Best Curling Wand For Long Hair [Top 10 Recommendation]

Tight curls, loose waves, or curls at the ends only – there are so many ways of giving curls to your hair!

And when you have long hair, the options are even more! You can work from the middle or at the tips only to keep both the natural shape of your hair and give a bit of twist to make things look more interesting!

To give the most gorgeous swirls to your hair, you can use a curling wand. The difference between this and curling iron is that the wand has no clamps while curling irons come with clamps.

With clamps or clips, curling irons can leave their imprint on your curls. On the contrary, a curling wand has no clamps, and nothing stands between you and those gorgeous curls!

There is a variety of these styling tools for your hair, but to help you choose the best curling wand for long hair, we have compiled this through guide. Read on to discover the secret of achieving the perfect curls in your long hair.

Editor’s Recommendations: Top 3 Best Curling Wand For Long Hair

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Benefits Of Using Curling Wand For Long Hair

Compared to curling wand, the flat iron or the curling iron will not give the same results when you want to curl your long hair. Hence, the curling wand is the ideal hot tool for you. Why? Read the following discussion to know more-

Girl Using a Best Curling Wand for Long Hair
  • Safe To Use

Most of the curling wand brands have a heat-proof hand glove as an accessory so that there is no chance of getting your hands burned while using the product. Also, their heat settings are adjustable, making sure that you don’t singe your hair in the process.

For those who have hair ends that are damaged and dry, a curling wand allows you to avoid applying direct heat to these parts due to its barrel shape.

  • Durable Style

A curling wand creates a wavier look in your hair and the tapered end of the product helps to keep the curls in place for a long time. The barrel of a wand for making curls is cone-shaped. This allows you to create curls of different sizes. They also end up being tighter and smaller at the hair tips.

Also, since it’s clipless, there won’t be any dent on your hair. Plus, as the wand heats up to a very high temperature, it makes the curls stay the same throughout the day.

  • Easy To Use

The curling wand does not have a clamp or clip. Hence, you need to use your hands to wind your hair around the barrel. This gives you more control over the hair section you choose.

  • Timesaving

Heating is faster in a curling wand, so you need not wait for a long time to start styling your hair. As it is, long hair takes more time to style. But with a curling wand, you can save time.

Comparison Chart For Curling Wands For Long Hair


Number Of Barrels Size Of Barrels (Inches) Material Temperature Settings


1 1 – 1.5 Tourmaline ceramic


Xtava 5 in 1

5 0.3 – 0.750.7 – 1


Tourmaline ceramic 9
Bed Head Curlipops 1 1 Tourmaline ceramic


ATMOKO by Homitt

5 0.35 – 0.710.71 – 11 -11 – 1.251.25 – 1.25 PTC + Tourmaline ceramic 2

Le Angelique

1 1.25 Ceramic 1
BESTOPE 5 in 1 5 110.35 – 0.750.5 – 10.75 – 1.25 Tourmaline ceramic



5 11.250.7 – 10.35 – 0.7 Tourmaline ceramic 1
KIPOZI 1 1 Ceramic


Herstyler Grande 1 0.7 – 1 Teflon-Ceramic


L’ange Hair Lustré 2 11.25 Titanium


 Top 10 Best Curling Wand For Long Hair Reviews

1. INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Wand

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Fashion your hair into tight curls, loose waves, or playful spirals with this excellent wand for curling!

As there is no clamp on this product, you can create any style in a snap without leaving any dent on your locks. Just simply wrap your hair around the cone-shaped barrel to get different shapes and sizes of ringlets. The barrel size ranges from 1 to 1.5-inch to give your hairstyle more variation.

Tourmaline-ceramic combo technology is great for keeping frizz away from your hair. The result: only silky and glossy hair to play with and admire. The wand has a superior heating formula that emits even temperature for a uniform look. Take the heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit with no damage.

For getting tight curls that are spiral-shaped, just wrap sections of your hair over the upper part of the wand. Only a few seconds will give you the perfect outcome. To get beach-waves, wrap around wider hair sections on the thicker portion of the barrel. Release to behold bouncy waves!

The product is easy to use with no chances of tangling your hair. It gets heated up within 30 seconds and holds the constant heat for a smooth, professional finish. The auto shut-off feature makes it safe for use.  

With the LED lights, you can easily identify when the wand has reached the desired temperature setting. No matter what the texture of your hair is, the five temperature settings allow you to pick the right one.

