Top 10 Best Titanium Curling Iron Reviews [Hairstylists Recommendation]

Dress or hair, which is more important to change your getup? Of course, hair. Hairstyling can change your overall outlook and create extra elegance that increases your beauty. Yes, styling hair every day is tough and costly. It becomes easy and cheap if you own a curling iron.

Curling irons are affordable and full of features. Titanium curling is the best choice as it is cheaper comparatively and works professionally. The best titanium curling iron lasts longer than you think. That is why we have made a list of top titanium curling iron and an efficient buyer’s guide that enables you to choose the right curler for your hair.

Let’s explore this article and know all the necessary details about titanium curling irons.

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Things To Check Before Purchasing Titanium Curling Iron

Buying a product is critical when there are huge choices available in the market. You need professional help and guide. For the titanium curling iron, you also need to consider some special points. Let’s know what features are necessary to include in your curling iron.

  • Heating Technology

Heating technology and barrel construction is the most important consideration while going to choose a curling iron. There are different types of technology to make the curler safe and efficient. These technologies include ceramic coating, tourmaline body, gold construction, and titanium plates.

Best Titanium Curling Iron

Titanium is the most efficient in providing high heat for a longer period. As it can heat at the highest temperature, these curlers are the best for the thick hair type.

These curlers supply heat through infrared technology that let then creates higher heat. so, for the thin hair, you should control the temperature and keep it low. Most of the titanium curlers have options to control the temperature.

  • Barrel Size

The size of the barrel is also important. For thick hair, high barrel size is the better choice. The low barrel size like 1 inch, works well for the thin hair type.

Again, for the shorter hair, barrel size should be low and the wider barrel is good for the long hair. so, you should select the curler depending on your hair type.

  • Safety

As the curling iron works with high heat, safety is another important fact. Several terms are included to increase safety. Most of the titanium curling iron has these features including a long cool tip, safe handle, longer swivel cord, auto-off feature, and easy temperature control. Titanium curlers can produce super high temperatures. So, you should be careful enough while using these curlers.

  • Heat Settings

When there are several heat-setting options, this means that this curler is suitable for all types of hair. Most of the branded curling iron provides more options to set the heat at different temperatures. So, check it before choosing your curler.

heat settings of Best titanium curling iron

Top 10 Best Titanium Curling Iron Reviews

As it is hard to find the correct curling iron for your hair, here is a list of top titanium curling iron reviews. From the list of ten curlers, you can select one for yourself without any worry. Almost all of them are suitable for all types of hair.

1. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Curling Iron

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Babyliss Pro is a renowned brand to produces effective tools. They offer nano titanium curling iron to ensure the best result. This curler iron is best to create loose waves and texture curler in hair. So, if you want to be bold, this curler serves you the best.

With the titanium barrel, this curling iron uses far-infrared heat to curl the hair. This process keeps the hair safe from the heat even if you need to produce high heat. This curler is capable to create professional curls differently. You can make a unique look and get an elegant setup.

Babyliss Pro offers this curler in a different size to create different curling styles. You have to choose a curling type and then buy one that matches your hair length and hair type.

There are Babyliss pro curlers in ¾ inches barrel, ¼ inches barrel, 1 ¼ inches barrel, 1 ½ inches barrel, small tapered barrel, and large tapered barrel. Each one has a unique curling style to make you stunning.

When you have this machine, you can make interesting curling fashion every day. You can be sure of the safety of your hair. even if you heat your hair every day, it will not damage a little. This titanium curling technology locks the moisture and keeps your hair healthy.

In terms of durability and strength, this curler can stay longer than you think. The titanium body provides heat evenly and makes soft and perfect curls. So, be bold using this iron.


  • Prevent heat damage to hair
  • Perfect choice for creating a loose wave
  • Durable nano titanium barrel
  • Metal stand to store it safely


  • Not so suitable for thin hair type

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2. Infiniti Pro Titanium Curling Iron

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When you can make a nice curling hairstyle in your home and it comes with extra shine, it is great. Isn’t it? this single barrel titanium curler can produce high heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and let you make hard and tight curls when you want to be bold.

For the high heat setting, all the hairstyles are long-lasting at least for 24 hours. This titanium curler has a barrel with a rainbow color that is attractive. You will feel amazed while styling your hair with this curler.

The curler supplies heat evenly and ensures to prevent the formation of hot spots. Thus, it makes sure that your hair is safe from damage. As the curler makes the hair frizz-free, it also adds up the additional shine.

You can make a bold but gorgeous look for your party. This curler is a time-saver too. it takes only 30 seconds to heat a section of hair. You will get 20 heat settings options.

