Best Beyblade Launcher Reviews [Top 10 Recommendation]

Three, Two, One, Let It Rip!!

These were the iconic words that a lot of us grew up with since our childhood. The hit 2001 Japanese Anime Beyblade made a lot of impact in the lives of many young viewers. And that, in turn, led to a lot of children buying and battling with these stylish spinning-top toys.

If you are a collector, or simply trying to reconnect to your childhood, then you will be happy to know that you can still pick up a Beyblade and all of its components if you know where to look. Apart from the Beyblade itself, you also need a Beyblade launcher, a Ripcord, and optionally a Bey stadium to use it to its fullest.

But let us start with the launcher. It is the component that mostly dictates the speed and spin of your Beyblade, after all. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best Beyblade launchers you can find on the market to take your Bey game to the next level. So, without further ado, let us get started.

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Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Beyblade Launcher

Choosing the perfect Beyblade launcher will let you launch your Beyblades faster and with higher accuracy to decimate your opponents. But finding the right one for your particular Beyblade is another thing entirely. There are many different factors that can contribute to your experience with a particular launcher.

Best Beyblade Launcher
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To make things as hassle-free as possible, here are a few things you should consider before buying a new Beyblade launcher.

  • Material

The first thing that you should think about is the material of the Beyblade. Typically, Beyblade launchers are made of plastic, but the Metal Fusion series units are made of metal. Those are heavier and also cost a bit more.

  • Ripcord and String

Another critical element to think about is whether you want to go with a ripcord launcher or a string launcher. A ripcord launcher utilizes a plastic cable to launch the Beyblade, which is a separate component. With a string launcher, you need to pull a string that is built into the launcher itself.  

Keep in mind, though, a string launcher can jam up from time to time. We will take a more in-depth look at the two types later on in this article.

  • Grip

You also want to take a look at the grip of the unit. You want to get a comfortable hold on the launcher as you launch the Beyblade. If your unit comes with a power grip, it adds even more value to your purchase.

  • Price

Beyblade launchers can come at various prices. So, consider your budget before you buy one. With some options, you can also get a Beyblade included in a bundle. If you are just starting out your collection, those can be a great choice.

Top 10 Best Beyblade Launcher Reviews

Now that you have had some time to sort through the elements that dictate the performance and quality of a launcher, let us look at some options. Due to its popularity, there is a good demand for Beyblade launchers. 

And with the thousands of options floating around these days, it can be tough picking out the perfect unit. In the following section of the article, we will give you a quick rundown of some of our top picks so that you have an easier time choosing a Beyblade launcher for yourself.

1. BEYBLADE E3630 Burst Turbo Slingshock Precision Strike Launcher

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Let us kick things off in style with one of the most popular Beyblade launchers in the market, the Beyblade E3630 launcher. If you want to take part in tournaments or just to push your game to the next level among your friends, this one is the obvious choice.

It works with both right and left spin Burst tops. So regardless of whether you have an attack blade or a defense blade, it should work with it without any issues. On top of that, it also works flawlessly if you have a Sling Shock or Switch Strike top for your Beyblade.

With a lot of Beyblade launchers, the accuracy is not exactly targeted. However, thanks to the wind-up design of the launcher along with the trigger activation mechanism, you will be able to guide your Beyblade directly to the stadium for precise impact.

If you like competing in digital battles, then you need no introduction to the Beyblade Burst App. With this unit, you get a scan code that you can scan with the App and get access to this exact launcher inside it. Because the launcher is so easy to use, it is perfect for someone looking to have a rapidly successful bey launch.


  • Durable plastic grip
  • Stylish color combinations
  • Trigger activated design
  • Easy to target


  • The red cap can come off


If you are buying it as a gift for your children, then you can be sure that you will bring a smile to their faces. It works with all Burst Series Beyblades and is easy to set up. The precision of this launcher is also quite decent, and you will not miss the Bey Stadium during the launch.

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2. BEYBLADE String Launcher Tops

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Here, we will be looking at a String Launcher that looks nice and comes at a lower price than most other options on the market. Despite its lower price, the performance of this launcher is quite fantastic. And on the plus side, it also looks very stylish.

Since it is a universal launcher, you will be able to use it with both left and right spinning tops. The unit is compatible with all Burst Series Beyblades; however, if you have a metal top blade from the Metal Fusion line, for instance, it might not work with it.

A cool feature of the unit is its ability to use a secondary launcher with it. That way, you will be able to launch two Beyblades at the same time. It also has a comfortable grip that lets you hold the launcher steadily while you are pulling the ripcord to get a precise launch.

