Best One Step Hair Dryer Reviews

We’ve all spent way too long styling our hair without much luck, especially after a wash. It’s hard to achieve a salon-treated look at home, and it’s almost impossible with wet hair. That’s unless you have a one-step hairdryer.

The best one step hair dryer makes your life much easier. You can use it to style your hair as you dry it. The brush will increase volume, manage frizziness, and untangle your curls. And the heat helps you shape your hair just the way you like it.

And you have found us at the perfect time, because we have been loving how these products below are making our hair look. If you gave it a try, we are sure you will love it too.

#List Of The Top 5 Best One Step Hair Dryer – Our Editor’s Pick:

Top 10 Best One Step Hair Dryer Reviews

Picking out a great hairdryer can be as time-consuming as it is fun. But there are just so many options on the market! Since you want the nicest one-step hairdryer out there, we’ve rounded up our top ten picks.

1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

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Every item on this list will dry your hair, and you can use each as a brush. But which one can get you the perfect volume? Don’t worry; the best rated one step hair dryer is at your service. Revlon has hundreds of thousands of positive user reviews, and we love it too!

This brush has an oval barrel designed to smoothen out your hair in a unique way. While it does that, its shape helps make the ends of your hair wavy. It’s subtle, but that’s the charm of it.

The rounded edges that brush your scalp lift your hair from the roots to give you great volume. And its unique airflow vents flow the hot air at indirect angles to minimize heat damage. Of course, you could use any of the three heat settings as you please.

And you can forget about frizz. Even if your hair is wet, it’s being dried and smoothened by the customer-favorite dryer. These users all love it for a good reason. It’s comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver, which is easy on your wrists.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oval barrel for wavy hair.
  • Round tips for nice volume.
  • Three heat settings.
  • Ergonomic design that’s easy to hold.

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2. Hot Tools Professional Black Gold One Step Dryer and Volumizer

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A professional blowout gives you the confidence you need. It’s fabulous but going to the salon every other day is a chore. But if you have the best one step hair dryer and styler, life gets much easier. This product is your best bet to look fly on-the-go.

Experts have researched and come up with this design to give you an amazing blowout. It dries your hair as you brush it, with heated air flowing through each lock. Each bristle has an intentionally varied length that reaches your scalp and keeps your hair smooth.

Even professionals can use this dryer, and they wouldn’t find a problem with it. The power cord is eight feet long, great for reaching around the salon floor. And with results that don’t disappoint, the clients will be happy with each application.

This design has a unique charcoal build that’s perfect for wet hair. Its air vents will maneuver the heated air smartly, so it doesn’t directly hit your roots. The vent-management controls heat damage.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Charcoal design for great glide.
  • Expertly designed bristles make for a great blowout at home.
  • The power cord is 8 feet long.
  • Soft-touch surface paired with a lightweight body.

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3. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Styler

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We’re back to Revlon because this brand is just one of the best. This one is quick to dry and keep your hair frizz-free while it’s at it. The brush is great for styling as well. Millions of users love this dryer, and you will love it too.

The first feature that caught our eye when testing this one-step volumizer hair dryer is that it has a fast-drying action. Nobody likes to have wet hair for too long, and you can leave that worry behind now.

These bristles detangle your hair pretty smoothly, and it leaves you with no frizz in the end. Of course, you might consider the high heat in such a short time, which might damage your hair. But at this price, it’s a bang-for-the-buck.

With the flexible and wide paddle on this thing, it’s pretty comfortable to use too. Think about all the brushes you’ve used that leave your scalp sore. Comfort is a key priority with this brand, and you love holding it as much as you’ll like the results.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wide and soft paddle for the comfort of use.
  • Dries hair in half the time as others.
  • Great at preventing frizz.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design.

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4. Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

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If you just can’t get your hair to shine the right way, this might be the 2 in 1 one-step hair dryer & volumizer for you. Even on a bad hair day, wash your hair and dry it with this heated brush to get a radiant look.

This item takes your dull hair and makes it glossy, giving it a smooth and silky appearance. It also makes sure the hair is not sitting flat against your head. You get great freedom in choosing the style you want.

The barrel is oval, which is a great place to start for styling at home. Twist the brush as you move along for a wavy finish. Remember to place it about two inches from your scalp to prevent any damage from the hot air.

And of course, you can adjust the heat settings depending on what you want. Go too hot, and you get a full-on blowout. The blowout looks fantastic. But if you want a more subtle look, stick to a lower heat setting.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oval barrel for styling with confidence.
  • Gives you a glossy finish.
  • Several heat settings.
  • Has a 6 feet swivel cord that doesn’t tangle.

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5. Hot Tools Pro Signature Detachable One Step Volumizer and Hair Dryer

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Since getting your hair done professionally isn’t an option for most people, the best one step hair dryer and volumizer brings it to your home. With its detachable barrel, high-end bristle technology, and variable heat dial, this thing does it all.

You can take off the barrel anytime you want, which lets you clean it easily. All it takes is a twist. And the charcoal material makes for smooth operation with each brush. Additionally, the bristles help to smoothen your hair too.