Highlighted Features:

  • It can create all types and sizes of curls.
  • Tourmaline keeps away frizz and gives shine to the hair.
  • Barrel size from 1 to 1.5-inch for variation.
  • Five heating settings for all types of hair.
  • Fast heating technology to heat within 30 seconds.
  • LED temperature indicator.
  • Auto shut-off feature for safety.

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2. Xtava5 in 1 Professional Curling Iron and Wand Set For Long Hair

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There’s no need to go to a salon if you have this 5-in-1 styling iron and wand for curling hair at home!

With five different sizes of barrels – both clipless and with a clamp – there are endless possibilities with your long tresses. Unlike other curling wands, the tip is not cool, which ensures maximum curling coverage for all your hair.

Made from both tourmaline and ceramic, there are plenty of negative ions emitted from tourmaline to protect the hair cuticles, lock in moisture, and give you frizz-free hair with zero static. The ceramic component gives a shiny and healthy result with no snags and damage.

The LCD screen shows the temperature clearly for easy reading. Choose a setting from nine options with temperature ranging from a moderate 250 degrees Fahrenheit to a hot 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The wide range of heating caters to all types and lengths of hair.

Worried about styling your hair while on a business trip or vacation? Don’t worry as the dual voltage of the wand can be used with an adapter anywhere in the world to help you keep your curls on in any situation! The heat protective glove and a travel case are a bonus!

For safety, the product shuts off automatically when not in use for 60 minutes. Its fast heating technology helps you achieve luscious curls within a short time. The 360-degree swivel cord is 8 feet long so that you can style your hair from any angle with no fear of tangling.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5-in-1 for achieving various shapes and sizes of curls.
  • Non-cool tip for the maximum curling coverage.
  • Static- and frizz-free, shiny and smooth curls.
  • Easy temperature reading on an LCD screen.
  • Nine heat settings for all types and lengths of hair.
  • Dual voltage for use anywhere.
  • Auto shut-off feature, 8-feet swivel cord, protective glove, and travel case.

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3. Bed Head Curlipops Curling Wand

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Turn your curling wand into a magic wand! Suit your curls to your mood with this awesome product!

With no clamp to cramp your style, you only get what you deserve – loose, bouncy curls or tight ringlets! Either way, your hair will look naturally shiny and smooth. No dents or frayed ends to dampen your looks!

In the bargain, you will get amazing and voluminous locks too, thanks to the tourmaline ceramic combination of the curling iron. It will work in tandem to take static away to leave frizz-free hair loaded with health and gloss.

The natural moisture of your hair will not be lost during styling, leaving you long-lasting curls that would be the envy of all! Apply a high temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to get quick swirls. The 1-inch barrel of the device will give you more curls with more body!

The package includes gloves to protect your hand from the high temperatures. The dual voltage makes this travel-friendly and fit for use anywhere in the globe. The 6-feet swivel cord allows you to style without running into ugly tangles.

For the optimum outcome, take a 1-inch section of your hair and wrap it over the rod, keeping it down. Give alternate curls to each section of your hair until you have covered all. The look you will get is a beautiful and natural tousled look.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1-inch barrel to give either tight curls or loose waves.
  • Maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • No clamp, no dents on the curls.
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use.
  • 6-feet swivel cord for convenient styling.
  • Protective hand glove as an accessory.

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4. Le Angelique 1.25 Inch Large Barrel Ceramic Curling Wand

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For those with extra-long hair, this is the right curling wand as it comes with an extra-long barrel of 6 inches to give you smooth and defined waves.

The heavy duty heating element device maintains a uniform temperature while you style, making sure all the hair sections get equal heat and curls. The ceramic portion helps the even distribution of heat for longer-lasting curls.

Users have praised the wand for its smoothness and also because it prevents the ends of the hair from getting caught in the base. Thanks to the rotating base, it is really easy to wrap around sections of your hair from close to the roots down to the tips.

The maximum temperature is 450 degrees Fahrenheit and there’s an on/off button with a light to indicate when the device is on. There are no other temperature settings to choose from. So, for those with fine hair, 12 seconds of holding the wand to make curls are good enough.

For comfortable use, the handle is easy-grip and non-slip. The swivel cord also has an easy-grip handle and it’s 8 feet long for maximum ease of use.