It features a white casting body with black accents. That, combined with the 9 inches long black ripcord, gives it a very cool look. Since it does not come with any Beyblade or Stadium, you need to buy those separately to get the full experience of battling with Beyblades.


  • Comes with a long ripcord
  • Can connect to a second launcher
  • Universal compatibility with Burst series Beyblades
  • Comes with a comfortable handle


  • Not the most durable option out there


As a starter launcher, this one is one of the finest out there. It comes with a scan code to use with the Beyblade app. And if you prefer doing head-to-head battles in real life, you will be able to get a good experience thanks to its universal compatibility and precise launch.

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3. Launcher and Grip, Burst Gyro Starter String Launcher

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For our third option, we will be taking our first step into third-party Beyblade manufacturers, Ingoooood. There is a misconception that only first-party Hasbro or Takara Tomy branded Beyblades are worth buying. However, after trying out this Burst Gyro Starter String Launcher, you should have no reason to doubt this brand.

Made specifically for Right Spin Beyblade tops, this unit is designed to give you the perfect launch at every rip. If you have a left spin top though, you will not be able to use it. Other than that, it is compatible with all Beyblade Burst Series battling tops.

The grip in the launcher feels thick and comfortable, which allows you to get a secure hold on it as you pull on the ripcord. Though the cord feels sturdy enough, we recommend pulling it gently as there are reports of it breaking when handling too roughly.

The red and white color combination of this launcher looks very similar to the Takara Tomy B-108. Its design is also pretty similar while coming at a fraction of the cost. As an entry-level Beyblade launcher, this can be a good investment to get an idea of everything that Beyblade battling has to offer.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Looks very stylish
  • The grip feels durable and strong
  • Compatible with all right spin Burst Beyblade tops


  • The ripcord feels a bit flimsy


If you are serious about battling, or an avid collector of genuine Beyblade and accessories, this might not be for you. It does not have that unique build quality that you get from first-party manufacturers. However, if you are on a tight budget, and want something simple, then this can be a cool little investment.

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4. TAKARA TOMY Beyblade B-123 Long Bey Launcher Set Cho-Z Layer System

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The Takara Tomy Beyblades have an excellent reputation among enthusiasts for creating high-quality Beyblades and Beyblade accessories. And perhaps no other launchers are as popular as the B-123 by them. Designed after the launcher of the main character in the Anime, this unit will make you feel like a true champion.

This launcher comes as a complete bundle and includes additional driver and extension parts for your Beyblade designed after Cho-Z. If you own the Z Achilles balance type Beyblade, then you will have the best out-of-the-box experience with it. But it should also work flawlessly with defense and attack Beyblade.

Another thing you will notice with it is its relatively larger size. In fact, the wider grip and power trigger of the unit is designed to be bigger so that kids and adults alike can have a good time holding it. Its simple design, despite coming as a complete bundle, is also what makes it a superior choice for newcomers.

However, unless the child knows a bit about using and assembling Beyblades, it will be a bit complicated to use. That is why Takara Tomy recommends it for children above 13 years old only. But considering the price, you will not be buying it for anyone other than an enthusiast anyways.


  • Excellent build quality
  • A larger grip makes it easier to use for adults
  • Precise targeting and launching
  • Looks very stylish


  • A bit too complex for children under 13 years old


If you are an enthusiast or consider Beyblade as an important part of your life, then this is the only logical choice out there. It looks stylish, performs superbly, and gives you the feeling of being a real Beyblade Champ. Though it costs a bit more than average launchers, the quality definitely backs up the price.

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5. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-88 Bey Launcher

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Let us take a look at another fantastic beast of a launcher by Takara Tomy, and after looking at the review of the B-123, you should already have a pretty good idea about their quality. The B-88 launcher boasts a different and unique design that makes it an excellent choice for children and adults alike.

First of all, keep in mind that this unit supports both left and right spinning Bey tops. In other words, this unit is made to work with any and all Beyblade Burst tops that you may own, thanks to its universal design. So, you will not be limited in your Beyblades that you can use with this launcher.

This unit may very well be the largest launcher you can find on the market, but its usage is quite simple. All you have to do is hold the launcher steadily and pull the cord with a loose but firm grip. And because of its larger size, you will be able to grip it comfortably without fear of it slipping from your hand.

The overall red color of the unit, along with its black accents, gives it a stylish look. Other than that, the unit features a slider on the side which allows you to change the mode from left to right. So, you can easily swap it to change your spin style depending on the Beyblade of your choice.


