, it is bulky

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6. Babe Waves 3 Barrel Curling Waver

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Babe Waves brings a 3-barrel curling machine that can produce a higher temperature. So, it is time to create your dream in real life. Making a perfect wavy style in your hair is possible with this curling iron. If you are stuck in your busy life, you can do all your job in a manner. This waving machine can do your job faster than you think. Make a unique curling hairstyle every day. 

You can operate this machine quickly and adjust the temperature set correctly to match your hair type. For the complex and thick hair, high heat can do well. But you may need to make extra safety for the thin air. You have to put the thin air at a low temperature. This curling iron ensures that your hair is in the best hand. The LCD monitor and the digital dial allow you to make the correct temperature setting at optimum level.

This curling iron can heat the hair to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you can work well for the hard-to-set hair too. Moreover, this curling iron is perfect for thin hair or thick hair. You can make the curl setting however you like. With the effortless adjusting power of the curler, you can control the temperature in your way and make the hair-do exactly how you want. You can make curly hair soft and natural. 

In this Babe waves store, you will find three types of a curling iron. One is with 1-inch barrels, the second is with a 1.1-inch barrel, and the third is a 1.25-inch barrel. Depending on barrel thickness, it works on different hair lengths. 


  • Fast curling option
  • Safe and suitable for all hair types
  • Tangle-free swivel cord
  • LED screen to monitor or run the machine with a great ease


  • The lever resistance is high

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7. Coidak 3 Barrel Hair Waver

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Can heating harm the hair? Yes, it can if not handled by the right tool. Coidak brings a hair-waver that ensures the safety of your device. You will get to run it properly, providing the heat at the correct temperature, which cannot harm your hair. Using two different heat settings, you can curl or wave your hair in the right way. To ensure the better safety of your hand, this hair curler comes with heat-resistant hand gloves and two hair clips. 

Adjusting the temperature and operating this tool is easy. A slight press on the thermal end puts more pressure and makes rigid curl faster when using this curler. The two-heat setting is perfect for covering all types of hair. If the hair is thin and soft, a heat setting at 356 degrees Fahrenheit is suitable. If the hair is hard and thick, you can set the curling iron at 410 degrees Fahrenheit. a perfect, naturally curly, and wavy hair-do can change the look and make you ready instantly.

The curling procedure is quick and lasts long when you use this curling iron. It takes only 30 to 60 seconds to curl one section of the hair. This curling iron uses advanced technology to curl the hair keeping it smooth and shiny. This machine uses high-temperature insulation materials and ceramic ion technology. This technology heats the hair evenly and produces many negative ions, which heats the hair perfectly, locking the moisture inside it. This sealed moisture keeps the hair smooth and strong for a more extended period.

The ceramic coating with aluminum casting makes it light in weight. So, it is portable and travel-friendly. It has a metal stand that allows the curler to keep safely avoiding the touch from the desktop or table. So, having this curling iron is a favorable option to get ready faster in an elegant way.


  • Ceramic ion technology to make the hair smoother
  • Two different heat setting
  • Long lasting hair setting
  • Durable material made curling iron


  • The hand gloves melt and become sticky

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8. Drop of Diviniti Triple Barrel Curling Iron

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If you need a fast-curling iron, this curling iron from the Drop of Diviniti is an excellent choice. You just have to put a section of your hair on the iron plate and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds. It will be done. So, you can complete ironing all your hair within a short time range comparatively. It is easy and super quick.

This curling iron is the best machine for soft hair to make wavy hair that looks so natural that nobody understands. Each of the barrels is constructed to provide the best service and premium safety. Every barrel is covered in three layers. The innermost layer is for thermal conductivity. The middle layer is rust-resistant that increases the durability and strength at a superior level. The outer cover is the ceramic tourmaline protective coating. It ensures the safety of your hair from damage and has a smooth effect on your hair. 

All the layers work together to ensure the proper curling effect that lasts longer. Though this machine can create heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, it is absolutely safe. When you are curling your hair, you will hold the iron at the other end to have a better balance, of course. This ending tip is heat-resistant. The anti-scalding metal stand keeps the curler safe and the place from the heat where you own it. 

Everyday heats can make you rough. This curling iron keeps it in min and works on ceramic ion technology. It creates the negative ions that lock the moisture covering the hair and keep your hair smooth and healthy. This curling iron is also easy to run through the use of the LED. The swivel cord is tangle-free. So, get this curling iron with so many premium features and heat resistant hand gloves, and two hair clips. 


  • Curling effect with soft hair setting
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology included
  • Easy to monitor LED 
  • Faster and smoother operation


  • Not so quick for the hard to set hair

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9. Tsmsv 3 Barrel Curling Iron with Hair Crimper

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Do you like soft and loose hairstyles? Tsmsv curling iron will be the perfect choice for you. This hair iron has three large barrels that are 1.25 inches in diameter. With this size, you can make a loose and distanced curling hairstyle. This style is perfect for attending any party, including the wedding, picnic, birthday celebration, etc., and a romantic celebration. With the fast-operating time, you can be ready and go to attend without wasting your time. 

All the supportive features are included in this curling iron. You will get the cooling tips to control the balance of the curling procedure in your hand. Providing safety, handling the machine is also easier. The adjustable bracket, swivel cord, and LCD temperature display let you control the device and reach the right temperature to curl your hair. Depending on the hair type, you can set different heat settings and make your hair-do as you like. With the auto-shutoff option with the dual voltage supply, you can keep the safety up with the correct heating option.

With the anti-slip handle, you will get a firm grip that ensures safety. The swivel cord can rotate 360 degrees, and you can handle the machine easily. You can move conveniently while curling your hair. So, do not miss this fantastic tool to get ready for your party.