The dual voltage feature makes it a companion for your travel so that you won’t have to sacrifice styling anywhere in the world.

Accessories include 2 clips for holding up layers of your hair while styling and a protective glove to keep your hands safe from burns.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6-inch barrel for extra-long hair.
  • On/Off button with no temperature setting.
  • Maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Easy-grip on wand and swivel cord.
  • Dual voltage for anywhere use.
  • Ceramic technology for even heating.

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5. BESTOPE 5 in 1 Ceramic Curling Iron Wand Set

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For short, medium, or long hair and for any type of curls – from natural swirls and breezy waves to tight or loose curls – this product has you covered.

Its 5-in-1 kit is a complete styling and curling set for the whole family. With 5 different shapes and sizes of barrels, including a bubble one, each day will bring a brand-new style for your hair. The tapered barrels allow you to control the looseness or tightness of your curls effectively.

The interchangeable barrels are easy to attach and detach. Just insert the barrel you choose and secure it properly into the base. Push it down and turn the ring clockwise to lock it in place. The handle is easy-grip, non-slip, and heat-resistant, ensuring complete safety.

With a protective glove included in the kit, you can change the barrels while they are still hot without scorching your hands.

As the curling iron comes without a clamp, it will not leave any indentation on your curls. Hence, there will be nothing to tarnish your unique hairstyle.

All the barrels are made from ceramic and tourmaline. Thus, the wand heats faster – within 45 seconds – and the temperature remains constant. Plus, your hair’s natural moistures will be sealed in and you will get shiny and beautiful curls. The maximum heat is 410 degrees Fahrenheit.

The device will shut down automatically if not used for an hour. Carry it along with you on your travels as the dual voltage allows you to use it anywhere.

Highlighted Features:

  • Clipless curling wand for dent-free curls.
  • 5-in-1 interchangeable barrels.
  • Easy to attach and detach.
  • Maximum temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Tourmaline and ceramic combo for frizz-free and shiny curls.
  • Easy-grip, heat-resistant handle for safety.

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6. PARWIN PRO Ceramic 5-in-1 Curling Irons Wand Set

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Professional results cannot be achieved at home, right? Not quite! This professional-grade 5-in-1 curling wand set is all you need to get the salon look right at your home.

The five barrels are shaped and sized differently to suit all your curling desires. With a tip that is non-cool, you get to style your hair evenly from the root to the tip.

With ceramic tourmaline barrels, this is the best curling wand for long hair that heats up faster so you can save time. It takes only 45 seconds for the wand to be at your command. You can be sure of having static-free curls that bounce with health and happiness, all credit goes to tourmaline.

For quick styling when you are in a rush, the temperature can hit the mark of 430 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can complete your styling before heading out.

The comfortable and portable travel bag that comes in the package is great when you need to go on vacation or official trips. The dual voltage makes it convenient for use in any country. Included in the kit is a heat-resistant glove to protect your hand from burns.

Sometimes if you forget to turn off the device, it will shut down automatically after 60 minutes, ensuring safety. Style your hair from any angle and from anywhere in the room with the help of the 360-degree 8-feet cord. What’s more, the whole experience will be tangle-free.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5 barrels of various shapes and sizes for a variety of curls.
  • Heats within 45 seconds for styling in a rush.
  • The highest temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum results.
  • Portable travel bag for convenience, a heat-resistant glove for safety.
  • Dual voltage for worldwide use.
  • Ceramic tourmaline for even heat and frizz-free hair.

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7. Herstyler Grande Ceramic Curling Iron

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If you are someone who doesn’t want to look like you have been to a salon but want curls that fall naturally, then this curling iron is the right one for you.

The curls are 3-4-inch and fall free, giving your long hair an abandoned look but one that’s not unkempt. Hence, you don’t look artificial and your overall style reflects your easy-going yet neat personality.

Your curls are sure to last longer no matter how tight or loose they are, thanks to the long hold property. The superior technology in this device emits a lot of negative ions to fight off the positive ones in your hair. Thereby, your hair is rendered frizz-free, shiny, and smooth.

It is lightweight and portable; hence you can take it with you on your travels. The dual voltage property makes it perfectly compatible for use anywhere in the world. The comfort and speed with which you can operate this product make it a winner among busy women.

The ceramic barrel is covered in Teflon to ensure you don’t burn your hair or damage them. With even heating and constant hold, you can achieve any type of curls within a short time.