  • Extremely durable construction
  • Easy to use
  • Universal-design compatible with both left or right spinning battle tops
  • Looks very cool


  • The aesthetics might not please everyone


We know we said that it looks very cool, but the truth is, not everyone might find its bulky design appealing. To some, a sleek and slim launcher looks better, and if you are one of them, then this is not the right choice for you. Other than that minor preferential issue, you will find nothing worth complaining about with this unit.

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6. BEYBLADE Burst Pro Series Cho-Z Achilles Spinning Top Starter Pack

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Are you new to Beyblade and looking for the easiest way to get started? Then this launcher from the Beyblade Burst Pro Series might be the perfect choice for you. Sure, it costs a bit more, but you also get a cool balance type Beyblade included with your investment.

And the best part about it is that the Beyblade is a pretty high-quality one. It is not something that the manufacturers threw in just to add some value. The Achilles D66-P PR-07 is one of the best right spinning balance type Beyblade you can find on the market.

When it comes to the launcher, it is a basic one which means it does not come with a grip. So, if you want the full experience, you need to invest in a separate power grip. But the driver itself is extremely powerful and can get your blade to its highest spin with a single pull from the ripcord.

If you would rather use a different Beyblade other than a balance type, you should have no trouble using this launcher. However, though it can use both attack and defense type Beyblades, it does have to be right spinning for it to work. This unit is not compatible with any left spin Beyblade tops.


  • Includes a high-quality balance type Beyblade
  • Strong launch power
  • Compatible with all right spinning Beyblades
  • Excellent build quality


  • Does not come with a power grip


The absence of a power grip in this launcher does hurt a bit, but considering the price at which you are getting a high-quality Beyblade and a launcher, it is understandable. You also get a scan code that you can apply in the Beyblade Burst app to unlock it in the App.

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7. Speder Bey Gyro Blades Launcher and Grip, Light Sparking Battling Burst String Launcher

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Let us take a look at another third-party brand that not only manufactures launchers for your Beyblade but also Legos and other cool little items. The Speeder Gyro Blades Launcher might not be your first choice when you are buying a new launcher, but it has its fair share of charm, which makes it a valid choice for some.

This unit features a universal design making it compatible with both left and right spin type Beyblades. It comes as a complete set giving you both the launcher itself and the power grip to make sure you get the strongest launch. As long as you have a Bey Burst Series Beyblade, this unit will work flawlessly.

Switching between the two modes, left spin and right spin is easy and can be done single-handed. So, you will be able to switch up your Beyblade and your launch type on the fly. Regardless of whether you are going for the attack or choosing a balance type, you should have a nice time with this unit.

A cool little feature of this launcher is that it comes with a sparkling effect as you pull on the ripcord. It does look cool, especially for younger children, but it seems like an almost unnecessary addition. Still, if that is something that appeals to you, then you will be happy to have this feature in your launcher.


  • Compatible with both left and right spinning tops
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Comfortable grip
  • Has a cool lighting effect


  • Poor quality control


There are some reports of this unit breaking down after a couple of use. Since the one we tested lasted for quite a while, we believe this has to do more with quality control than the quality of the device itself. As a starting launcher to get into the game, this can be a decent choice if you are on a budget.

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8. BurstLauncher L/R Spin B119 (Blue Launcher)

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The Burst Launcher by the brand QiJzz, at first glance, looks the same as any Takara Tomy launchers you can pick out from the shelf. It is an almost perfect clone, featuring the same design features and quality that you would find in the more expensive first-party products.

This one, like most other third-party options out there, chose to go with a universal design. This means you will be able to use both left and right spinning tops with this launcher without any issues.

On top of that, it is compatible with all Bey Burst Series Beyblades, which means you can use just about any Beyblade you have at home with it.

The unfortunate part is it does not come with a power grip. So, you either have to hold the launcher with your hand as you pull on the ripcord or need to purchase a separate power grip to use with it. Thankfully, you can use just about any power grip to hold the launcher without any compatibility problems.

For a third-party launcher, the unit is made quite well. It is extremely durable, and the plastic seems sturdy enough to handle a fair share of abuse. Still, we would not recommend dropping it from too high up, or it might start jamming up or can even break down.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Attractive blue color
  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with a universal design


  • Does not include a power grip


If you are on a budget and are okay with using third-party Beyblade launchers, then this can be an excellent investment. It is essentially a high-quality clone of Takara Tomy launchers and tries to replicate the quality that you get from the original product as closely as possible.

