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If we have to take a high quantity of painkillers or regular OTP medicines, it harms our bodies. It causes kidney damage often. So, if we can find a natural way to get relief from pain, this will be the best option. Inversion tables are such a great option. These tables let you exercise by rotating the body. It helps in reducing joint pains, back pains, and other diseases.

The best fitness inversion table not only works as a treatment but is also an excellent option for fitness exercise. How do you find the correct inversion table? The answer is here. On this page, you will get the top ten inversion tables to choose from. So, let’s explore this article and find the best inversion table.

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What Does An Inversion Table Do?

Inversion tables are for inversion therapy that is also known as spinal traction. The theory says that moving into an upside-down position will ease the gravity pressure on the nerves and the spinal disks. It helps in creating extra space between vertebrae temporarily. This session or therapy helps in many ways to treat certain diseases.

The significant advantages for inversion therapy are-

  • Improvement in the spinal health
  • Increase the flexibility of your body muscles
  • Provide relief to back pain, scoliosis, and sciatica
  • Cut don the need for back surgery by treating the problem

Things To Check Before Picking Fitness Inversion Table

Some key features make the inversion table the best. You should check those features before buying the inversion table for your need.

  • Weight and Height Adjustment

Weight and height limit is significant that you should consider and check before buying an inversion table. If your body size does not sit well on the inversion table, it will cause accidents or problems to your body muscles.

Buyer’s Guide Of Best Fitness Inversion Table

A general inversion table can have a weight limit of up to 300 pounds. But it can vary from 200 pounds to 600 pounds. The available height limit ranges from 4.5 feet to 7 feet tall. Before choosing an inversion table, be sure that it adjusts well with your body size.

  • Comfort and Ease

Inversion tables go upside-down position and jerk while rotating. So, you should check if the inversion table is simple to handle and easy to move. The flexibility matters a lot to get the best grips of it.

Best Fitness Inversion Table

  • FDA Registration

As the inversion table is recommended for treating some diseases and used for fitness purposes, you should look for the FDA recommendation or certification. An inversion table must be tested through Food and Drug Approval Registration.

  • Adjustability

As the inversion table is for health purposes, adjustability is the most critical factor. If your boy is not fit perfectly, then it can harm body parts. So, look for the best adjustability on height, ankle settings, and secure options for the feet.

Best Fitness Inversion Table Reviews

  • Handholds

If you have extra handholds on the inversion table, you will get a flexible grip. As your whole body will rotate, this extra grip helps you to get the maximum comfort while inverting the table. 

So, before buying your inversion table, check eel all the features and then choose a perfectly suitable inversion table for your body.

Top 10 Best Fitness Inversion Table Reviews

It is pretty tough to choose the best inversion table from so many options. So, here, you will get a list of top fitness inversion table reviews that let you select the correct one for you.

1. Innova Inversion Table and Adjustable Headrest

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Inversion tables are for treatment for back pain or degenerative disc diseases mainly. Moreover, these tables work the best if you need to exercise for bones diseases. Innova brings an innovative inversion table with an effective option on adjustability. You will be astonished when you see all the features.

This inversion table can set your body in six different positions. The first one is the horizontal position. To keep a nice balance of your body, it has the proper balance for the center of gravity. The other positions move your body toward the floor, managing your head upside down.

All the positions are very much helpful to provide you with lots of exercise options. You do not need to tense for the imbalance on all the positions. It offers the best adjustability in all six posts.

The adjustability is secured through the string pin system keeping your body in a comfortable foam-made base. There is no need to put strenuous efforts into setting the table in all the positions. It is smooth and flexible.

To provide your body painless support, it has a great headrest in the correct position. The footrest is also adjustable that making it suitable for people at different heights. You can set the height of the table in your own interest and need. It is easy to adjust too.

 The ankle holding system is reversible and offers maximum flexibility. The U-shaped rollers and foam rollers work together to provide extra support to your ankle of the foot. The backrest has a great place to keep the support your body.

It is made of foam cover that ensures the best safety and makes it comfy. The patented protective cover brings complete pinch protection for every movement. It also has ergonomic lumbar support that makes it a perfect inversion table for lower back pain.


  • Flexible adjustability 
  • Six positions to exercise
  • Comfortable foam base
  • Easy to handle and adjust


  • It is pretty hard to assemble

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2. Innova Advanced Massage Inversion Table

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Innova brings another innovative inversion table that produces heat and massages the foot and head. This is the best fitness equipment inversion table for its significant supports and features. This provides the best support and treats the back part of the body with excellent lumbar support.