It’s suitable for all types of hair and gives the right temperature for getting the curls right. The compact design makes it easy to be stored in a corner and save space.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact, lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly.
  • Results in 3-4-inch free-falling curls.
  • Teflon-coated ceramic barrel to prevent scorching.
  • Dual voltage for use in any country.
  • Frizz-free and shiny curls of all types.

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8. L’ange Hair Lustré Curling Wand

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Two curling wand barrels for twice the style!

This stylish device is here to add versatility to any type of hair, be it rough and thick or thin and color-treated. With the 1-inch barrel, you can style your long hair into natural waves or curls. The 1.25-inch barrel is perfect for the breezy, beach-type waves to complete a casual look.

Achieve lustrous waves and curls with the negative ion technology that helps to rid your hair of any frizz and results only in shiny, smooth hair. The ceramic barrels are infused with tourmaline to fight static while ceramic helps quick and uniform heating. The wand gets ready to use in less than a minute.

With the right temperature, you can be assured that your hair will be safe from any damage from heat. Choose any heat setting from the temperature range of 170 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Your hair will be in perfect condition within minutes.

The digital interface will clearly show you the setting. The cool tip of the barrel will prevent you from scorching your fingers accidentally. The package also includes a heat-resistant glove.

If not used for 60 minutes, the automatic shut-off feature will keep you and the device safe. The 360-degree, 6-foot swivel cord allows you to style from any angle and keep the whole process free from tangles. Remember to keep away from kids and toddlers while it’s still hot.

Highlighted Features:

  • Two barrels for diversity in style.
  • Temperature range between 170 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Ceramic tourmaline technology for quick styling and frizz-free hair.
  • A digital interface to monitor the temperature.
  • Auto-off feature, glove, 360-degree swivel cord for safety and convenience.

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9. ATMOKO by Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Wand Set

If you have someone else besides yourself in the family who is crazy about curling their hair, then this 5-in-1 wand set is just the right thing.

The five clipless barrels result in different curl types – tight ringlets, beach-waves, corkscrew curls, or big swirls for volume and bounce. The interchangeable barrels are easy to swap. Just click one of these on the handle. It will lock in by itself, saving you from the worry of coming off during styling.

These barrels are also easy to attach and detach, making the overall use very simple and straightforward. Made from good quality tourmaline plus other materials, the natural moisture of your hair is sealed in to give you shiny and healthy curls.

With a heat of up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, your curls will look like you have just stepped out of a salon. The fast-heating technology helps to warm the wand within 30 seconds, helping you to style your hair even while you’re in a hurry.

The temperature can be adjusted with a button – 1 for 374 degrees Fahrenheit and 2 for 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The handle is made from PET material to prevent it from heating up and harming your hands. For your comfort, the 360-degree swivel cord is designed to give no tangles. It’s also certified.

With the dual voltage, you can carry the wand for curling when you go traveling. It’s portable and can be used anywhere in the world.

Highlighted Features:

  • 5-in-1 kit for versatile styling.
  • Interchangeable barrels are easy to install.
  • 30-second heating time with a maximum of 410 degrees Fahrenheit heating.
  • Convenient lock feature for safety.
  • 360-degree swivel cord, dual voltage for worldwide use.

10. KIPOZI 1 Inch Curling Iron Hair Curler

Tired of getting your hair pulled and damaged while styling with a curling wand?

Here’s to better hair days with this 1-inch ceramic-coated curling rod for smoothly gliding your hair over it to get the curls without damaging and losing your hair.

With the adjustable temperature, you can style any type of hair – rough, thick, thin, color-treated, long, short, or medium – without causing damage. Choose any suitable temperature from 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit that won’t scorch your tresses.

The unique technology heats the wand to 450 degrees Fahrenheit within only 30 seconds, allowing you to style your hair even when you’re in a rush to reach work. The optimum and uniform heating ensures all your hair sections are equally styled.

The overall design has been done to assure you of total safety while using this product. The tip of the iron is insulated to prevent any burns. Even if you are not using it for an hour, it will shut off automatically. Use the safety stand to keep it when not in use. And while using, put on the protective glove.

If you travel a lot, you can still keep your hair styled in perfect curls as the device has dual voltage to enable you to use it anywhere in the world. The 360-degrees swivel cord is longer than others – 9 feet – to help you get a tangle-free operation and to style from any angle.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1-inch barrel for standard curls.
  • 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range.
  • 30 seconds quick-heating technology for faster styling.
  • Dual voltage for use anywhere.
  • Extra-long 9 feet swivel cord for convenience.

