Top 10 Best NuFace Device for Perfect Face Toning

Surely, you must have heard about the NuFace facial toner on the internet. As time rolls by the old-time brushes, the new advanced face lifting devices lose facial cleansers and derma-rollers. The ultra-modern NuFace perfectly tones the face painlessly to produce a wrinkle and line-free youthful face.

These facial toning kits are perfect for home use. It will lift your face like a professional treatment. The skin tone corrects with the removal of sagging jaws and a refined skin tone. The NuFace device is an excellent device that improves the overall face into a young and healthy look.

From the many types of NuFace toning kits, let us present you with a buying guide for you to choose the best NuFace device.

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Considerations Before Purchasing The Best NuFace Device

It is best to research, review and collect authentic information about any device before buying one. Equally, true it is when it comes to buying a NuFace facial toner for a friend or yourself. Therefore, what are the best features of a NuFace device? A NuFace device must consist of the following features.

Buying Guide for Best NuFace Device

  • Should help in toning, lifting, and contouring the muscles of the face
  • After toning, there should a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines of the face
  • The NuFace should be of a size that is easy to carry
  • Uses the available toning gels
  • The device must have approval by FDA and an Aesthetician

Before you purchase a Nuface device, you must check come of the features that such a device should have to perform its best.  The huge entrance of counterfeit beauty devices in the online markets and websites should not puzzle you.

The unauthorized and unapproved products may be harmful to your health. Therefore, you follow certain rules while buying your product.

  • Buy From Authorized Retailers

You are sure to buy a genuine product from an authorized retailer. The unauthorized retailers usually carry fake products. Check for papers on authorization to get proof of real NuFace Trinit. Try to figure out the difference between a fake and a real.

The NuFace Trinity/Pro available online coming from a third party may be fake. Check if the website offering is officially listed to carry that particular product. The PRO device is only available through designated dealers.

  • Replenished and Revitalized Quality

The essential substance in replenishing and revitalizing the skin is the hydrating agent, hyaluronic acid, the presence of which is desirable. Gel primers with this substance help retain moisture giving a younger look to the skin. Your kit should have this revitalizing agent.

Best NuFace Device

  • Creation of Aesthetician Micro Current

The quality of NuFace is by the Gel primer. The best result of the NuFace occurs only if the gel is formulated correctly and not fake. The FDA clearance and clinical test is desirable indicator of the quality of the product.

As many microcurrent devices are available, make sure that your device has the approval of the FDA. Then only it is not fake. The authentic device has an in-built control panel. It also carries steady control buttons. Watch out for the fake ones that are flimsy and lightweight.

  • The NuFace device you purchase is a micro-current device and therefore should be able to tone the face perfectly. The device uses electricity of low voltage that stimulates the muscles and accelerates the growth of collagen in the dermis.
  • This device should be able to produce long-term benefits in 5 minutes of treatment.
  • The home use of the facial devices produces a radiance in the face with the increase of lymphatic stimuli. Collagen and elastin production creates an elasticity to the skin. The skin will have reduced roughness and pigmentation.

Best NuFace Device

  • The agencies can market to physicians in the US if they have clearance through FDA certification. This certificate gives them the authority to say that NuFace devices are equally good face-lifting devices for beauticians and home use. Therefore, the NuFace you buy should have a clinical test certificate.
  • Right Texture- It is important to find a NuFace device with the right texture. The genuine products have a comparatively rough texture. A fake product will have a smooth texture.
  • A strong sensation on first using the device is a sign of a fake device. The real product produces slight or no sensation when the microcurrent works on the cells of the skin. You can be assured of this if you buy from an authorized retailer.

Some of the highly demanded NuFace products are:

  1. NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device
  2. NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device
  3. NuFACE FIX™ Line Smoothing Device
  4. NuFACE Hydrating Leave-On Gel Primer
  5. NuBODY Skin Toning Device

Top 10 Best NuFace Device Reviews

1. NuFACE Petite Facial Toning Device

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This NuFace Petite facial toning device is a mini gadget that helps you tone, contour, and lift your face and around the neck. The hydrating device is portable, so you can carry it while you travel. The micro-current device hydrates the skin and therefore eliminates the dryness of the skin. 