In terms of safety, this curler provides all the possible support. It comes with a thermal glove set for your hand safety. The swivel cord is 5 feet long so that you can use it from a safe distance and your movement cannot cause an accident. The auto shut-off option also keeps you safe.

This curler is perfectly suitable for all types of hair from short to large and from thin to thick. You will be able to create a different forms of curls in your hair including tight curls, loose curls, waves, or tousled.

So, you can select this curling iron to make a unique look every day. With high-level durability, this curler will serve you a long period.


  • Affordable price range
  • Ceramic technology provides extra shine to hair
  • Premium safety from high heats
  • 20 heat settings to make various hairstyles


  • A high-temperature setting can be risky for thin hair 

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3. Conair Cordless Titanium Curling Iron

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With innovative technology, Conair brings their titanium curling iron. This iron can work cordless. This technology increases portability and application purposes. You have to charge this iron and then use it with maximum comfort. You do not have to find a seat near the power connection. This iron can smoothly work without a direct power connection for about 25 minutes. 

By reaching 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can make strong curls that last a long time. It takes only 60 seconds to curl a section of hair. So, you can save valuable time and continue your work without any interruption.

Depending on your desired hairstyle type, you can set your hair at different heat settings. Only the press of a button can give you the temperature control in your hand. There are temperature options to indicate the setting which lets you monitor this curler easily. 

For high portability, you can keep this curler in your handbag and go to your destination where you can use this device when you want. The sleek design and nice color of this curler will stay with your in style and help you in styling. It comes with a USB charger and lithium-ion batteries. So, you do not have to collect or purchase necessary accessories separately. 

This curler allows you to set yours here in 4 different heat settings. So, you can tight curl your hair to be elegant or make a beachy wavy style to attend your romantic date. Change your look every day with the help of this curler. 


  • Cordless option with the battery service
  • Durable construction and body
  • Faster curling procedure
  • Auto-off feature and 4 heat settings including


  • Battery life is low

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4. Conair InifinitiPro Rose Gold Curling Iron

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Conair InfinitiPro comes up with an advanced curling iron option to ensure your hair’s safety. This curler confirms that your hair does not get badly affected by the high heat instead it will make you smoother and frizz-free.

The curler is designed with such technology that eliminates the formation of the hot spots and provides security. Curling with silky hair is possible with the help of this curler machine.

This curler is another best titanium flat iron for curling hair. It not only curls your hair but also makes a polished finish. By reaching 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can make long-lasting hard and tight curls.

As it can reach high heat and provide 30 heat settings options, this curler is all set for all hair types. Whoever has thin hair or thick hair, can make a smooth and shiny curling style with the help of this machine.

If you have hard-to-set thicker hair, do not worry anymore. This curler will let you set your hair in a beautiful style. You can join each of the parties with a different hair styling. So, it is easy to be bold and elegant.

Having a curler, you may think of time. This curler takes only 30 seconds to curl a section of hair. you can complete the curling procedure within less than 20 to 25 minutes.

So, getting ready with a professional get-up is not so hard and costly. You can set yourself without any professional hands. The rose gold one-inch barrel is enough to provide an even heat transfer to your hair and make a long-lasting performance.


  • For safety, automatic shut off and cool tip included
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Make frizz-free and shiny hair curls
  • Ceramic technology followed


  • Create a burning smell in hair

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5. L’ange Hair Titanium Curling Wand

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Curl your hair with this top-rated titanium curling iron. The tourmaline-infused ceramic barrel ensures your hair safety and locks the moisture over your hair to keep it soft and healthy. Even after using high heat every day, you do not have any harm to your hair.

As ceramic technology helps to keep your hair healthy, infrared heat technology provides heat evenly all over the hair. So, curling will be formed in a smooth style.

The barrel of the curler is corrosion and stain-resistant. This resistance makes it durable and keeps your hair safer. Handling this curler is also easy. Its handle is soft to touch and you can use it for a long time.

The lightweight of this curler makes it portable and easy to work holding it in your hand. The swivel cord can move 360 degrees and it gives you the most convenience by allowing comfortable movement.

This curling iron can set your hair at an optimal temperature to make the perfect curl. You will get the desired hair settings with a proper curling finish. Hair will be shiny and smooth after curling it.

The infrared technology provides negative ions that reduce frizz and makes it lustrous. When you are worried about messy hair, you can be sure of having a frizz-free hairstyle and get a bold look.

Not all the curling iron can make frizz-free beachy wave style. In fact, it is hard you achieve but this L’ange hair curler can make a perfect wavy style and you will be satisfied.