This advanced inversion table has an advanced vertical massage pad, covering a vast area at your back. The complete spine area gets a contour integrated place to support the lumber part of the body.

So, exercise with the best body balancing support is possible with this inversion table. Your body will be adjusted with a safe positioning and resting beds. This inversion table has an ergonomic ankle holding system, a front holder, and a rear holder to provide the best support for your body.

The front holder is large, and the rear holder is small, responsible for delivering the optimum resting pads. It helps in alleviating the pressures on the ankle during the inversion time.

This inversion table heats the unique points of the body and then massage with an auto setting. It has a multi-mode for setting the massaging. You also can set the massaging options manually if you like to have more comforts. This manual setting allows the creation of an optimum massaging environment that your body needs.

With the pin system, you can set your body in six different positions. The patent-pending protective covers are foam-made, and it provides the ultimate comfort to rest your different body parts. The lumber pad is also comfortable with making the correct treatment for back pain. It works as a therapy and is also great for the inversion workout.


  • Efficient lumber support
  • Patent-pending advanced massage pad in the multi-mode system
  • Improved ankle holder
  • Heating and massaging involved


  • It takes a lot of space to sit

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3. Innova Isolated Inversion Table

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If you want to gym with an inversion table, this Innova inversion table is a perfect choice. It has a larger space to fit huge body size. So, it works great for heavy exercise. It can accommodate users from 4.10 feet to 6.6 feet. It can lift heavyweight too. It can hold up to 300 Ibs. Weight.

So, with the high capacity, this inversion table is an excellent choice for a different purpose. Not only the gym or exercise, but it also works well for some illnesses too. This is a perfect option if you need this inversion table to treat some diseases, including back pain or spinal problems.

With and flexible and easily adjustable lumbar pad, this inversion table supports many therapeutic purposes. It isolates the heat production evenly and then massages specific body points to give perfect physiotherapy.

This inversion table also can make six different positions that support extreme exercise options. So, this inversion table is ideal for all the members of the family. Elders can get treatment while youngsters can exercise at home.

All six positions are easy to set and flexible to handle the patent-pending cover to ensure the perfect safety of your body. The pin system for adjusting different parts makes sure that it holds your body with great strength. With the padded backrest and headrest, the body gets the best comfort while getting the therapy. It helps older people to settle down.

The construction of the inversion table makes this durable and robust for a more extended period. The patented cover is also made of comfortable but robust fabric. You do not need to do special maintenance for this table. This table does not get rust.

The adjustability is so flexible with the height adjustment tube and ankle holding system. The ankle holder is longer to provide better flexibility. The height management system is also easy to achieve. So, you do not have to be an expert to run this inversion table. You can use it at maximum ease and comfort.


  • Vibration therapeutic massaging
  • Adjustable lumbar support for the spinal area
  • Six positioning systems include treatment and gym
  • Comfort with the padded headrest and backrest


  • Assembling is pretty touching for the heavy body

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4. Innova Inverting Exercise Equipment

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An inversion table is an excellent treatment for back pain and other spinal issues. Innova brings another fitness inversion table for degenerative disc disease and back pain that works successfully. When you do not want to take many medicines or have problems with medicines, the inversion table is the best alternative.

In fact, inversion tables sometimes work better than medicines. With heat and massage, it works faster than medicines. Sometimes, doctors prefer to exercise or therapy for such bone defects or issues over the OTP medicines. Older people are sometimes unable to do specific movements, which is a must for them.

The inversion tables perform fantastic providing the necessary therapeutic massage and service. First, you lie on the table with the comfortable headrest and backrest that is made of foam. Then you can set the heating option and then set the vibration massaging option in the required mode.

The padded lumbar support is made of air inside. It allows your body to adjust at the best lumber-supported position for this air pad. It pumps and sets a perfect balance under the back of your body. When the lumber support is complex, then it sometimes is not perfect for all the body types.

That is why the air lumber pads work the best to make an ideal balance. When you go for different positions, the lumbar support allows the body to move and have new body alignment as needed.

This inversion table has a metal frame and patented cover for the headrest and backrest. It allows the customers to use the inversion table rough and tough. All the family members can use this table in their own comfort zone. It stays still and robust as it can hold a heavier weight.

The construction system is excellent that makes the adjusting and handling flexible with a powerful pin system. This system keeps the body aligned perfectly at the form and stays strong.  So, you can be sure of its service for a more extended period.