With the use of the NuFace, the skin becomes rejuvenated producing a younger look. The treatment lifts the face to a glowing and fresh look. The benefit is visible in the skin’s firmness within five minutes of use and constant maintenance. 

The suggested time of use of this petite mini device is only 5 days a week at the beginning of 60 days. You can continue to treat for 2 to 3 days a week. 

FDA has approved this facial toner for the suitability of home use. The gadget just fits in the palm and is suitable for use under the eyes and mouth. The use of a gel primer helps to use the appliance with ease. It is a wonderful feeling of getting rid of the wrinkle of your face.


  • Satisfactory face lifting
  • Removes wrinkles
  • Eliminates dryness
  • Fits in the palm
  • FDA approved
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some receive defective items
  • Does not ship internationally

2. NuFACE Advanced Facial Toning Kit Trinity Facial Trainer Device

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The NuFace Advanced Facial Trinity Kit is a beauty device that allows you to feel beautiful at the end of home treatment. It gives a very soothing and relaxing toning of the skin. The tingling sensation will tell you a renewed circulation of blood under your skin.

This also means a build-up of collagen. This hydrating facial toner will lift and contour your face. The NuFace trainer device is a multi-solution item. The design is innovative having several attachments that are interchangeable to give variable contours.

The gadget stimulates the skin, removes wrinkles and lines from the face. The device works perfectly to lift and contour the skin effectively. The trinity trainer toning kit produces firm skin giving it a wrinkle-free appearance.

The NuFace Advanced toning kit is applicable 5 days a week in the first 60 days and 2 to 3 days a week. It is best to use a thick gel to avoid the tingling sensation. However, the sensation vanishes after some time. The gadget is slightly heavy but comfortable.


  • Effective in toning face and neck
  • Reduce wrinkles and lines
  • Multi-solution parts
  • Hydrating and soothing
  • Circulates blood
  • Makes skin firm in 5minutes
  • 1-year guarantee


  • No refund policy on damage
  • Better value devices available

3.  NuFACE PRECISION Facial Toning Kit

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The NuFace Precision facial toning kit is a perfect trainer with attachments. The device is handheld and quite comfortable to use. The lip and eye attachments help you to contour those features. These are called Trinity ELE or eye and lip enhancers that precisely take care of the lip and eye area of your face.

The microcurrent device is operated easily by hand. The stimulation of the muscles of the skin creates a bright skin tone desired for beautification. The benefits of the NuFace Contour device are in creating contour with firmness and tone of the skin.

Overuse of 2 to 3 days a week after the initial 60 days, the device can lift the brows and smiling areas of the lift. It has a significant effect on the reduction of wrinkles and lines. You can rest assured that this precision toning device will help you acquire a smooth and beautiful face.

For some users, the gadget does not last long as the effectiveness did not last after several uses. The users were not happy about the lack of warranty promised in the advertisement. However, the toning device has the approval of the FDA for home use.


  • Perfect trainer
  • Carries attachments of eyes and lips
  • Handheld device
  • Comfortable in using
  • Enhance lip and eye areas
  • Reduces wrinkles and smoothens skin
  • Lift brows
  • FDA approved


  • No warranty
  • Not effective for long use

4. NuFACE Microcurrent Attachment for Trinity Facial Trainer Device

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The NuFace Trinity Facial Trainer device with a micro-current attachment is perfect to boost your skin. The skin will give you a wake-up feeling once you use it. The microcurrent attachment reduces the wrinkles.

The attachment has FDA approval of having infrared and red light therapy to lift and tone the specific parts of the face. The precision combination of the device helps reduce wrinkles and fines lines of the face.

The toning device lifts the facial skin on use of 2 to 3 days a week after the initial use of 60 days. The attachments do a perfect job of smoothening the skin. Some users claim it makes the skin dewy.

The gadget is Trinity Wrinkle Reducer verified so you get assurance of an effective wrinkle control. The NuFACE microcurrent has FDA approval.