Hot Tools has used its own bristle design technology to make sure they glide through your hair. Each one is a different size with varying shapes for the perfect brush every time. So, you get smooth hair with zero frizz and the least damage.

This product takes another step into giving you the most functionality with its heat-setting dial. Unlike the usual click-button, this one rotates smoothly around the bottom end of the handle. You can fine-tune it to get the perfect temperature.

Highlighted Features:

  • A ceramic barrel that makes brush-action smooth.
  • The barrel is detachable for cleaning.
  • Unique bristle technology for a smooth finish.
  • Adjustable dial for controlling the hot air temperature.

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6. Hair Sensation Pro One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer for All Hair Types

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One common complaint that users often have with these tools is that their hair gets damaged from the heat. This one step hair dryer and volumizer smartly avoids making your hair frail. It prevents heat damage, so you can confidently go about your haircare routine.

The machine vaporizes the water molecules from your hair using the integrated ION generator. It’s different than its competitors, which only apply hot air to your head. And you’ll see the results faster too, which means you spend less time drying and more time styling.

You also get instant volumization with the tufted bristles and nylon pins. A European line of engineering inspires these unique design choices. And the ceramic coating on the barrel underneath will smoothen your hair carefully.

The heating system on this unit is very precise, and it’s powerful as well. It uses 1100 watts of power, channeling it into one of three heat settings you can use. Unlike others, you can hold this thing closer to your scalp and still not damage your roots.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ion Generator that vaporizes water molecules.
  • European-design bristles with nylon pin.
  • The ceramic coating on the barrel makes for better smoothening.
  • Very good at avoiding heat damage.

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7. Hot Tools Professional Black Gold Detachable One-Step Volumizer and Hair Dryer

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In the same lineup as the other Hot Tools pro salon one step hair dryer we’ve seen before, this one will give you a professional look. The main difference is that the barrel is 2.4”, which is smaller than the previous one.

You can detach the head off this modular design to easily store it in a bag. It’s perfect for carrying around. And if you need to clean it, simply wipe it down with a napkin or rag.

The bristles have infused activated charcoal, which proactively absorbs odors and residues from your hair. They lift your hair from the roots and give them a blowout in one stroke. And the Ion technology smooths over any frizz, leaving you with the straightest hair.

Of course, the design is a big feature of this model. The matte black body with gold accents looks stunning in hand. And it’s much smaller than most other dryers. An added pro is the oval barrel that creates beautiful waves.

Highlighted Features:

  • The oval barrel suits all kinds of stylings.
  • This 2.4-inch barrel variant is smaller than others in the lineup.
  • Activated charcoal on the bristles for clean hair.
  • The detachable head makes it even more compact.

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8. Kenlor One Styling Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

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If your wrists get tired of constantly twisting your brush, you’ll want something that automatically rotates on its own. This item by Kenlor is the best one step dryer and styler for fine hair that swivels at the press of a button.

You can use this product with any hair type, but it’s perfectly suited for thin hair. It can give you a wide range of styling options, whether you like curls, waves, or a simple blowout. And each style takes only a little bit of time.

In just half an hour, your hair should be completely dry with a fantastic look. If you have split ends or frizz, it’ll be gone in a snap. And unlike some others, this dryer eliminates static from your hair, making sure there’s no frizz later on.

Just a reminder: it’s a big brush; well, it’s bigger than the others. That means you should use it on shoulder-length or longer hair. If your hair is shorter, we recommend choosing a smaller option. There might be some smoke on the initial use; it’s a normal thing, so don’t be alarmed.

Highlighted Features:

  • The swiveling barrel helps in styling.
  • Relatively bigger and is good for long hair.
  • Well-suited for all kinds of hair.
  • Eliminates frizz and static.

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9. Aima Beauty Professional One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

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Not all the options you’ve seen on this list pay attention to how comfortable it is to hold. Well, this particular unit has an ergonomic design that’s lightweight and goes easy on the wrist. If you’re going to be brushing for a while, you’d better make sure it doesn’t hurt.

The oval 4.2” barrel has a great shape for all kinds of styles. It’s for longer hair, which you can brush and curl at the ends with a slight twist. The tufted needles and nylon pin are pretty flexible too.

Your hair lifts from the scalp with these bendable bristles. This lifting action gives you nice volume. There are two-speed settings and three heat settings so that you can dial in your perfect styling methods.

People with fine hair can use the lower heat setting, which prevents damage from the hot air. Even if your hair type is different, you’ll have enough headroom to get the style you want without compromising your hair’s health.

Highlighted Features:

  • The barrel rotates at two speeds.
  • There are three heat settings.
  • A 4.2-inch oval barrel that’s great for styling.
  • Each bristle is flexible.

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10. LetsFunny Hair Dryer and Volumizer

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While all of the other dryers do a great job of drying and brushing your hair, you might want one that curls fantastically too. In that case, this item will impress you. Its design is perfect for making beautiful curls while doing its job.

It has a blow-dry action in all directions from the barrel, so no wet hair is left out. The swivel cord helps to keep it tangle-free, and it keeps your hair untangled as well. In case you have frizzy hair, it’ll straighten that out too.

