Best Glitter Glue For Eyes In 2022

Do you love to impress your spouse? I know – who doesn’t? Although they’re in love with our natural self, sometimes we want to look our best to them.

If you love wearing makeup, there is one product you might want to hear about – the best glitter glue for eyes. Picture the shine and the flashy look when you’re wearing that. With good glitter makeup, you can easily turn the attention to yourself and showcase your beauty and charm.

But there’s one issue with glitter glue. Though there are many products in the market, many of them are packed with problems, for instance irritating the skin or triggering allergies.

Having tried and experienced lots of glitter adhesives, I am in a position to point you in the right direction. Below, I have reviewed my favorite cosmetic glitter glue products.

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Benefits Of Using Glitter Glue On Eyes Makeup

Glitter adhesive is one of the most popular beauty products. But why do we love it so much? The answer lies not only in what it achieves but also in the wide range of uses it comes with. Here are the benefits of using cosmetic glitter glue.

  • Makeup Customization

There is glitter makeup that comes pressed and ready for application without needed glue. But this is fixed in that you cannot make it assume any style or appearance. But that can be achieved with glitter glue and loose glitter.

Benefits Of Using Glitter Glue On Eyes Makeup

  • You Can Apply It Anywhere

If you’re using a very good product that is made with safety in mind, chances are that you can apply it to any part of your skin from the cheeks to the arms and even lips. Some can even be applied to the hair, allowing you to put on glitter wherever you like.

  • You Can Use It In Other Projects

One of the reasons why I personally love cosmetic glitter glue is that you can use it on other projects. You cannot say the same about craft glue. So, you can use it in your scrapbooking projects, to make calming mason jars, and even for sliming.

Top 10 Best Glitter Glue For Eyes in 2022

1. NYX Professional Makeup

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There are many advantages of loose glitter. You can customize the shape to what you want. But to apply loose glitter and other loose makeup, you need something known as a primer. It is the substance that allows the glitter to stick to your skin.

The first product on my list is the NYX Professional Makeup, one of the popular glitter priming products. Why should you consider purchasing it?

When you apply glitter, you hope that it will stay put for a certain period, perhaps all day. But maybe you’ve applied glitter in the past, only to see it fall out. If you want to solve the issue and have your glitter on all day, the NYX primer is for you. It has a pretty good hold.

Ease of use is always a crucial factor to consider when looking for beauty products. I am happy to inform you that this primer gives you an easy time during the application. As long as you have a nice little brush, the process is effortless. It spreads easier than butter.

What’s more, it is not messy.

I discovered one shortcoming when using this product. Yes, it is easy to use and it holds, but removal is not very easy, especially from the eyelids. That being said, many people go for it because it is non-toxic, easy to apply, and offers a good hold.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comfortable in that it dries quickly and does not feel sticky
  • It works efficiently by holding glitter for up to 12 hours
  • Doesn’t affect the skin as it is non-toxic
  • Can be put anywhere from the cheeks, eyes, and even hair

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2. E.F.L Glitter Primer

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Glitter looks great on the eyelids, but as you might already know, you don’t just put glitter on there. You need something to hold it. That’s especially true if you’re using loose glitter. The thing needed to hold it is primer.

If you’re looking for good primer, you might want to consider the E.F.L Glitter Primer. This is a liquid formula that not only provides a tacky surface for the glitter but also nourishes your eyelids.

First and foremost, the product does its job excellently. It is quite sticky, so it provides a lasting bond for the glitter to adhere to. If you want your glitter to stay put for longer, this primer will work great. With this primer, the glitter can last all day or all night with no fallout.

What I find most amazing about the product is that even though the bond is so strong, the comfort is not compromised. Thankfully, the liquid absorbs into the skin very well, hence upholding comfort.

