Best Conair Hair Dryer In 2021

Going to the salon to get your hair done every other day is a drag. And it burns a hole in your pocket too. Sure, a professional blowout makes you look flawless, but is it worth all the trouble? You can take that money and buy the best Conair hair dryer instead.

When it comes to hair dryers, Conair is arguably the best brand out there. Whether you need a plain-old blow dryer, a bonnet, or a one-step dryer, they’ve got it all. And whatever your budget may be, there’s an option for you.

Moreover, we have personally tried and researched these products below, and one thing is for certain, we adore them!

#List Of The Top 5 Best Conair Hair Dryer – Our Editor’s Pick:

Top 9 Best Conair Hair Dryer Reviews

We know it can be confusing to choose one hair dryer over the other, especially with so many options out there. Ultimately, your choice will depend on what your specific needs are. To help you along the way, here are our ten favorites from Conair.

1. Conair 1875-Watt Pro Hair Dryer with Ionic Conditioning

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Let’s start with the basics. This Conair pro hair dryer is a classic, but it’s powerful and has everything you need. It has three heat settings and two speed settings, suitable for drying any hair type. And the cool shot locks your hair in place when you need it.

You can easily toggle between settings with the rocker switches on the handle. While they’re not particularly stiff, you won’t accidentally switch them over. The tourmaline technology effectively manages frizz, smoothening your hair just the way you want it.

This dryer uses ionic technology to vaporize any residual water molecules to eliminate frizz even better. And you get a nice shine afterward without any heat damage. If you like a classic design, you’ll love the black and chrome finish on this thing.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1875-watt power consumption.
  • Black and chrome outer finish.
  • Uses ionic technology to reduce frizz.
  • Has three heat and two speed setting with a cold shot button.

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2. Conair InfinitiPRO 1875-Watt Salon Performance Hair Dryer and Styling Tool

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If you’re a professional or want the best results, this is the best hair dryer Conair has to offer. You’ll find it hard to get this kind of performance in this price range anywhere else. The 1875-watt AC motor powers the dryer adequately, but the concentrator adds further precision.

You can use the rocker buttons to dial in the settings you prefer, and the cold shot button lets you set the hair in place. It conditions your hair with a natural ion output that eliminates frizz and leaves your hair smooth and silky.

In case lint builds up over time, you can remove the filter and clean or change it. You get a diffuser for textured hairstyles as well. The added concentrator lets you accurately style your hair the way you like it. And the dryer provides all of these features at a relatively affordable price too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Removable lint filter.
  • Rocker buttons for speed and heat settings.
  • Included diffuser and concentrator.
  • Ionic technology that minimizes frizz.

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3. Conair InfinitiPRO Pro Hair Dryer with Ceramic Technology

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This Conair hair dryer Infiniti Pro is similar to the previous one in several ways, except it looks better, performs better, and has titanium ceramic technology. If you don’t know what that last part meant, it basically dries your hair even quicker with much less damage.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the dryer looks futuristic. Since that’s not enough to sell you on it, there’s more. It uses infrared rays to disperse heat through your hair uniformly. No wet patch gets left out, and the hair retains health too.

You get an included diffuser that gives you textured style and a concentrator for straight hair. And with the amount of air that passes through it, some lint is bound to deposit. But you can remove the lint filter to clean it off easily.

Highlighted Features:

  • Infrared rays ensure even heat.
  • Titanium ceramic tech for quick drying.
  • Concentrator and diffuser included.
  • Futuristic-looking design.

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4. Conair 1875-Watt 3-in-1 Styling Hair Dryer with Ionic Technology

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Drying your hair after a wash and then styling it takes a lot of time. This model is the best Conair hair brush dryer that dries and styles in one step. The benefit is much faster results and an all-inclusive tool to help you get them.

As the name says, this dryer combines three functions into one: it dries, styles, and volumizes your hair. You get added accessories in the package as well. The brush has bristles that lift your hair off the scalp to give them more volume.

Alongside, you can choose from two heat and speed settings to suit your hair type. The device draws from an 1875-watt power supply, but it supports dual-voltage for international use. You’d want to keep it 2 centimeters away from the roots to avoid heat damage.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3-in-1 functionality as dryer, volumizer, and styler.
  • 1875-Watt AC motor that supports dual-voltage.
  • Brushes and accessories included.
  • Comes at an affordable price.