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9. BEYBLADE Burst Turbo Slingshock Riptide Blast Set

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If you are looking to amp up your Beyblade battle power, then go with the Burst Turnbo Slingshock Riptide Blast Set without a second thought. Since it comes as a bundle, you are getting not only the launcher but also a Beyblade to combo with it.

And the cost of this bundle is lower than what you would have to pay if you bought them separately.

The defense type Beyblade that you get with this bundle consists of a TD11-S performance tip, a Forneus F4 energy layer, and a D44 forge disc. Combining these three components, you will get a blade that can crush your opponent’s when you launch with the Riptide launcher.

Since the launcher supports both left and right spinning tops and all Burst series Beyblades, you are not necessarily bound to the Beyblade that you got with your purchase. You can switch up your playstyle any way you want, depending on the Beys that you have in your arsenal.

The launcher also looks quite stylish, thanks to its unique structure. It can switch between battle ring mode and slingshock mode whenever you want. Furthermore, you get a scan code included with the purchase that lets you access this launcher and the Beyblade in your Burst Pro App.


  • Comes with a high-quality defense type Beyblade
  • Supports both left and right spin type Beyblades
  • Can switch between battle mode and slingshock mode
  • Includes scan codes for energy layer and launcher


  • Does not come with a power grip


For the price that it asks, you get a complete starter kit to take your first steps into the world of Beyblades. Though you do not get a power grip for the launcher, because of its larger design, it is quite easy to securely hold it as you let it rip. So, this might not be a complete dealbreaker.

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10. Beyblade Burst Rise Hypersphere Command Dragon D5 Starter Pack

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Let us wrap up this list with another complete bundle for all of those who are just starting out with their collection. This starter pack comes with a fantastic battle top and a simple yet efficient Beyblade launcher to complement it to its fullest.

The Beyblade that you get with this bundle is an attack-type, so it is suitable for beginners or those who generally prefer an aggressive, in-your-face playstyle. You get the fused forge disc and performance tip added into the bundle to utilize the attack blade fully in your Beyblade battles.

While the launcher performs best with the included Beyblade, it is universal by design. So, you will be able to use just about any Beyblades with it regardless of its type or spin direction. You are not necessarily stuck using the same Beyblade over and over again with this launcher.

The launcher comes with an ergonomic grip that lets you grab it comfortably as you pull on the ripcord. Since it is an attack-type Beyblade, you will be able to watch it climb up the vertical wall and crash down on your opponent’s blade once you launch it with your Beyblade launcher.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Comes with an attack-type Beyblade
  • Suitable with both left and right spinning Beyblades
  • Includes a scan code


  • No apparent cons


If you are just starting out your collection, this might be the best choice out there for you. Since it is a starter pack, it will give you just about everything you need to get started with this hobby.

It also comes at a pretty decent price, and with the scan code, you will also get access to the launcher and the Energy layer of this Beyblade in your Beyblade Burst App.

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Types Of Beyblade Launchers

As we go from one generation of Beyblades to the next with the Anime, the compatibility of the tops and the launcher types also change in real life. These days, there are a few different categories of launchers that you can find on the market.

Understanding the different types of launchers is essential to ensure you are buying the right launcher for your Beyblade setup. There are a few ways these categories are set up, and we will look at each of them below:

  • Generation

So far, there have been three generations of Beyblades. And the launcher you are buying needs to match the generation of Beyblade that you are using. So, if you have a first-generation Beyblade battle top, then you must use the first-generation launcher to let it rip.

Beyblade Launcher

Furthermore, in the third generation of Beyblade, there are two different series, the Beyblade Burst Series and the Metal Fusion Series. Burst Series Beyblades have a plastic body and need Burst series launchers to work. Metal Fusion series, on the other hand, comes with a metal body, and so does the launcher.

  • Spin Orientation

A Beyblade can be either right spinning or left spinning, depending on its design. There can be different strategical reasons behind going with a specific Beyblade orientation. However, this also means the launcher needs to be able to launch the Beyblade in the proper orientation.

Types Of Beyblade Launchers

The good news here is that some Beyblade launchers feature a universal design by giving you a switch to change its launch orientation from left to right. If you can snatch up one of these universal launchers, you will be able to use both left and right-spinning Beyblades with it.

  • Ripcord and String Launchers

Finally, launchers can either feature a ripcord or strings for their launch mechanism. Ripcord launchers are the more popular and common choice between the two and the one that we mostly see in the Anime. This is essentially a plastic cord with notches in it that you pull through the launcher itself.