Ever encountered a glitter primer that is messy? It can be rather annoying, right? I bet you will love the nature of the e.l.f as it is not messy. Again, you don’t have to apply too much for it to stick, meaning less work and less money spent.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to apply: it goes on smoothly and can be applied with a brush
  • Safe for cosmetic use: free of harmful chemicals like triclosan, parebens, and hydroquinone
  • Stick but comfortable. Absorbs into the skin for a comfy wear
  • Long lasting. There’s almost no fallout of glitter and it can stay put for over 12 hours

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3. Karizma Beauty Cosmetic Glitter Glue

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Removing glitter is a hassle for many people. imagine trying to remove the glitter but then there are chunks that just don’t want to come off. It can get pretty annoying, right?

The Karizma Beauty Cosmetic Glitter Glue is formula that is here to change everything. As you it is a peel-off product, it allows you to remove your glitter makeup in one easy go. With this product, you no longer need to scrub or scratch glitter off your skin.

Apart from the removal process, the application process can be quite the bother itself depending on the product you’re using.

To make things easy for you, Karizma glue is designed to go on smoothly and easily. It comes in a small tube and in the little box, you find a little applicator that is made to make application a breeze.

If you have used glitter glue for a while, you have possibly encountered many glue products that need a thick coat to make the glitter stick. But things are different with this glue. You only need a thin coat to make the glitter adhere.

The Karizma Beauty Cosmetic Glitter Glue works as advertised. It sticks and peels to make the removal easy and mess-free. But it is not for those who love picking. If you scratch or keep touching your skin, the glitter makeup will come right off, often with your foundation.

Highlighted Features:

  • Simple application. It goes on smoothly
  • Effortless removal in that you only need to peel it off
  • Removal is mess-free, thanks to the fact that you can peel it off
  • Comes with an applicator for easy application
  • Non-toxic. It does not hurt or irritate the skin

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4. GA & EN Cosmetic Glitter and Glitter Glue

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Rather than buying glitter and glitter glue separately, how about you just purchase a full package that comes with both the glitter and the glue?

The GA & EN Cosmetic Glitter and Glitter Glue is a complete set that comes with 8 jars of glitter along with two 5ml cans of glue to stick it to your body.

One of the most amazing factors about this product is variety. The 8 jars of glitter present you with a range of colors from purple holo and light pink holo to black holo and light blue holo. Each jar comes with its own color.

Apart from the colors, the shapes and sizes are present in all sorts of options. There are hearts, butterflies, crescent moons, snowflakes, and a lot more.

Because of the tremendous variety offered, the product is very versatile. You can use it to decorate almost any part of your body from your nails and arms to your hair and face. I have even seen people putting it on their tongue. Also, you can use the product for a whole range of occasions.

The only issue with this glitter is that since it is chunky, it is not very safe for the eyes. So, you don’t want to place it very close to your eyes.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wide color variety. It comes in 8 jars, each containing its own color
  • There are many different sizes and shapes from crescent moons to snowflakes
  • It is non-toxic and safe even for sensitive skin
  • Comes with two glitter glue cans of 5ml each

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5. StinaFace GLITTER Glue Adhesive PRIMER

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If you’re looking for good glitter adhesive that you can use to apply loose glitter and other pigments, you might want to try the StinaFace GLITTER Glue Adhesive PRIMER. This is a cruelty-free product that is designed to work well without hurting or irritating the skin even if it is sensitive.

The very first reason why I found this product so appealing is the fact that it holds.

I have seen plenty other glitter adhesives that come off with little effort. I have seen many that don’t hold the glitter very well. But the StinaFace GLITTER Glue Adhesive PRIMER holds. With it you can wear your glitter all day or all night without worry about it falling out.

An easy to apply glitter adhesive is always nice. This product makes things smooth and effortless as it goes on without much of a struggle.

It is also good to see that the glue comes with an applicator. It’s a good applicator that you can use to apply both the glue and the glitter.

Safety is one of the most important factors to look at before buying a glitter glue for your skin. You will be happy to find that the product is cosmetic-grade glue that does not affect your skin.

The only issue is that sometimes, this product gets lumpy, which can make it difficult to apply.