  • LCD temperature display to show the temperature
  • Can reach the high temperature that is 410 degrees 
  • Multi-layer materials made
  • Auto shut off feature after one hour


  • Cannot create hard curling style

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10. Hot Tools Black Gold 3 Barrel Hair Waver

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Hot tool curler is another best 3 barrel curling iron. With the 9 feet longer swivel cord, you can move long distances and work reliably. For the variable heat settings, it is the right choice for a variety of hair categories. This tool works well for thin or medium hair, and the high-temperature heat setting is better for the hard-to-set hair type. This curler can reach up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit. With this high heat, you can produce tight curls even on thicker hair which will last longer than you expect.

To make it more reliable, barrels are adjustable. With the help of heat-resistant tips, you can set the machine easily in your position. Customers find this tool more user-friendly. You can create wavy, loose, tight, defined, or tousled hairstyles at different heat settings. Depending on your party type, you can make other hair settings and appear in a new unique style. It is easy to set the machine in variable heat setting only by pushing the temperature buttons.

 This curler has the auto-shutoff option to ensure safety, and it does not let the curler heat excessively. This curling iron is made with an expert manufacturing process. So, it is long-lasting and stays as it is for a more extended period. The universal dual voltage system keeps the heat production procedure at the optimum level and enhances the machine’s durability. So, grab one from the market and stay in style always.


  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Elegant hair curler finish
  • Auto shut off the machine
  • Longer swivel cord


  • Barrels are hard to put together after heating them for a while

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Are 3 Barrel Curlers Good?

Yes, of course. 3-barrel curlers do better than a regular single-barrel curler. The standard single barrel curling iron is almost impossible to make a beachy wave in your hair. But the 3-barrel curling iron can create a romantic beachy wave and loose hairstyle to match your elegance.

Moreover, the 3-barrel curlers can reach the high heat settings that ensure a tight and tousled curling style on your hair. This type of curler suits every kind of hair, from thin to thick. So, you can be sure of the better performance of the 3-barrel curler.

What Does A 3-Barrel Curling Iron Do?

A 3-barrel curling iron can do something additional benefits which a single barrel curler cannot do. From a different perspective, these curlers fulfill almost all your demands.

girl curling her hair with best 3 barrel curling iron

  • A 3-barrel curling iron can create soft mermaid-esque waves in your hair which is hard to achieve by the single barrel curler. 
  • 3-barrel curler takes significantly less time to curl their hair compared to the traditional curler. Most of the 3-barrel curlers can heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, making the job in a minute. 
  • This curler is also a labor saver machine. You do not have to put a lot of effort as the single barrel curler need.
  • The construction material of most three-barrel curlers is safe and hair-friendly. It keeps the hair smooth.
  • The tourmaline coating locks the moisture and keeps the hair healthy for long.

3 Barrel Curling Iron vs Deep Waver

Both the 3-barrel curling iron and the deep waver are similar. There is a slight difference in their construction design. 

The three-barrel curling iron is designed with two movable barrels and one in the middle that does not move. On the other hand, deep waves have a deep space between two plates.

The primary mechanism involves for the deep waves to place the hair on the plate where the deep vacant space makes a friendly beachy wave. For the ‘S’ wave curl in hair, deep avers work the better. 

Though both are time-consuming and labor-saving hair tools, deep wavers take lesser time to set the hair. It clamps a section of hair and makes it wavy within 15 to 20 seconds only. The three-barrel curler can make tight, tousled, and wavy hair-do. It takes one minute to curl a section of hair. 

The curly hair lasts longer, which is done by the deep wavers comparatively. Deep wavers set the hair in such a way that makes it more voluminous. It uses some other accessories to make hair wavy. 

Triple barrel curling irons are famous for making more defined and crimped hair. The gaps between the barrels are lesser, and so, it can make tight curls fast.

So, three-barrel curling iron vs deep wavers depends on your hair type and choice of hairstyle. Deep wavers are the best choice for the shorter and thinner hair, whereas three-barrel curling irons are the best choice for the longer strand.

How Do You Use A Three Barrel Curling Iron?

Using the three-barrel curling iron is easy. You can quickly get the grip to use it though it is pretty different from the traditional single barrel curlers. After using this curler for a while, you will be used to it.

Using A Three Barrel Curling Iron?

Now follow the easy steps below and make a unique hairstyle to be ready for your party.

Step-1: First, spritz your hair with a hair spray and heat protectant. Now section it into some parts. These parts’ sizes should be easy to manage.

Step-2: Now, hold the curling iron horizontally, press it, and open the clamp of the curler. Grab the top part of one hair section and place it between the barrels and the clamp. 

Step-3: After setting the hair section perfectly inside the curling barrels, release the clamp. Now holds it like this for a few seconds. Check the manual to know the time range. You may have to heat it for 20 to 30 seconds. You may have to hold the hair for a few more seconds to get the desired hair setting.

Step-4: Now open the curler clamp and move it own slowly. Then repeat this process for all the hair sections.

After curling all the hair sections, you will see the wavy hair over your head. To make it more voluminous, you can spray some volumizing spray from the roots of the hair. Now, look at your mirror how you look. You are ready to join your party or daily life business.

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Final Words

The best 3 barrel curling iron can be your favorite tool if you can choose the right match. So, first, know your choice and need. You may have long or short hair, rough, thick, or thin hair, and you may like a wavy hairstyle or tightly curled hair. Depending on these factors, you should choose a curler that can serve you the best.

Before buying the 3 barrel curler, you should check some facts and match the features with your need. Then you can choose the correct curling iron. All the guidance, including the best options of curlers, are included in this piece of article.

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