  • Therapeutic massage and heating service
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Ample of space to sit on it
  • Flexible handling option


  • The standing bar is quite loose

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5. Ironman Inversion Table with High Weight Lifting Capacity

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If you like an inversion table of premium quality, you can choose this Ironman table. This table has all the supportive features to work for the exercise or gym and the treatment for back pain. The solid and sturdy construction of the frame can hold and lift have weight.

It is perfect for a professional bodybuilder. As this inversion table can work in six different positions, it can smoothly lift and move from one position to another. That is why it is easier and flexible to control and set at six places.

As a treatment for back pain or other issues, this inversion table removes all the body’s stress by relaxing it. Then it stimulates the blood circulation and ensures the best comfort. While exercising for your back pain on this inversion table, you do not have any pressure on any part of the body.

The body at first relaxes and is set in a balanced position, and then starts the workout. You do not need to take any stress for the activity. Instead, all the positioning helps to decrease the pain automatically, keeping your body in an optimum position.

The lumbar pillow is removable, and it provides the best flexibility to run the table. Sometimes you do not need the lumbar support, and it may hurt your body. It is valid for the youngsters mostly. Then you can remove the lumber pad and do your gym workout at the best reliability.

There are rubber pads under the stands to make the non-skid floor stabilizer. So, this table cannot move while you are moving for different positioning. The memory foam keeps your body on a soft base and does not let it harm you.

If you like to hard gym, you can set the position at 90 degrees angle. That s huge and offers the best gym position. So, get this inversion table and have the best therapy or gym experience.


  • Removable lumbar support
  • Robust construction body and fabric cover
  • Comfortable memory foam made base
  • Molded ankle cushions


  • Quite expensive

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6. Health Gear Advanced Inversion Table

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Health gear comes with an advanced level inversion table that turns the exercising option into a treatment base for people with back pain or spinal problems. It ensures that patients have a comfortable base while doing the therapeutic exercise to treat their pain.

In terms of capacity, it can hold and lift the high weight to 300 Ib. This table can accommodate huge sizes ranging from 5.1 feet to 6.5 feet. That is why this inversion table is perfect for all the members of the family.

To keep the body on the best resting base, this inversion table has patented memory foam designed for the best comfort. This foam is 4 inches in depth with a contouring fit which ensures additional support. There are many curves in our bodies.

The contouring of the memory foam can fit the body in the correct format. This foamy backrest is removable. Moreover, the complete backrest is multifunctional to set different positions and a variety of heating and vibrating massaging options.

If the feet cannot get enough rest within the back part of the boy, then you will get feet pain. This inversion table has easy-to-set ankle support. This support includes four oversized foam pads as the leg rollers, which stop the calf pinching and provide an excellent and soft rest.

You can adjust this ankle resting option easily. The sur lock makes it easier to lock the resting position in or out smoothly.

This fitness inversion table benefits the arms by providing the extra long arm locking system, not only the body and leg like the other inversion table. These arm spaces allow the body to ben the back during entering and exiting the inversion table. With the pin system, you can set the table in 4 different positions and perform your exercise correctly.

Like most of the inversion tables, this one is not hard to store or set. You can fold this table and keep it in a smaller space compared to the others. It is easier to transport with the use of the transporting wheels too. So, this is a good inversion table in terms of all the supports.


  • Removable massage pad
  • Multifunctional backrest
  • 4 adjustable leg rollers
  • 4 positions achieved


  • Standing bars quite small

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7. Body Vision Inversion Table with High Adjustability

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Exercise in different positions with a premium resting support through the Body Vision inversion table. It has deluxe upholstered memory foam to provide an innovative headrest and backrest. The headrest pillow is easily removable and adjustable.

You can use it with better comfort and reliability. The backrest is wide and large enough to support a huge body size. From the elderly persons to the youngsters, everyone will like this inversion table for the innovative support.

This table has enormous space to sit comfortably on this bed. The elderly persons get comfort while having the treatment of spinal problems. The adjustable lumbar support is wide enough to hold your back and relieve lower, middle, upper back pain. This support also helps in removing the pain from the shoulder and neck. You will like the support while doing your exercise on the table.

The leg rollers are also made of high-density memory foam to ensure that the whole body gets a premium resting option with the best comfort and convenience. This foam is pinch proof and has 4 adjustable leg rollers. So, these rollers can support feet from in and out with ankle support.

The sur lock keeps the leg in balance that does not need any pressure to set them right. This inversion table also helps provide solid base support to set the body in 4 different positions that allow the therapeutic exercise of the body. With a smooth centered height adjusting rod, it is easy to put in all the positions.