  • Ceramic tourmaline technology involved
  • Infrared heating technology included
  • Set hair at optimal curling temperature
  • Negatives ion supply keeps the hair smooth and shiny


  • High heat can harm your hand and so, extra caution is a must

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6. Hot Tools Titanium Curling Iron

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Uneven heating by a curler or straightener can damage hair. Moreover, it can make messy curled hair. That is why it is very much important that your curer should provide a uniform heating supply. Hot Tools comes with an innovative curling iron that ensures an even and uniform heat supply. All three technologies are included in this iron.

The ceramic technology can lock the moisture on your hair and keep it healthy even after heating it every day. The tourmaline technology produces negative ions to ensure an even heating supply keeping the hair safe from heat damage. the titanium infrared heating technology allows you to make a frizz-free and shiny finish on your curled hair. So, this is called the best curling iron that won’t damage hair.

In today’s busy life, it is hard to maintain a bold and beautiful look for a longer period. As your hair holds the maximum points of your look, it can keep you elegant and stunning always if it is set right. Hot Tools curling iron can make a unique hairstyle perfectly that lasts longer. You do not have to worry all day after setting it for once a day.

The patented pulse technology lets you set it faster too. It ensures that the curler is providing a consistent heat supply uniformly and takes less time to curl a hair section. The rheostat control of the curler lets you have the temperature control that you can use correctly at correct heat settings and it also reduces the risk for excess heat.

Producing up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit, you can create a hairstyle that is either soft and wavy or tight curl. Bot the style will be set right. You do not have to be an expert to use this curler. It is easy to handle and operate.

The soft-touch handle and the lightweight let you hold it for a longer period and allow you to work with it without any hand pain. So, grab this curler as soon as you can and make it your daily hair-do partner.


  • Patented Pulse technology
  • Rheostat control on temperature
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Advanced titanium technology


  • Not so good for the thin hair

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7. Prism Rotating Nano Titanium Curling Iron

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Nowadays we need to set ourselves fit to look perfect in the corporate world. There is no replacement of a curling iron in making this look every day. So, we need to have perfect support from this hair tool.

Prism brings a nano titanium curling iron that serves you the best. As we need a curler for our daily life, we do not want to buy this device frequently. This prism curler can last a longer period. The anti-scald feature and other supportive features including the corrosion-free nature keep it durable for a long period.

This curler is correct for rough and tough daily use. The rotating barrel feature is included to make it more user-friendly. It can make a nice beachy wave in your hair and it also can make a tight curl to make you bold. The anti-rotating feature can produce looping curls that create a unique hairstyle. It is easy to handle this rotating feature with three pushbuttons.

This curer gives you a premium temperature control. You can see the temperature on the LCD and it allows you to set 11 adjustable temperatures. starting from 250 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, you can curl all types of hair from thin to thicker hair. with the high heat setting, you can make a nice curl in hard-to-set hair.

The advanced technologies produce negative ions that supply heat evenly and constantly to make a balance of heat production. It keeps your hair uniform and shiny even after the tight curls. The bouncy and soft-touch hair will create an elegant look for you.

The heat-resistant material on the handle and the auto shut-off option ensures the best safety and flexible operation. It has a dual voltage function that ensures that there is no short circuit for high heat production. So, superior quality service and premium safety are sure.

This curler allows you to move freely hie working with it. the swivel cord can move and rotate 360 degrees and it is longer which lets you work from a safe distance. The lightweight feature lets you use this curler for a longer period and even you can use it as an expert beautician. Your hand will not pain even after holding it for a very long time. So, this super curler is worth having you.


  • Advanced technologies included
  • Corrosion-free and anti-scalding feature
  • Negative ion production
  • Faster and easy to adjust


  • Need to reach high heat for soft curls sometimes

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8. Hot Tools Professional Curling Wand

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If you want to have nice looking curler in your handbag that includes all the supportive features then you can choose this Hot Tools curling iron. This is the best titanium curling iron for thick hair. Its barrel is 1 ¼ inch and this is perfect for thick and hard-to-set hair.

Though it is a handy tool, it is longer than you think. This long size in a handy design is possible and gives you extra benefit in handling the curler. Yes, you can keep it using the foldaway safety stand when you want to store it and you also carry it in your bag.

This folding stand will keep the barrel safe from corrosion and make it durable for a long. The thumb grip is extra-long that allowing you to handle it with maximum flexibility. The cool tip is also longer that lets you keep your hand safe and you’ll get a nice balance in holding the barrel while curling your hair.

It is safe for the folding stand feature and it also has a corrosion-free construction product. So, your hair is safe and it is durable for a long time. with the rheostat temperature control, you can make a perfect heat supply and make a perfect tousled hairstyle.