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5. Conair 1600-Watt Wall-Mount Hair Dryer with LED Night Light

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It’s never a good idea to leave your dryer lying around the bathroom. Accidental electrocution is no joke. This Conair wall mount hair dryer is a good option to ensure your dryer is in a safe place. It also has a lower wattage, to be on the safe side.

Once you place the handheld dryer in the mount, it automatically shuts down. And the mount is pretty easy to install with the installation guide and tools provided in-box. It also doubles as a nice LED night light in the bathroom.

There’s a 6-foot long cord attached to the base, which has plastic protection around it. You can use one of two heat and speed settings while you’re drying your hair. And it will do a pretty good job of it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Auto-shutdown wall-mount.
  • LED night light built inside.
  • Uses a lower-than-average wattage.
  • 6 foot long insulated power cord.

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6. Conair 1875-Watt Cord Keeper Hair Dryer

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Winding up your dryer’s cord and untangling it every time is such a hassle! To make things a little simpler, let’s look at the best affordable hair dryer Conair offers that has a retractable cord. At the push of a button, it goes straight back into the handle.

The machine uses tourmaline technology to dry your hair. It keeps wet hair smooth even while drying it fast. You’ll appreciate your nourished hair over time since this thing doesn’t cause much damage. And it’s suitable for both curly and straight hair.

You get two speed settings and three power settings that you can individually adjust. The freedom lets you calibrate the heat and airflow to your particular hair type. And the ionic technology will manage frizz effectively.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tourmaline ceramic technology that quickly dries wet hair.
  • Ionic technology manages frizz nicely.
  • The 5-ft power cord retracts into the handle.
  • Cool shot button along with other settings.

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7. Conair InfinitiPRO The Knot Dr. All-in-One Dryer Brush

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Let’s look at the Infiniti Pro by Conair hair dryer that combines all the drying and styling features into one tool. This one-step hair dryer has an oval barrel with perfectly placed flexible bristles that detangle and brush your hair without the pain.

There’s a ceramic coating on the barrel for smooth glide through your hair. Its oval shape is perfect for versatile styling; your creativity only limits you. And the nylon bristles followed by the pik give you a satisfying volume.

This thing is called the Knot Dr. for a reason. It’s the best at untangling knots using ion tech and 176 bristles. Once you have the style you want, you can use the cool shot to settle your hair down. And the tip of the barrel doesn’t heat up, so you can hold it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oval-shaped barrel for styling versatility.
  • Ceramic coating for easy glide.
  • Perfectly distanced 176 bristles that untangle messy hair.
  • Volumizer accessory included.

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8. Conair 1875-Watt Mid-Size Styler Hair Dryer

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If you’re on a budget and want the best Conair hair dryer for thick hair at an affordable price, this is the one for you. While this comes at an incredibly low price range, it does all its basic functions well, and you won’t be disappointed.

Since this mid-size tool still draws 1875 watts of power, it can get pretty hot. And that amount of heat is what you want for thicker hair, which retains more moisture. As a result, your hair dries fast, and you’ll be ready to go out in minutes.

The power cord is 5 feet long and easily maneuverable. You can use two heat and two speed settings on this dryer to suit your needs. Essentially, it does what every drier needs to do and provides great value for money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes at a very affordable price.
  • Two speed and two heat settings.
  • 5 feet long cord.
  • Medium size, but the power is well-suited to thick hair.

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9. Conair InfinitiPRO Lightweight 1875-Watt Styling Tool and Hair Dryer

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This Conair soft touch hair dryer combines a sleek aesthetic with high performance, and we loved testing it. It has a soft-touch rose gold finish that’s pleasant to the touch, and it’s really fast in its drying action.

Let’s talk about the numbers. The manufacturers have tested and found that this dryer is 50% faster in drying hair, and it lasts three times as long as others. Even if durability isn’t your first concern, performance should be.

The ceramic technology enables the tool to work without damaging any hair, and it’s great at eliminating frizz. You’ll end up with smooth and shiny hair, which is easier to get with the concentrator. And the diffuser gives you a wide range of different styles to explore.

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses ceramic technology for faster drying time.
  • Lasts three times as long as other dryers.
  • Soft-touch gold finish.
  • You get a concentrator and a diffuser too.