Things To Check Before Choosing The Best Curling Wand For Long Hair

A few factors should come into consideration before you make an all-important decision of investing in a curling wand. After all, you want a product that is durable and gives you the dream curls with the least hassle, right?

Read on to learn more about these determining factors.

  • Material And Hair Type

Ceramic, titanium, tourmaline – which material in the curling wand gives the finest results?

Best Curling Wand For Long Hair

Ceramic curling wands work great for those with thin hair that cannot withstand high temperatures. Also, this material is good for uniform heating and giving a smooth result.

Titanium is preferred by those looking for a salon finish. It is lightweight and can hold high temperatures at a constant. The material is durable and is suitable for people with thick hair.

Tourmaline is a kind of stone that is infused on the curling wand. It is ideal for unmanageable and thick hair as it gives out a lot of negative ions to counter the positive ones in the hair. Thus, your hair will be rid of frizz by using a tourmaline curling iron.

Then there are gold-plated curling wands also that give out a high temperature. It’s suitable for thick and rough hair.

  • Size Of Barrel

The size of the barrel on the rod for curling should be chosen as per the length and texture of the hair and the desired size of curls. For long hair, choose a barrel size that’s at least 1.5-inch long. That will give you enough room to wrap the whole length of your hair onto the wand.

Plus, it will ensure your hair strands are getting an even heat. Such a barrel size is ideal for getting loose waves.

  • Shape

You can get a cone-shaped barrel to help you get loose waves that look natural. That’s owing to the tapered shape that is wide at the base and gets narrower at the tip.

If you want to achieve S-shaped waves associated with a beach, you may try curling irons with more than one barrel.

Best Curling Wand
Luxy Hair
  •  Temperature Setting

While high temperature is desirable for achieving long-lasting curls, you should keep in mind that the wand should not be so hot as to burn your hair. Your long hair can be thick or thin, coarse or smooth, damaged, or chemically-treated.

For damaged or thin hair, apply low temperatures, up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Go for a hotter wand for medium-thick hair – 300 to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. For naturally curly, thick and coarse hair, choose between 350 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, before buying a wand for curling your locks, assess your hair type and choose one that offers the right temperature setting.

How To Curl Long Hair Correctly?

There are a few steps that when followed correctly, will give you the curls you have been dreaming about. Here goes!

Step 1: Prepping The Hair

Before you blow-dry your hair after washing them, you should prep them before applying a curling iron. For fine hair, apply a volumizing mousse or hairspray. For thicker hair that tends to frizz, apply a hair smoothening cream.

Step 2: Use A Heat Protectant

Applying a heat protectant is very important as it will protect your hair from the damage caused by the high heat from the curling wand. It will also keep frizz away and retain the health of your hair. Try to choose one that contains argan oil for superior protection and moisturization.

Step 3: Splitting The Hair

Split that hair in half at the back of your head so that you have one half on the right side and the other half on the left side of your face.

Step 4: Section Curling

Take each section of your hair from either side and wrap the whole length around the wand for about two seconds. If you have thicker hair or if your hair doesn’t curl easily, you can hold it for a few more seconds.

For loose curls, you need to wrap thicker hair sections around the barrel. But if you are aiming for tight curls, then take less hair in each section. Repeat until you have done curling on both halves of the hair you had split in the previous step.

If your hair is thicker, part the hair in different sections and hold them up using pins. Then start curling the sections closer to the scalp and work your way out to the hair sections farther from the scalp.

For creating alternate curls, you can wrap the hair sections either inwards toward the head or outwards away from the head.

Step 5: Appling A Hairspray

After you have completed making the curls, wait till your hair has cooled off. Then use a high quality hairspray to make sure the curls are set and retain their shape for a long time. Applying the hairspray on hot hair will make the hair and curls go flat.

Step 6: The Finishing Touch

Run your fingers through your hair so that it all comes together and falls in naturally without giving an artificial look.

Top Rated Curling Wand Brands On The Market

There are many brands of curling irons but some of them fare better over others. Let’s take a look at some of the front runners in the race.