  • Has microcurrent attachment
  • Red light and infra-red therapy
  • Lift and tone skin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Induces lively feeling
  • Smoothens skin of the face
  • FDA approved
  • Quite stable


  •  Expensive item 

5. NuFACE FIX | Line Smoothing Device

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The NuFace fix is an outstanding line-removing device. It is made to give micro-current treatment to facial muscles that stimulate collagen production. It further tightens the skin by ‘working out of the muscles of your face.

The benefits of the microcurrent are tremendous. As it works on the stimulation of the muscles, it individually lifts the cheeks, eyebrow area and neck. It works by stimulating the collagen and blood vessels.

The amazing mascara-sized device makes an instant change of your skin within 5 minutes of initial use. The muscles of the skin become smooth, firm, and tighten to give a fresh look. The microcurrent effect stimulates the facial muscles to produce a natural lift of the face.

The line smoother removes all lines onyour forehead giving a younger looking face. With the use of the NuFACE FIX every 2 to 3 days a week after the first one of 60 days, you will have a flawless complexion. To your surprise, you will have a wrinkle and line-free face.

You will enjoy the benefits after you find your skin a youthful and beautiful look. However, some users complained of the device having features to adjust used in the jawline, on the eyebrows area, under the eyes, and on the forehead.


  • Line removing device
  • The efficient microcurrent device
  • Stimulates skin to unveil the beauty
  • Tighten and smoothen skin


  • No settings of low/medium/high

6. NuFACE Anniversary Complete Facial Toning Kit

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The NuFace Anniversary Complete Facial Toning kit is a device that can render three treatments. It includes WR (wrinkle toner) and ELE (effective lip and throat) attachments that tones wrinkles and in the face, lip, and throat area effectively. 

The Trinity device is an excellent face skin toner that works with micro-current and red light treatment. There are both WR and ELE attachments to the device so you can contour reduce wrinkles and lift your eyes and lips.

The one device and three treatment facial toner is a complete kit having FDA approval.  The reduction of the wrinkles by the action of the microcurrent creates a brighter appearance of the face.

You can use the microcurrent 5 days a week for an initial first 60 days and then 2 to 3 days for maintenance for excellent contour, firm, and smooth skin. The wrinkle reducer is a perfect home device that works free of oil or alcohol. To some, the device made an enormous difference in the face’s look and cheeks.


  • Three in one device
  • Possess attachment for ELE and WR
  • Excellent toner
  • Contour and smoothen skin
  • Has FDA approval


  • Broken seal of the package

7. Serum NuFACE FIX Serum

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The NuFace Fix Serum is a serum for line smoothing on the face. You can use the serum with or without the NuFace Fix device. The size of the tube is 5 ounces enough to last a long time. The super charged formulae of the serum with its active ingredients are dependable in restoring radiance to the face and neck.

The advantage of the NuFace Fix serum is in awakening the eyes after it shows tiredness and reviving the sullen-looking skin. The formula of the NuFace serum comprises ionized ingredients that recharge the skin to become fresh and full of energy.

The peptide system creates an innovative look to the face, making it smooth and younger-looking. The application around the mouth, eyes, and forehead allows locking the moisture in the eyes relieving the tiredness as you are partying.

The power of the microcurrent serum creates an awakening of the facial skin revives the tired eyes to give a brightening glow to the face. It brightens the forehead and restores radiance to the entire face. You can attain equal restoration of face and line lifting with the use of the NuFace device.


  • Perfect serum for tired eyes
  • Usable singly or with a device
  • Comes in a 5-ounce size
  • Formula excellent for reviving skin
  • Skin looks smooth after use
  • Ionized ingredients recharge face
  • Clinically tested and approved


  • Expensive product

8. NuFACE Petite Facial Toning Device

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The NuFACE Petite Facial Toning Device is a mini training device. Therefore, a travel-size gadget you can in your collection. The device can contour, lift and tone the face and the neck region to produce a young-looking face.

The paraben-free formula rejuvenates the skin by the hydrating action. One of the best mini devices, you will find this very handy in beauty care of your face at home or while outdoor trips.

The NuFace microcurrent device hydrates the skin to make it firm and fresh. This skincare works instantly and continues to do a perfect job. At the end of the few uses, the skin becomes rejuvenated and young. The reduced wrinkles on the face will give you a feeling of awe as you enter an evening of fun and joy.