Highlighted Features:

  • It adheres properly to all skin types
  • It offers longevity, making it possible to keep your glitter make up all day
  • Free of toxins and irritants, and thus suitable for sensitive skin
  • Removal is easy as the glue is easy to wash off

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6. Electrik Glitter Makeup Adhesive

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Do you love going to festivals? If you like the kind of festivals where people burn calories with dancing or other activities, and you also love makeup, then you might agree that sweat poses a huge problem. Sweat easily removes or ruins makeup.

What if I told you there is one glitter makeup adhesive that could change everything? A product that allows you to wear your makeup proudly without huge concerns over fallout?

Meet the Electrik glitter makeup adhesive. One of the best glitter glue for the eyes and other parts of your body. This product is designed to be water and sweat-resistant so that no matter how much activity you’re involved in, your makeup stays intact.

Aside from being sweat-resistant, this product offers great health benefits for your skin. It is infused with omega vitamins and hemp seed oil to strengthen your skin. So, you look good while nourishing your skin.

In fact, it is a biodegradable formula that allows you to wear glitter makeup without issues like skin irritation or allergic reaction.

We all want our glitter to stay put when we apply it, right? I’m happy to report to you that the Electrik glitter makeup adhesive holds glitter very well.

There is only one issue that I don’t like about this product. Removing it is a bit of a hassle. You have to scratch and scrub. Other than that, it is a great adhesive for glitter.

Highlighted Features:

  • Water resistant product that holds glitter in all conditions
  • Packed with health benefits for skin from omega vitamins and hemp seed oil
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic glue that doesn’t irritate the skin

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7. Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter + FREE Quick Dry Primer Glue

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For those looking for a complete package containing glitter and glue to set it, the Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter would be a great product. It’s a whole box of 0.5 oz of glitter that also comes with a bottle of glitter adhesive.

From the appearance of the glitter to the efficiency of the glue, everything is great with the product.

What many people love about this product is how the glitter looks. The pigment is high intensity and the glitters have a holographic sheen to them. If you want an extra glow, this glitter will serve you well.

Many of the glitter products I have come across are such that if they stay put, then removal is hard. But not the Silver Holographic Chunky Glitter.

This product is super easy to put on. You apply the gel with the provided applicator. It spreads like butter. As it dries quickly, it does not leave you with discomfort. It sticks right away and in just a minute, it is dry.

Removal is a piece of cake. No need to scrub or scratch to get it off.

There’s only one shortcoming. The containers are not full. They’re about ¾ full, which of course feels like salesman trickery. Other than that, it is a fantastic product that works great.

Highlighted Features:

  • Holographic glitter that creates a beautiful appearance
  • Chunky glitter that is super easy to apply
  • Easy to remove without having to scratch or scrub
  • Comes with free glitter glue

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8. Hitop Iris Look Beauty Glitter

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The Hitop Iris Look Beauty Glitter comes in a pack of 6 cans of glitter along with one bottle of glitter primer/gel. That way, it allows you to put on glitter immediately without having to purchase extra products.

Why should you go for it? For starters, it is quite versatile. This product is applicable to almost all parts of your skin. You can put it on your arms, eyes, hair, nails, and even lips.

The reason for this amazing versatility is that the product is created with safety in mind. It is non-toxic and safe for use on even sensitive skin. Plus, it is eco-friendly so you won’t have to worry about it polluting the environment.

Another reason why people like the product is the appearance. The glitters are made using pure silver and aluminum, so you get to enjoy a fantastic metallic sheen.

There is a range of colors included among the glitters, so if you’re looking to get a bit colorful and showcase striking beauty, then the product is for you.

What’s more, both the glitter and the gel are easy to use. The gel spreads with ease and provides a nice tacky surface for the glitter to adhere to. The chunky glitter is also quite easy to apply.