  • Comfortable headrest and backrest
  • Strong body and ankle support
  • 4 adjustable memory foam leg rollers
  • Huge space to accommodate big body


  • The sponge made a grip of the leg is quite slippery

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8. Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Airsoft Holders

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When you need a full boy therapeutic support, then this Exerpeitic inversion table is the best fitness inversion table. This table has extra help to keep your body parts at the correct positions and additional comfort. With excellent reliability, you can adjust 3 different places and have 3 successful inverting workouts. It is easy to handle and change all the positions.

There are supportive rear crossbars to adjust the angle positions providing a strong comfort zone quickly.  The rear crossbar holds your body firmly and lets you get additional support. There is no need for any strap system, whereas the crossbars work the best to ensure convenience.

To invert the table, this table has strong security through the lock system. The palm activated sure lock is easy to reach any position or condition. The ratchet ankle locking system gives extra protection to hold the body in proper form.

This double lock ratchet uses the toothed mechanism, which provides additional safety to the body during the inverting time. Both the ratchet is designed to ensure the best protection of the body.

Your boy may get pressure while inverting the table. So, this inversion table has the patented airsoft ankle holder. It is comprehensive and extensive so that everybody size can get full support from the ankle holder. The body does not feel any pain or pressure with the airsoft technology as it adjusts with a pumping effect.

So, you will not feel any pain and pinch on your foot’s ankle. For all these supports, this is another best inversion table for scoliosis. The support starts from the head and spreads to the palms and feet ankles. The frame is so rich that the table can hold and lift a heavy body with incredible smoothness. All the family members will be happy while working with this inversion table.


  • Palm activated sure lock
  • Tooth mechanism of double ratchet
  • Airsoft technology involved the best fit or the body
  • Lumber support included


  • The massive size of the table takes more space to sit

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9. Innova Ankle Relief Inversion Table

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Innova brings a specialized inversion table that is good for body fitness and treatment for pain and provides extra relief to ankle pain. To support the body on the table, the patented straps work well.

It holds the body smoothly and ensures that your body is in the best comfort zone. This inversion table makes that your ankle, feet, and legs get the maximum support and comfort. So, while turning the inversion table, you will get relief from the leg or feet pain within the back pain support.

Using the pin system, the inversion table can adjust your body in six different positions up to 90 degrees angle. That is why it works as a therapy for whole-body treatment. The patented protective cover ensures the full resting support for each of the positioning.

It provides a safe setting for all the positions and also creates easy Inversion. The robust ankle holding system allows forming of the best balance of your body.

With the body solid inversion table, this can hold and lift the high weight. You do not have to be tense for security. The table will make the proper balance system and ensure the best result in the treatment. For the heavy body of the table, this accommodates people from 4.10 feet to 6.6 feet in height and 300 Ib. weight.

To treat the body, ensuring the comfy, this inversion table has a headrest and backrest. This headrest and backrest are spacious to accommodate your body smoothly and made with highly dense pads to make a bouncy comfort while the Inversion of the table is running.

This inversion table also comes with the best fitness inversion table manual that provides all the information on how to use this table to keep the balance of your body and do all the fitness exercise correctly. So, get this table and be a well-fit person.


  • Patented straps to adjust the body in all positions
  • Six pin system positions are available
  • Large and spacious headrest and backrest
  • Proper balancing of the body while inverting


  • Lumbar support is absent

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10. Innova Adjustable Inversion Table

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If you want to have the maximum fitness inversion table benefits, you can choose this Innova adjustable inversion table. From the headrest to the ankle support, this table also ensures comfort to the fullest. You can invert the table in three influential positions. All these three positions are perfect for providing the best fitness exercise support and pain relief support.

If you have back pain or another degenerative disc disease, then you can be sure of getting all the innovative features from this inversion table. While inverting the table, you will get optimum support from the padded headrest.

The backrest is also padded and includes lumbar support. Lumbar support keeps your back part of the body in premium rest and provides necessary pressure while Inversion runs. It relieves the back pain smoothly, and you do not get any pain from the force.

When you have to change the position, you have to use the handle, and it can put some extra pressure on your back which can be harmful to older people. This inversion table provides the extended grip to run the inversion positions smoothly without taking any hassle.

The ankle holder is padded with VCCTech fabric that ensures prescribed support on your ankle and effectively relieves the pain from your legs and feet.

Over the headrest, there are adjustable stretch bars that provide an enhanced inversion experience. With high weight support and ample amount of space, this inversion table offers maximum flexibility. All the family members can use this table to get their necessary fitness aims.


  • Ergonomic lumbar support to relieve back pain
  • Extended handle to reduce the pressure
  • No-pinch spacious ankle holing system
  • A proper balance of the body in three different positions


  • It seems pretty hard to reach the full inversion position

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Can Inversion Tables Make You Taller?