KIPOZI is an Asian beauty brand that believes in embracing diversity while retaining one’s individuality. They started their journey in 2016 and manufacture affordable styling and beauty products. Their professional-grade devices are a favorite among many people.

hair wand

They focus on enhancing natural beauty while retaining the core that makes an individual unique. Their products are aimed at boosting confidence among users.

  • Bestope

At Bestope, innovation plays a key function in developing cosmetic and beauty tools and products. Founded in 2013, the Chinese brand has transcended its boundaries to reach people in the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Best Curling Wand

Their mission of beautifying the world revolves around manufacturing innovative products to give new dimensions to beauty. They promise to make women more beautiful and confident.

  • Le Angelique

Born in 2005, this company focuses on its mission of manufacturing high-tech, high-performance, and affordable hair styling and grooming tools for professionals and retail customers.

Best Curling Wand For Long Hair

Their products have earned the trust of users due to their reliability, efficiency, and top quality. The company believes that quality and superior customer service are the pillars that can bring them continuous success.

  •  TIGI

Founded by an award-winning hairdresser, Anthony Mascolo, TIGI has redefined the way professional hairstylists look at their clientele. This is a company that places much value on creativity and pushing the limits. With their technical knowledge, they provide best quality styling products.

Best Curling Wand For Long Hair

Bed Head is one of their brands that make curling wands and irons. Along with other brands, it enhances every style.

Conair Corporation

Established in 1959, this company is based in Connecticut, USA. It’s one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world that caters to the diversified needs of consumers.

The company focuses on innovation and technology to produce professional-grade styling and grooming products, kitchen tools and appliances, and even cookware. They have more than twenty-five brands and distribute these in over 125 countries.

Common Mistakes While Curling Long Hair

Some myths need to be busted regarding curling long hair with a wand or iron. The following are some of the common mistakes associated with getting natural waves on long hair.

  • Bigger Is Better – A bigger barrel is not necessarily better for achieving loose waves in long hair. If the barrel is too long, your arms will ache while you try to achieve the wavy look all along your hair length. Just brush through tight curls to make them look wavy.
  • Saving The Hairspray For The Last – If you apply spritz or hairspray after you have curled your hair, chances are that they will go limp soon. It’s better to spray it on before and during the process of curling. For the same reason, applying hair oil is also not advised at all.
  • Not Setting The Right Temperature – Your curls will not set properly if you have thick hair and you have selected a low temperature. For hair treated with chemicals, a temperature that’s too high will damage your hair. If you have healthy hair, set a high temperature to get the optimum results. However, don’t forget to use a heat protectant.
  • Avoiding Different Wrapping Techniques – Try to wrap your hair around the barrel in different ways to bring variation to the size and shape of your curls. For a messy look, start lower down the head and leave the ends without curling.

For tight curls, you need to have all your hair wrapped around the barrel – from the root to the tip.

  • Not Holding The Wand At A Correct Angle – For getting more volume, warm up the hair root first and then hold the wand horizontally at a right angle to the hair section you are curling. If you don’t want a lot of volume, hold the wand vertically.
  • Keeping The Wand For Too Long On Your Hair – Ten seconds is the maximum time for holding a hot wand for curling your hair if eight seconds are not enough. For a tighter curl you can hold it a bit longer, but do not go beyond 30 seconds.
  • Not Giving A Uniform Heat – If you apply different hair sections with a different temperature setting and wand holding time, your curls will not look even.
  • Applying A Wand In Wet Hair – Another common mistake is to hold a curling wand against wet hair. The tool will sizzle and that’s not good. Always dry your hair completely from the root to the tips before you start curling your hair with a rod or wand.
  • Taking A Lot Of Hair In Each Section – Even the best curling wand for long hair won’t deliver good performance If you take too much hair in each section. The heat from the wand will not be able to penetrate enough to give a uniform style to all your hair strands. Even if you get the curl, it will go limp quickly.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Long Hair