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Things To Check Before Buying Conair Hair Dryer

When you’re buying the best Conair ionic quiet hair dryer or any of their other models, you’ll want to know what you’re getting. Each option comes with a different set of features that caters to individual users. Here’s what you need to consider.

  • Power

The amount of air that blows through your dryer will depend on its power. More specifically, the higher its wattage, the faster airflow it’s going to push out. Many of the dryers in the Conair lineup have a motor of 1875-watt, which is pretty decent. But if you want more, try choosing one above 2000 watts.

  • Heating Elements

Traditionally, hair dryers used metal coils to heat air. Much better and newer technology is a ceramic heating system. It gets hot more evenly, which is essentially better for drying and maintaining nourished hair. And many affordable dryers have it too, so don’t worry about the price.

  • Ionic Technology

Ionic tech is a new technological feature that helps dry your hair than an older dryer ever could. Negative ions bind with positively charged water molecules in your hair and vaporize them more evenly. And that helps you get rid of frizz and makes your hair smooth.

  • Heat Settings

Most dryers will have two or three heat settings. We recommend using one with three options because you’ll need it. Low heat can be good for thin hair and smoother results, and high heat would be good for thicker hair. But most users should use the medium setting as a rule of thumb.

  • Cool Shot

Okay, this is probably the most underrated feature no one thinks about twice. A cool shot button temporarily turns off the heat and blows cool air at your hair. It settles down your warm hair cuticles and lets the styled hair set in. Don’t miss this little feature.

  • Power Cord

You might not think about it now, but you need a long enough power cord. And if you dry your hair in the bathroom, make sure it has good insulation. Getting electrocuted is on the bottom of our bucket list. And the cord must reach the mirror from the outlet too.

Why do You Need Conair Hair Dryer?

That’s a good question. A simple answer would be that it’s one of the best brands out there, as many Conair hair dryer reviews will tell you. But it’s the best because of the attention to detail the manufacturers put in the design and quality.

Why do You Need Conair Hair Dryer

First off, you’ll find almost all kinds of hair dryers in their product line. Do you want a simple handheld dryer? They have one. How about a one-step styler and dryer? There’s one of those too. The variety of products is what sets them apart.

And to make it better, each unit has an industry-leading set of features executed to perfection. Testers barely had any complaints.

Conair vs. Revlon Hair Dryer

The deciding factor between these two competing companies is the target user. While Conair focuses more on drying, Revlon is better at styling. But that doesn’t mean either of the brands’ products lack features or functionality.

Look at Conair’s lineup of dryers. You’ll see they have everything from a budget option to a high-end professional one. While each one is great at drying hair, some have more added features than others. But all of these added features like a cool shot and ion complement the drying.

Conair vs. Revlon Hair Dryer

On the other hand, Revlon’s dryers tend to give you a more stylistic approach. Their one-step dryers are some of the best on the market, and users love them. These models provide a more specific practical use like volumizing and curling as you dry.

Which one you’ll get depends on your workflow, but if drying is your main need, we suggest choosing Conair.

How to Unfold Conair Dryer Handle?

A lot of these hair dryers have foldable handles for compact storage. It’s pretty useful, but if you need help in opening it without breaking it, we’ll help. Hold the handle firmly with one hand and the head with another. Pull them apart slowly and deliberately at an angle, so it opens up at ninety degrees.

That’s it, you’ve opened it. To fold it again, reverse the process. It’s pretty simple.

How to Unfold Conair Dryer Handle

How to Clean Conair Hair Dryer?

Have you seen that mesh filter at the back of your dryer? It collects lint and dust over time. And yes, you need to clean it from time to time. Here how you should do it:

  • Make sure your dryer is unplugged.
  • Twist to remove the lint filter.
  • Place it under running water to wash the dirt off.
  • Use a brush to clean it even better.
  • Dry it completely.
  • Screw it back onto the back of your dryer.

Now that you’ve reattached the clean and dry lint filter back on, you’re ready to use your dryer again.

How to Clean Conair Hair Dryer

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Final Verdict

Conair is the leading brand in the world of hair dryers. And you only want the best Conair hair dryer to take care of your hair. Hence, we’ve collected our ten favorite ones from their lineup and reviewed them for your convenience.

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