The suggested method of using this NuFACE Petite is 5 days a week for the initial 60 days. With regular use, you will find your skin smooth and fresh. To your assurance, FDA has approved the device for home use.


  • Mini toning device
  • Hydrates skin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Effective contouring device
  • Good for neck and forehead
  • Makes skin firm and fresh


  • The optimal result after a few times of use

9. NuFACE FIX | Line Smoothing Device

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The NuFace Fix is another micro-current line-smoothing gadget that works instantly. It is a limited edition of Wanderlust preferred by many women. The device comes with a fixing serum, a Prep-N-Glow, and an optimizing mist. The NuFace Fix treated face turns the face youthful with its dehydrating quality. 

NuFace fix tightens the fine lines in and around the mouth, the forehead, and the eyes. Amazingly, it takes only 3 minutes to make the different parts of the skin smooth. It also creates a fuller lip line. The suggested treatment is only 3 minutes in one area. You can treat up to 2 times a day to achieve the best result. 

Before application, all you need to do is to clean your skin with an oil-free cleanser and boost the skin by massaging with the ionized booster. After that, activate with the Fix and smoothen the serum on the applied area. 

A serum included with the pack enhances making your face wrinkle-free. The effect of serum is amazing. The application of the Prep-N-Glow and the mist further brings a shine to the face.

With all the additional beauty aids of the NuFace fix, you will have a glowing, beautiful look on your face. The product has a warranty for a year. To your satisfaction, the device will last longer than you expect.


  • Dehydrating micro-current skincare
  • Smoothens fine lines perfectly
  • Comes with serum, glow, and optimizing mist
  • Makes the skin firm and tight
  • Gives a younger look
  • Works in 3 minutes
  • Has the approval of the FDA
  • Has the approval of Aesthetician
  • Free shipping


  • The micro-current may affect the thyroid glands

10. NuFACE NuBODY Skin Toning Device

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The NuFace NuBODY Skin Toning device is a comfortable handheld device, to achieve tight skin. The microcurrent technology help tone the skin to a more toned look. The primer gel comprises hyaluronic acid the makes the skin smooth. It does an excellent job of toning and firming the skin. 

The toning device allows improvement of the contours of your face. Within5 to 10 minutes of use, you will find the wrinkles and fine lines vanish from your forehead.  The FDA cleared toner makes the skin under the neck smooth and firm.

The mechanism of the microcurrent allows the device to create visible tones and firmness. Therefore, there is no dimple appearance on the skin. The company recommends 5 minutes of use of the treated area at one time.

You can use 5 times a week in the initial 60 days, followed by 2 to 3 times a week. However, some complained of difficulty in handling. A quick use of the toner will create confidence in sudden partying.

The toning device has the approval of the FDA for a home system. Therefore, with an assured certificate, you will find it a reliable device for a beautiful look.


  • Perfect toning device
  • Effective gel primer for smoothening skin
  • Microcurrent technology
  • Tones are visible after use
  • Firm the skin
  • Handheld set
  • Removes dimples on the face
  • Has the approval of the FDA


  • Difficult to handle

How To Use The NuFace Device?

Have you ever used the NuFace device? If you are experiencing wrinkles in your face, neck, and shoulders, you may like to try use, one of them. It is a perfect gadget, which will make you have a young and glowing face.

a girl Using a NuFace Device

The NuFace device is hand held during operation. It has micro-current technology that works by stimulating the muscles of the face to give a lifted appearance. If you have wrinkles and lines, the microcurrent delivered make the skin contour, smoothening and making it firm.

To get the desired effect of tightening the skin, you have to use the device diligently. First, use the gadget by following the instructions for at least 5 minutes each day. You may find subtle changes, but do not give up. After temporary tightening of the skin, the muscles of the facelifts up after continuous use.

Some NuFace devices come with serum for application before using the gadget. This helps the device to work smoothly on the face, lip area, forehead, and neck. The primer gel usually contains hyaluronic acid enabling the face, to become soft and smooth. The slippery gel allows the balls of the device to drive smoothly over the face.  

The best and highly priced NuFace comes with attachments to allow you to lift different parts of the face. Your face has various contours on the cheeks, forehead, mouth area, and eye area. By changing to the right attachments, you can get perfect lifts for an appealing face.