The ionic technology makes the water evaporate from your head. And it also nourishes your hair into looking shiny and full-bodied. Even if you have damaged hair, there’s little chance it’ll break.

With the flexible bristles, it smoothly glides through wet hair. While doing so, it can work at one of three heat settings. For thicker hair, you should use a higher heat than you would for relatively thinner hair. The dryer uses a 1000-watt power supply to run.

Highlighted Features:

  • The barrel rotates, but the swivel cord prevents tangles.
  • 360-degree heated airflow.
  • Flexible bristles that glide smoothly.
  • Ionic technology that vaporizes water.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing One Step Hair Dryer

Each person has a unique head of hair. And to keep it looking fresh and healthy, you’ll need the best one step hair dryer. Choosing one from the market will depend on your hair and the product’s features. So, let’s look at what you’ll need to consider.

  • Your Hair Type

It’s hard to generalize a product like this, especially because each user’s needs will differ. For a different hair type, a different kind of drying will suit better.

  • Thick Hair:

People with thicker hair should use a higher heat setting because hair like this usually retains more moisture. And even at higher temperatures, it isn’t prone to easy damage.

  • Thin Hair:

Since the hair absorbs less moisture, you’ll want to use a lower heat setting. If the dryer makes the air too hot, it can make the hair too dry. Then you’ll have to worry about damaged hair and how to take care of it.

  • Curly and Frizzy Hair:

Even if your curls are thick, too much heat can ruin their integrity. Use low heat to keep them lively and curly. The same applies to frizzy hair. But to maintain frizz, try using a ceramic barrel and ionic technology.

  • Damaged Hair:

If your hair is already frail, you’ll want to keep it nourished and well hydrated. Too much heat can cause them to break more easily, and the damage might become irredeemable. So, proceed with caution and don’t let the dryer get too hot.

Heat Settings for One Step Hair Dryer

As we’ve discussed above, different hair types will require different amounts of heat. Too much can make it dry, and too little can leave it soggy. As a rule of thumb, use a higher heat setting for thicker hair and the opposite for thinner hair.

Many available one-step dryers have adjustable settings to control the heat. Most of them have buttons, but some even have a rotating dial. Look through one step hair dryer reviews to check if the power supply is compatible with where you are in the world.

Why do You Need One Step Hair Dryer?

The question can be confusing, but the answer is simple. A one step dryer is a brush that simultaneously styles and dries your hair. It essentially combines two functions into one tool, but many products go further and add higher functionality.

Why do You Need One Step Hair Dryer

A great reason for using this thing is that it saves time. It’s that simple. Usually, you’d need to dry your hair after a wash before you can style it. The whole process takes more than an hour. But with a device like this, you can cut that into half.

And of course, this product just gives you more than you’d expect at this price point. No wonder so many users love it.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer vs. Dyson

Suppose we had to answer in one line the difference between the Revlon dryer and volumizer and the Dyson Airwrap. In that case, we’d say this: the first one is great for drying and the second one is perfect for styling.

Revlon’s product came on the market before Dyson’s one. It’s arguably the most popular too. While it does increase the volume of your hair, its main strength is in drying. You could use their other item that’s great at styling, but that has its lackings too.

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer vs. Dyson

The Airwrap by Dyson has three available package variants. While the base model doesn’t include all the accessories, the top-of-the-line package goes all out with anything you would need. All this goes to show that their main conviction is to give you the best style.

If we had to choose, it would be a close call. However, we recommend the Dyson dryer and styler. It’s not any worse than the other contender at drying. Still, it far exceeds the others in its ability to give you any look you want.

How to Use One Step Hair Dryer

We have a few tips for those who haven’t used a one step hair dryer before. Even if you have, let’s just refresh you on how it works. As the name says, it dries your hair and brushes in one step. So, you’ll need to tune in to the best settings for the perfect results.

First of all, most of these devices will have several heat settings. Choose a higher or lower setting, depending on your hair type. Now that you have the hot air blowing, it’s time to brush.

How to Use One Step Hair Dryer

How you brush completely depends on the style you want. If you want straight hair, go for a long stroke with a slight twist at the end. And if you want curls, you might want to rotate the handle as you go along. A swiveling barrel comes in handy for curls.

Remember to turn the power connection off after use. And try not to use a higher voltage than the dryer supports, or the coil might burn out.

How to Clean Revlon One Step Hair Dryer

No matter how careful you are, your brush will get a little dirty over time. Its bristles collect residue and hair, and that can make your freshly washed hair dirty. So, here’s how you clean it:

  1. Detach the barrel from the handle.
  2. Take a pair of scissors and remove the tangled hair stuck on the bristles.
  3. Mix some shampoo with warm water and use it with a toothbrush to clean the barrel.
  4. Wipe off the wet grime from the body with a soft napkin or cloth.
  5. Clean the handle with the shampoo mixture too.
  6. Dry the whole thing with a fresh cloth before attaching the barrel back on.

How to Clean Revlon One Step Hair Dryer

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Final Verdict

Since drying your hair and then styling it takes so much time, the best one step hair dryer can be pretty handy. It saves time and is a wonder to use. We’ve handpicked our favorites from the market for the curious buyer.

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