Best Boar Shaving Brush In The Market

Shaving is an activity most men are familiar with. Once in a month, you realize your face has been feeling rather bushy and itchy lately. You feel your jaw, only to realize you have a big bushy beard on your face.

To get rid of this problem, you would naturally want to shave. In these circumstances, a good shaving brush can help you properly apply your shaving foam of chance effortlessly.

Since a boar shaving brush is your best bet for a nice and wet shave, we have reviewed a lot of brushes and summarized the best boar shaving brush that you can check out right now in this comprehensive list.

#List Of The Top 5 Best Boar Shaving Brush – Our Editor’s Pick:

Top 10 Best Boar Shaving Brush Reviews

For your utmost convenience, we reviewed some of the best brushes on the market and compiled a list for the best ones we could find in this broad review guide.

1. Parker Deluxe Boar Bristle Brush

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To shave properly, you need to apply a certain amount of shaving foam. You have to properly spread it out so that it covers all parts of your face evenly. With a good shaving brush, this job becomes very easy for you.

So, if you are looking for a reliable shaving brush, we wholeheartedly suggest Parker’s brush as one of the best boar hair shaving brush. The handle is beautifully furnished with Rosewood. It is a type of rich-colored wood with dark veining.

Regardless of the quality, it can serve a neat aesthetic purpose in your bathroom alone. But, if we talk about the quality, you will see that the brush provides a fantastic value at a very low price.

The brush knot has a naturally stiff boar bristle with a thickness of about 20 millimeters. Meaning, it can retain lesser amount of water but makes for an excellent lather.

You can also use this brush to exfoliate your face or any part of your skin without having to go to the market and buy a separate brush.

Main Features

  • 20 mm boar bristle brush knot
  • Rosewood handle with dark veining
  • Retains less water
  • Produces a fantastic lather
  • Can be used to exfoliate

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2. Semogue Boar Shaving Brush

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Shaving is an essential part of men’s hygiene habits. By shaving your facial hair, you can keep your face clean and retain a look of freshness, unlike others. As a good brush can help with shaving, you should try to get a useful one.

A second option would be one of the best boar bristle shaving brush by Semogue. It is a brush you can reliably use to spread your shaving foam effortlessly. They have been making some of the best shaving products of all time because of their high-quality production.

Let’s speak the specifics. This brush is made with a natural variation of Portuguese Oakwood, meaning you feel the furnishing’s smoothness when you are shaving. Its handle is painted a distinct green to add some style to it.

The bristle loft is about 55 millimeters, while the height of the handle is 53 millimeters. For the knot, the brand provided a 22 mm stiff natural boar bristle. This stiffness makes it easier for you to get an even spread with shaving foam or a water soap solution.

Main Features

  • Natural Portuguese Oakwood handle
  • Green paint for aesthetics
  • 55 mm bristle loft
  • 22 mm natural bristle
  • Stiff boar bristle for maximum spread

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3. Omega Ash Shaving Brush

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Products that are generally manufactured using natural and organic materials tend to result in a more environmentally sustainable product. Meaning, the more natural the process of making something is, the more environment-friendly that product is.

If you want a high density boar shaving brush that is organic in nature, you should check out the brush by Omega Ash. It is a brush that you can safely use without worrying about damaging the environment around you.

Firstly, the brush is furnished with a dark ash handle that is comfortable to use while also providing a gentle grip. It is brushes like these that you can rely upon without having to worry about your surroundings as they are incredibly eco-friendly.

As for the dimensions, the brush comes at 7.87 inches tall while being 5.91 inches wide. The circumference of the brush is about 1.97 inches. These dimensions are perfect as they make for a very lightweight brush that weighs approximately 1.6 ounces.

You can transform your soap into a dense foam, making things easy if you don’t have shaving foam.

Main Features

  • Natural and organic build materials
  • Dark ash comfortable handle
  • Environmental friendly design
  • 97 inches in circumference
  • Lightweight construction
  • Transforms regular soap into foam

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4. Perfecto Pure Shaving Brush

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A quality manicure tool can help amplify your shaving experiences because of the utility and comfort it provides. Even a brush can change your tedium-induced work into an easy one before you even notice it.

You can check out the boar bristle shaving brush by Perfecto because it is precisely that – a quality product. From its ergonomic handle to its real boar hair bristles, you will be hard-pressed to find another shaving brush like this without compromising on a critical component.

The handle is a bit smaller than others, but it is designed that way to induce swift ergonomics into its build. Its round, almost berry-like figure is perfect for holding in your hand while you apply your shaving foam with it.

To talk about the bristles, we first need to discuss their applications. You generally use a shaving brush to spread foam on your face, which this brush achieves with flying colors. The bristles are naturally rigid, which eliminates the possibility of them getting damaged in water.