Types Of Beyblade Launchers

String launchers, on the other hand, come with a pull string built into them. And to launch the Beyblade, all you have to do is pull on it. Typically, string launchers can generate a better spin and force, but they also cost a bit higher than a regular ripcord launcher.

  • Beyblade Launcher Parts

A Beyblade launcher comes with two main parts, the launcher itself and the power grip. The power grip is not, however, essential, and you can launch your Beyblade as long as you have the launcher. But the power grip does give you a better and more secure hold on the launcher.

Typically, you can attach any power grip to your launcher. They tend to feature a universal design to let you customize your arsenal of Beyblade components. However, you cannot use a metal fusion launcher and attach it to a power grip made for the Burst series.

How To Use Beyblade Launcher?

Using a Beyblade launcher is quite simple if you have the right combo of the Beyblade and the launcher. Here are the steps:

  • Start out by locating the small hole labeled “In” on your launcher; that is where the ripcord goes.
  • Place your ripcord on the hole and slide it in slightly but not all the way through.
  • Then attach your Beyblade to the launcher on its slot at the bottom.
  • While holding your launcher, slide the ripcord further, which will lock the Beyblade in position.
  • After that, you can slide the rest of the ripcord all the way through the launcher.
  • Position your launcher over the Bey Stadium, holding it firmly with your left hand.
  • Then pull on the ripcord gently but firmly so that it comes out of the launcher in one swift motion.
  • Voila, you should now notice your Beyblade jump inside the stadium and spin around with force generated from the launcher.

launching beyblade with best beyblade launcher

However, there is more to launching a Beyblade than what meets the eye at first glance. In fact, seasoned players know about four different launching styles, which can drastically impact the behavior of your Beyblade after launch. Here is a quick rundown of the four different launch styles.

  • Parallel Launch

The parallel launch is the simplest style of launching your Beyblade. Position your launcher parallelly over the Bey Stadium and pull on the ripcord quickly. With attack-type Beyblades, you will be able to circle quickly around the stadium and collide with high force with your opponent’s Beyblade.

  • Banking Launch

The banking launch is quite similar to the parallel launch in terms of how you are pulling on the ripcord. However, instead of keeping your launcher parallel to the center of the Bey Stadium, you will try to keep it parallel to the slope.

This launch will cause your Beyblade to move directly towards the center and fight for low ground.

  • Sliding Launch

The sliding launch might be the trickiest one to pull off among all launching styles. For this to work, you will be following the exact launch pattern as the banking launch.

However, as you are pulling on the ripcord, slide your launcher forward. With this launch, your Beyblade will spin in a flower-like pattern and gain more power and spin.

  • Weak Launch

Do not let the name fool you; under certain situations, a weak launch can be deadly for your opponent. For this launch, you will be doing the exact same thing as a parallel launch.

However, you will pull your ripcord much slower, which will make your Bey move around slowly and erratically. This is the perfect counter to attack type Beyblades.

How To Fix A Beyblade Launcher?

Typically, a ripcord launcher does not jam up and requires minimal maintenance. However, if you have a string launcher, you might require fixing it if it ever jams up.

Thankfully though, fixing your string Bey launcher is quite easy as long you know how to do it. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

fix a Beyblade launcher grip

  • Start off by locating all the screws on the bottom side of the Beyblade launcher. Use a standard Phillips head screwdriver to open the screws. Usually, there are six screws, four are located on the body, and two are on the switch.
  • Once you take off the screws, take them apart gently. We recommend pulling it from the top so that the internal components remain in place. Start by taking off the switch at first, then proceed to disassemble the rest of the part.
  • Inside the launcher, you will notice several gears which might seem intimidating at first. However, you do not need to worry too much about these components. You should also notice a large plastic piece with two screws on it. Gently pull it off. Some of the other components might come out in the process. Just remember where everything goes.
  • The plastic piece actually contains the spring that requires resetting to fix the jam. Once it is out, turn it over, and you should see a flat slot at its center to reset the spring. Place it upside down on the top side of the launcher with the slot facing you. Use a flathead screwdriver and turn it 7 times. You should feel it tighten.
  • Then, put the plastic piece back in its place carefully so that the spring does not reset in place. After that, you can put the rest of the pieces back together. Your Bey launcher should work perfectly now.

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Final Thoughts 

Beyblade launchers are an essential part of Beyblade battles. Without the right launcher, you will never be able to utilize the full power of your Beyblade. Sure, you can also launch a Beyblade by hand, but it will never spin at the power that you can achieve by using a launcher.

We hope our review of the best Beyblade launchers can help you figure out which unit you want for your next big battle.

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