Long hair needs special care because it is prone to tangles, breakage, and split ends. And if your hair regimen includes curling and styling with a heating tool, then follow the tips given below to take care of your long hair.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Long Hair
  • Heat Protectant – Always apply a heat protectant before using the curling wand so that your hair is damage-free even when you’re using a very hot wand.
  • Right Temperature – Never apply temperature to your hair that is higher than 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It will burn and damage your hair beyond repair. For chemically-treated or thin hair, do not apply a curling wand that has a temperature of more than 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Right Duration – Don’t hold the curling wand to your hair for more than ten seconds. If your hair is resistant to curls, the maximum time you should hold it to the rod is 30 seconds.
  • Hairspray Application – Don’t apply hairspray while your hair is still hot from the curling wand as it makes the hair and the curls go flat.
  • Regular Trimming – Long hair should be trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks if you subject your hair to frequent styling using tools like a curling iron, or if you have colored hair. 
  • Managing Split Ends – Hair that is regularly blow-dried and styled is prone to split ends. Use a top quality split end seal to close the ends and repair the ends that have already been split.
  • Shampooing And Conditioning – You don’t need to shampoo and condition your long hair every day. This will rob your hair from natural oils. For long hair that is styled with a curling wand regularly, it’s enough to shampoo and conditioner every alternate day.
  • Take care not to apply conditioner to the roots as your long hair will become limp. Just apply from the middle to the end.
  • Additional Products – Apply leave-in conditioners and serums on long hair with caution as they might make your hair look oily and limp. Pick the right cream or leave-in conditioner that will nourish your long hair without weighing them down. Lightweight formulas work better for long hair.
  • Hair Masks And Hot Oil Treatment – Give your hair a regular treatment using hair masks. Try to do so once a week. Choose coconut oil or any other suitable oil and warm it before applying. Work with the oil and massage from the roots to the tips. Leave for at least half an hour before rinsing with shampoo and following up with a conditioner.
  •  Tie Your Hair Loosely – For long hair, it’s not recommended to do a tight bun or ponytail. It will put stress on your tresses and damage them. Instead, go for a loose braid or a loose knot on the top of your head. Use elastic to bind your long hair instead of rubber bands and metal-edged bands that can pull hair and damage it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is It Better To Have A Non-Cool Tip On The Curling Wand?

Answer: If you are somewhat careless or not used to handling hot styling products, then a curling wand with a cool tip is better for you. This will prevent your fingers from getting burned.

However, with a cool tip, you can’t have all your hair to get the heat from the wand. Hence, the curls will form only where your hair has touched the barrel while it’s hot.

  1. What Is The Function Of Tourmaline In The Curling Wand?

Answer: Tourmaline releases a lot of negative ions that negate the positive ions in your hair. As a result, your hair will be free from static electricity that gives rise to frizz on your hair. Tourmaline also seals in moisture in your hair to make them look glossy and healthy.

  1. Why Do You Need A Long Barrel In Your Curling Iron?

Answer: If you have extra-long hair, then you need a longer barrel to accommodate the whole length of your hair. Otherwise, it will take you a long time to complete your styling as you have to keep working on your hair from the roots to the middle part and again from the middle part to the tips.

A longer barrel will save you the hassle and time as it more length to wrap your long hair over it.

  1. Why Should I Get A 5-in-1 Curling Wand Kit?

Answer: With a 5-in-1 curling wand kit, you can have multiple types of curls in your hair. These kits have barrels that have different shapes like cone-shaped, bubble-shaped, etc. Their sizes are also different.

Using these different barrels will result in a different type and size of curls. A bubble-shaped one will give you ringlets. For wavy hair with different sizes of waves, you can use a cone-shaped barrel so that the hair wrapped closer to the tip will have smaller curls compared to the ones formed near the base.

  1. Can You Use A Curling Wand On Hair Extensions?

Answer: Yes, you can use a curling iron to curl the hair extensions that you are wearing. However, just like the prep stage for your hair, you must prep the hair extension similarly. Make sure they are clean and either have a hair protectant sprayed on or a hair cream applied on them.

  1. How Does A Heat Protectant Save My Hair?

Answer: Before using a blow-dryer or any other styling tool that uses heat, you should apply a heat protectant. It works by forming a film over your hair cuticles so that they are a barrier to the damage from the heat. Heat takes away the natural oils and moisturizers from your hair, making them look dull.

By applying a heat protectant, you don’t let the heat damage the hair cuticles, thereby preserving the natural shine of your hair.

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Final Words

It’s not easy to maintain long hair, especially if you are the type who prefers to wear them in curls. After all, having the same length and style of hair becomes boring and it would be more eye-catching to have natural waves down your long tresses.

With the right products and the best curling wand for long hair, you can do so much that your hair will wear a new look every day. The shape and length of the barrel on your curling iron can achieve different effects. From tight, traditional curls to more modern beach-wave looks, you can take your pick!


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