Highlighted Features:

  • A complete set of 6 glitter jars and a can of adhesive
  • There is a variety of colors included in the set for a colorful look
  • Glitter is chunky and easy to apply and form shapes
  • Non-toxic product that eco-friendly and safe for the skin

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9. Annika Maya Cosmetic Glitter Glue

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Do you know what makes a cosmetic adhesive good? The ability to hold for long without irritating the skin. If you’re looking for such a product, then you just found it: the Annika Maya Cosmetic Glitter Glue.

The thing that hit my eye when I first saw this product is the elegance it packs. The bottle and the packaging look really presentable, which tells you the product is from a good manufacturer who cares about quality. It is definitely something you will be happy to have in your purse.

As a fan of glitter, you probably value products that don’t make a mess intensely. Because let’s face it, glitter can be messy. So, glue that makes everything better and reduces the mess is lovable. That’s just what this adhesive is. It is mess-free and as it has a good hold, it keeps the glitter intact.

Longevity is another fantastic upside of the glue. It does not just hold. It holds for hours. You can expect to have almost no fallout for at least 12 hours.

Maybe you have come across glitter adhesives that gain another shade when they dry. Such products can make it hard to achieve the look you want.

But drying clear, the Annika Maya Cosmetic Glitter Glue makes it a breeze to get the appearance you want.

Highlighted Features:

  • Elegant design that makes the product presentable
  • Dries clear, thus enabling you to get the exact look you want
  • Quick-drying to ensure comfort is not compromised
  • Durable hold that ensures you enjoy your glitter for 12 hours without fallout

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10. Ben Nye Glitter Glue

Do you want a strong bonding glitter adhesive for your body and face? Consider getting the Ben Nye Glitter Glue.

Perhaps in the past, you have used a glitter adhesive that needed a significant application to get the glitter to hold. That, you might agree, is quite wasteful, leading to money wastage.

If you’re looking for a glitter glue that will help you save money, the Ben Nye glue will be quite useful. A little goes a long way, meaning you don’t have to keep buying more on a frequent basis. This same benefit keeps off the disadvantage of having to use too much adhesive, thus avoiding the discomfort that comes with that.

Speaking about comfort, you will be glad to find that the glue is not very sticky. If you have used a product that felt like it was pulling off your skin, you know precisely what I am talking about. Fortunately, the product dries quickly and it does not put lots of pressure on your skin.

The scent of this product is quite strong, even to the level of burning your eyes a bit. Nevertheless, the glue is easy to apply and it works great to hold the glitter in place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to apply with a brush
  • Comes with a free applicator
  • Not very sticky, so it does not bring discomfort
  • A little goes a long way, which enables you to save money

How To Choose Glitter Glue For Eyes?

When shopping for any product, there are those things that you ought to look for to ensure you’re going for the right thing. Glitter glue is no exception. Here are the factors to consider when looking for the right glitter glue for cosmetic use.

  • Safety

Safety is perhaps the most critical factor when choosing glitter adhesive for makeup. There are many glues out there, but not all can be used on human skin. The product has to be specifically rated for cosmetic use. It should be non-toxic and eco-friendly. Still, you should listen to what people say regarding irritating the skin.

Best Glitter Glue For Eyes

  • Drying Time

I imagine no one wants to have a wet feeling on their skin for hours because of makeup glue. That is why people tend to go for makeup adhesive that dries quickly. The product should dry in not more than a few minutes.

  • Comfort

Comfort is an important one. Imagine applying the glue only to have a strong sensation of something pulling on your skin or drying it. Not a good feeling, is it? Good makeup adhesive is comfortable in that it does not pull on or dry the skin.

Best Glitter Glue For Eyes In 2022
  • Appearance

There are many choices of glitter glue color as there are of glitter itself. That being said, many people prefer clear glue that also dries clear.

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Final Words

Before getting any adhesive for use on your skin, make sure it is safe for cosmetic use. Aside from that, be sure it dries quickly and clearly, and that it does not leave you with an uncomfortable feeling. Ease of removal is also an important factor to look at.

At this point, I hope I have helped you find the best glitter glue for your eyes. The products I have discussed are not just the eyes but other parts of the body as well, such as nails, cheeks, arms, and hair.


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