Main Features

  • Comfortable and precise ergonomics
  • Smaller handle size designed for improved comfort
  • Berry-shaped construction providing a good grip
  • Naturally rigid bristles
  • Actively avoids being damaged while submerged in water

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5. Parker Blue Shaving Brush

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It is evident that you need a good shaving brush for your shaving sessions. You cannot really apply shaving foam to your face as it would not result in an even spread. But with a shaving brush, the job is made easy for you, so to speak.

Besides the one we reviewed previously, Parker offers another option that claims to be the best boar bristle shaving brush on the market. It has some features that are distinct from the other brush. Whether the claim of being the best holds true or not depends on the brush itself.

First, let’s examine the build quality. The handle is different from the other one as it is manufactured with Blue Resin. It is a highly viscous synthetic compound that is the result of multiple organic components being mixed together.

The bristle is a black badger type that retains large amounts of water. This water retention helps you attain a more sumptuous lather than the other option. Of course, you can also exfoliate with this brush, but it should be medium in nature.

Main Features

  • Blue resin build material
  • Black badger bristle
  • Coarse hair
  • More significant water retention
  • Provides good lather
  • Medium exfoliation features

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6. Semogue Premium Boar Shaving Brush

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Adding a label like “premium, special or unique” to a product can increase the presumed value of said product. Sometimes it is for naught, while other times, it really does increase the value of the product.

Whatever you think, Semogue’s premium brush has to be the best boar bristle shaving brush. It has all the superlative qualities that you would expect in a premium shaving brush. From the build to the bristles, you can expect a well-rounded product shaped for the ultimate customer.

Let’s discuss the construction first. This brush is made from Taj Resin. As we discussed before, Resin is a very dense material that is hard to damage. As such, it constitutes as a perfect material to furnish the handle with.

As for the specifics, the knot comes around 24 millimeters in length, while the loft is 55 millimeters. The bristles themselves are of the brand’s own creation, aptly named “Semogue Premium 90%”.

Overall, all of the design choices and decisions make for a product that is exceptionally long-lasting and extremely useful.

Main Features

  • Taj Resin build material
  • Brush knot measures 24 millimeters
  • Bristle loft measures about 55 millimeters
  • Bristles made from Semogue Premium 90%
  • Long-lasting build quality

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7. Semogue 1800 Shaving Brush

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Shaving brushes differ from one brush to another, but we can all agree on their general purposes. They help us to spread shaving foam across our dastardly faces so that we can get a clean shave. So, in a way, they’re one of the most crucial elements of shaving.

If you are confused about what brush you want to get, a good alternative is Semogue’s 1800 brush. It is not too different from the previously discussed brush, which coincidentally also has the same design.

Let’s jot down all the similarities first. Much like the previous brush, this one also has a Portuguese Oakwood handle. The origin of the wood stems from Brazil’s jungles, resulting in a natural and organic product.

With a loft size of 55 millimeters and a height of 53 millimeters, this brush fits the standard definition of a boar shaving brush. You can see the high value of the product because of the quality it provides. This kind of quality is rare at such a low price.

Main Features

  • Handle made from Portuguese Oakwood
  • Natural and organic production
  • Adept proportions
  • 55 millimeters of bristle loft
  • 22 millimeters in diameter for the knot
  • Provides excellent value for the cost

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8. Fendrihan Boar Bristle Brush

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Let’s say, you are just starting to get into the whole clean shaving shenanigan. You start by trimming and gradually progress towards using a razor and foam. Without a good shaving brush, you can’t really apply the shaving foam properly.

Fendrihan has a solution for aspiring beginners like you. They offer some of the best shaving brushes that you can find on the market. Their pure boar bristle brush might just be the best companion for your shaving sessions.

To discuss the build quality, we must first look at how it is constructed. The handle is wooden and finished off with a pristine matte black paint job. There is a gold rim at the middle of the brush, resulting in more improved ergonomics.

For the bristles, the company furnished them with firm white bristles. As such, they are gentle on the skin while providing a more even spread. They are most suited for skin exfoliation and can give you a fantastic lather.

Dimensions for the brush are relatively small, but this design makes it a travel-friendly brush, which you can shove in the bag and not worry.

Main Features

  • Wooden construction
  • Matte black finish
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Suited for exfoliation
  • Travel-friendly

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9. Omega Shaving Brush

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When you put shaving foam on your face, you must make sure that the brush is comfortable enough to hold it in your hand. One slight misstep and the brush would slip, causing the foam to fly off your face and ruin your bathroom.

As such, you should get a reliable shaving brush that doesn’t cause too much problem. A good option would be the brush by Omega Boar Shaving Brush. It is a brush that is designed for precision foam spreading.

Being multi-purpose, it supports all shaving creams and soaps due to its naturally assembled bristles. The handle itself is made from ABS alloy. You may be wondering about its durability but rest assured, it is exceptionally sturdy as ABS is a thermoplastic polymer.