Yes, it is possible. Most of the inversion table offers three to six positioning. With these positioning, you can set your body hanging upside down with full Inversion of the table. While partial Inversion can put your body in 90 degrees angle, it works to decompress the spinal cord.

Best Fitness Inversion Table

The full Inversion at 180 degrees angle creates a massive space in the middle part of the vertebrae. It provides maximum decompression and stretching towards your muscle. This stretching, actually, works great to make you taller.

As the inversion table therapy can re-align the spine position and improve the posture to work to treat the lordosis and scoliosis. It can increase blood flow and release muscle tension. All these benefits combine and help you to be taller with time.

How To Use Fitness Inversion Table?

Using an inversion table s primarily about creating a perfect balance of your body on the table. Then start your necessary inversion movements. Follow the tips and steps below and grab control over it.

Step-1: Get a Precise Balance of the Body

After aligning your body on the inversion table, first, make a proper balance. As the inversion table manual says, place your body over the table and then try to get into the ideal settings. Now grab the speed and inversion angle slowly with some simple arms movement.

The success of obtaining a precise body balance depends on how evenly you can distribute your body weight. Distribute the body eight on each of the pivot points.

Follow the tips below to get a better balance of the body.

  • When your rotation becomes faster than you need, then lengthen the main shaft of the table and return to the upright position. Now test again.
  • If you are unable to reach the necessary rotation speed, you have to shorten the main shaft of the table. Then test the process again.
  • The 3-hole hinge setting is for adjusting the speed rotation.
Using Fitness Inversion Table

Step-2: Relax the Body Muscle

The most appealing advantage of working on the inversion table is that it works itself depending on gravity. You just have to relax your body. Then the table will do your job to provide you with the best decompression benefits by focusing on breathing. Thus, it soothes your body muscles.

Step-3: Oscillate

When you achieve the entire balance of your body on the inversion table, now is the time of oscillating. So, rock or oscillate up and down. It will let the fluids move to rejuvenate. Then it hydrates the spinal disc and the pressurized weight joints. It becomes meditative support from the inversion table.

Step-4: Grip and Stretch

To reach the full Inversion by the grip and stretch, you must add traction and leverage. It will deepen the time. Some inversion table has features to provide extra grips in the body and frame. It helps in twisting and getting an additional stretch.

Step-5: Reach full Inversion

Most of the recent models of the inversion tables allow reaching 90 degrees. You can have the maximum fun and effective exercising option to get to the entire inversion point. It helps in providing the body with extra stretching and an additional inversion option.

But you should not reach Inversion as the whole point if you are a beginner. After trying several weeks, then you should try to get the entire inversion point.

When you get total control over the inversion table, you can achieve the best benefit out of it.

How Often Should You Use An Inversion Table?

In the beginning, you should not use it to the fullest. You should do the inverting workout significantly less at the beginning time. Then slowly increase the time.

Fitness Inversion Table
Xtreme power US

At the beginning time, you can use the inversion table sessions only for 5 minutes and do these sessions twice per day. Then slowly increase the time and then increase the session. After completing one session, you slowly come back to the upright position on the table. Do not jerk too quickly, which can cause muscle spasms or disc pain.

When you get used to it, you can use the Inversion often a day. You can use the inversion table as a morning arming up and as an evening wind down. It will work well for an excellent night’s sleep. Use the inversion table to have the best benefit to maintain your fitness. It will recover the high impact through the rotational activities.

Who Should Not Use An Inversion Table?

Generally, the inversion tables are a great solution to provide the ultimate fitness solution and treat many patients with back pain or degenerative disc disease. So, the inversion table is an excellent solution for health benefits.

But there are some restrictions for some patients. The frequent rotation and jerking can harm some people with certain diseases. So, people who have hypertension, circulation disorders, retinal detachments, or glaucoma should not use the inversion table.

When people with these diseases hang upside down on the inversion table, it will increase the blood flow and thus increase the blood pressure on the head and eyes.

Though the inversion table is a great natural solution to exercise and treat certain diseases, people should know their health issues and confirm they are eligible to use these tables.

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Final Words

The best fitness inversion table can do miracles. Ye, it is true. If you can grab the positions in your inversion table, you will get the best benefits out of it. Keeping your body upside down and rotating at different angles puts necessary pressure and provides successful physiotherapy. So, you do not need to go to, therapist every day. The solution is in your home.

Find the correct inversion table that matches your body size or provides extra adjustability. Then, you can use this inversion table and always become fit.

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