You may wonder when is the best time to use NuFace? Dermatologists suggest the use once a day, either morning or evening. A treatment of 5 to 20 minutes should be enough for the initial 60 days. After that, you can maintain 2 to 3 times a week.

Does The NuFace Device Work?

If it is the first time that you are using a NuFace device, you need to know how the microcurrent in the gadget works. Medical officials in the spa therapy treatment currently use devices to contour, tone and firm the aging skin. When the skin of the face ages or matures, it gives a look of sagginess and rough texture. As a result, the skin

nuface trinity facial toning device
  • becomes tough
  • loss of elastin tissue causes the outer skin to hang
  • the outermost layer or epidermis becomes thin and transparent
  • the skin becomes fragile and susceptible to tumors
  • loss of fat below the skin makes the skin loose and gives a skeletal appearance
  • loss of cartilage around the nose shows a droopy look

Contouring the face becomes a necessity, to diminish the effect of sagging down the face. The NuFace is a perfect device to contour and lift an aging face. However, many people are not aware of the mechanism of how this device operates.

Many people ask how the NuFace microcurrent device works. Firstly, you need to know and identify the areas where lifting is needed. Users opine you will see a visible difference with constant use. Your face will have lesser wrinkles and show a smooth appearance.

You will have noticeable change and a feel of tightness instead of a sagging face. The NuFace gives supplemental treatment. As the muscles of the face are close to the skin, the NuFace energizes the muscles giving an improved look.

Although it may be subtle for some, for others it is a great feeling to see some improvement. Besides the NuFace device, the kit also has NuFace FIX or serum with it that has effective active ingredients to lighten, smoothen and brighten the skin. The ingredients consist of the following:

  • Pure Energy blend—A mixture consisting of an extract of snow mushroom, magnesium mineral-enriched gemstone and hyaluronic acid. These recharge the skin with the help of microcurrent energy to lock the moisture.
  • Ionized formula—This FIX with its supercharging quality interacts with the natural charge of the skin to restore firmness.
  • The smart peptide system-This formula improves the efficiency of the device to eliminate the lines and give a smooth expression.

With consistent use and a positive attitude, your NuFace will give you satisfaction throughout the day.

How To Clean The NuFace Device?

The NuFace device is becoming popular because of the way it lifts your face. It takes care of your sagging face, the wrinkles on the forehead, and smoothening your skin. The device that works wonders in minutes also needs cleaning and maintenance. Clean the device, in just three steps.

Cleaning The NuFace Device
  1. Use a damp washcloth to clean. If some residues of facial muscle remain, add a little rubbing alcohol to clean off the dirt. Clean the noses, the body, and the handle.
  2. The microcurrent and the gel may lead to the accumulation of facial muscles on the device. Make sure the gel serum is not present to enter through the seam into the electrical area.
  3. While using a damp cloth to wipe the exterior, water should not enter the inner components of the device. Wipe off the moist area, let it dry and leave for one hour before using again.

You must wipe the device with a clean cloth after every use.

How Long Do A NuFace Results Last?

Although the benefits of using the Nuface are exciting, the changes in the facelift are not permanent. To look young and glowing in two consecutive evenings. The microcurrent lifts the muscles and removes the wrinkles enough to last 2 to3 days. However, with continuous use of 2 to 3 days a week, you can keep up the good look. 

With continuity in maintenance, you can assure yourself be to have a perfect contour along the cheeks and jawline, an improved, soft, smoother, and firmer skin, and visibly reduced lines and wrinkles on the forehead. 

Final Verdict

Now that you know about the best NuFace device, and how to use it, you can attend an evening out with absolute confidence. Going through this review of the best NuFace devices will help you choose the one comfortable for you to use. Some are very simple, where the gadget itself can work out well for your entire face.

Devices are available with attachments to switch to if you have variable saggy, wrinkles, eyes, and mouth areas that need contouring. Some require serum, making it easy to run the device around the face and neck.

We have also elaborated on the method of using your NuFace. You also need to keep your device clean and long-lasting by following cleaning and drying. Good luck with your face-lifting spree!

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