Concerning the bristles, they consist of 100% boar bristles. They’re thick and act as a soft barrier between the foam and the skin. Meaning, you can get a more even spread on your skin with only a little surface area.

Main Features

  • ABS alloy construction resulting in a rigid build
  • Easy to hold handle
  • Silver chrome finish providing a good grip
  • 100% boar bristle content
  • Suitable for all kinds of foams

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10. Semogue 1250 Shaving Brush

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After all sorts of contemplation, it can still be confusing to buy a good shaving brush. If you want a fresh clean shave, you must have a brush that you can use to spread foam on your face without wasting any.

Sometimes, just going the simple way can’t hurt. For a simple solution, you can check out the 1250 brush by Semogue. It is one of the simplest brushes that this company manufactures passionately.

The build quality of these brushes is remarkable, considering the price it is sold at. Naturally procured Oakwood is incorporated in the handle to constitute a strong build. Its general size and shape are perfect for all sizes of hands.

With a light wood finish, it can also amp up your washing basin’s beauty. The bristles will soften with time as you apply more and more shaving foam. This nature is due to its natural boar content.

Since the bristles are stiff, you can use this brush to get in a great exfoliation session.

Main Features

  • Naturally gathered Oakwood timber construction
  • Light wood finish with burned furnish
  • Stiff boar content bristle
  • Suited for exfoliation on any skin

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A Complete Buying Guide To The Best Boar Shaving Brush

Whether you’re a novice or someone who’s well-versed in buying brushes, it can be perplexing to determine which one is a good brush. To help all of you, we made a buying guide for quality shaving brushes.

  • Build Material

Most brushes are manufactured with wood or timber as their primary material. Not to deny the efficiency of using wood, but there are other materials that are equally strong, if not stronger, than timber.

So, check what material the brush is built with, as it serves as the foundation of everything.

  • Bristles

Now, bristle is a term most people are unfamiliar with. A more common term would be “the hair of a brush.” It is the part you use to apply whatever liquid you want to apply.

Boar bristles tend to be stiff because they are made from boar content. It is also great if you want to exfoliate. So, check for the stiffness of the bristles and see if it holds up to your standards.

  • Handle

The handle of a brush is crucial since it is the part you hold while applying cream or soap. So, it is vital that you have a solid grip on the handle while working, otherwise you might just waste valuable soap.

A textured handle generally provides a firm grip that you can rely on not to slip. Steel handles usually slip a lot due to having no texture. A good way to know is just to hold the handle and feel it. This way, you won’t have to settle for a brush with a poor grip.

Why Do You Need Boar Shaving Brush?

After all kinds of deliberations and whatnot, you must be thinking. What is it about a boar shaving brush that makes it so enticing? Why do I need a boar brush? To ascertain the answer to these questions, we must look at the characteristics of a boar shaving brush.

First, a shaving brush that has boar bristles is called a boar shaving brush. Since actual boar hair is used to make boar bristles, the end-product is a stiff mesh of bristles that can soak up a lot of liquid.

Moreover, a boar shaving brush is excellent for exfoliation, clean shaves, and general facial hair cleaning purposes.

Why Do You Need Boar Shaving Brush

Boar vs. Badger Brush

Even if the products might look the same, the bristles aren’t the same at all. Here are some common differences between boar and badger bristles-

  • Boar bristles are made from a wild pig’s hair, while Badger bristles are made from Badger’s hair.
  • Boar brushes are stiff, while Badger brushes are soft.
  • The former can soak up a lot of water, while the water retention level of a the latter is low.
  • Boar bristles don’t burn because of their nature, while Badger bristles might burn because of the friction.
  • Boar bristles are made from only one kind of wild pig, while Badger bristles have a lot of variation to them.

Boar vs. Badger Brush

How To Clean A Boar Shaving Brush

There are many ways to clean a boar shaving brush. Here is a simple process demonstrated to show how to clean a boar brush properly-

  • Take a bowl of lukewarm water. You can boil the water up to 60-70 degrees and bring it to simmer
  • Take the dirty brush and douse it into some detergent or cleaning agent
  • Submerge the detergent coated brush into the bowl of water bristle-first
  • Gently push the brush against the bottom surface of the bowl
  • Take the brush out of the bowl
  • Lightly stroke it over a soft towel
  • Allow the brush to naturally dry using air

How To Clean A Boar Shaving Brush

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Final Verdict

Shaving can be made easy if you are willing to invest in a good shaving brush. With it, you can apply shaving foam or cream to your face with ease.

As such, you should get a shaving brush that is most appropriate for your delicate skin. You ought to ask yourself what you want and make a judgment based on that.

With this comprehensive review guide that we have put together, we hope that you can read up on all the reviews and ascertain which of the best boar shaving brush you want to buy.  There is a little something for everyone here if you know what you want.

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