Every curling style forms faster and stays the same length. This curler works with the patented pulse technology to ensure that heat is served fast and evenly. A continuous heat supply makes the curling procedure uniform and nice.

Though it is the best for thicker hair, it is suited for all hair types. There are several heat settings options to suit all the hair types from thin to thick hair. you can easily get control over the temperature and make the desired curling style.


  • Patented pulse technology for heat production
  • Rheostat temperature control included
  • Longer cool tip and thumb control
  • Titanium barrel feature


  • The long cord is heavy and hard to control

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9. Ion Titanium Curling Iron

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If you want to have the maximum curl retention power, then you can select this sleek and stylish Ion titanium curling iron. It allows you to make a beachy wave with a great chine in your hair. Keeping the hair shiny and smooth, heating is possible with this curling iron. If you have thin hair and you like to increase the volume, then you can try this curler. It is easy to use and creates voluminous wavy curls.

To make it user-friendly, the swivel cord is 9 feet long which lets you move freely and stay in a safe place away from the power supply. It has an insulated tip that gives you a balance in handling while curling your hair. it keeps your hand safe from the heat. The thumb rest provides an optimal grip to get a nice handling option.

This curler offers the premium feature to ensure your safety. The instant and constant heat supply technology make sure that you get a uniform heat supply with a faster job. It takes very little time to heat the curler and let you begin your job as soon as you start it.

The infrared heating procedure takes less time to supply the heat evenly. The continuous flow prevents the formation of hot spots and thus, reduces the chance of heating accidents. Your hair and hand both are safe from high heat though it can create 450 degrees Fahrenheit temperature heating.

The titanium barrel ensures that you get smooth and shiny hair even after curling it. A softly curled hairstyle increases the beauty with a natural touch. The ceramic coating keeps the hair moisture full and lets you make different hairstyles without having any worry in mind. So, getting this long-lasting curling iron to become a blessing to styling your hair and be stunning always.


  • Ceramic coat technology
  • Longer swivel cord
  • Fast heating technology by the infrared heat production
  • Easy to handle and store


  • Higher heat is risky and needs extra cautions

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10. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Curling Iron

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With a blue titanium barrel, Babyliss pro curler works with style. The blue barrel can produce high heat faster and makes you fast. This barrel is responsible to create a uniform and even heat supply. It produces infrared heat and provides the heat evenly.

Each hair shaft gets perfect heating and makes a long-lasting curled hair portion. As the normal curler takes more time to produce heat at least for the first time, this infrared technology heats instant. So, you can be ready to heat your hair whenever you like.

After creating the curls, you will be astonished to see the shine and cool finish. This shiny hair will last longer and keep you in style all day. When the heat is distributed evenly all over the hair shaft, the curls become even and fine. Not only for the thin hair and the wavy hairstyle, but this curler can also produce high heat for the hard-to-set thicker hair. It brings uniformity even on the messy hair shaft.

As the outlook much depends on the hairstyle, you should get this curling wand to bring some magic. It will make unique hairstyles with 5 heat settings. as it provides more heat settings, it is suitable for all types of hair. you can produce up to 430 degrees Fahrenheit temperature to work on thicker hair.


  • Titanium infrared heat production
  • Blue colored barrel to produce the maximum efficiency
  • Long-lasting curls creation
  • Radiant shine formation


  • The handle is hard to touch

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Is Titanium Curling Iron Good For Your Hair?

Different types of technology are involved to make you curled without damaging it. titanium made barrel is one of them and it is a great choice to keep your hair safe from the heat.

Titanium barrel provides heat fast and saves your time. while doing it, it does not affect hair adversely. Instead, for the even heat supply, this curling iron supports to retain moisture in the hair.

Excess heat can make the hair dry and brittle. That is why safety from heat is a must feature which is sure found from this titanium curling iron.

Which Curling Iron Is Least Damaging?

Curling irons use heat and so, it is possible to damage or fry your hair. so, you should look for such technology in your curler that reduces hair damage. there are different technologies involved to lessen the hair damage risk and these technologies are tourmaline and ceramic coating, titanium technology, or gold.

girl curling hair with best titanium curling iron

Ceramic coating provides temperature in a consistent way that reduces the formation of hot spots and cannot heat any portion of hair excessively. Thus, it reduces heat damage.

Tourmaline provides negative ions that lock the moisture in hair and keep it healthy. This technology resists hair to be fried and getting frizzed. With the frizz-free option, your hair stays in a safe zone.

Titanium is efficient to heat your hair fast by retaining moisture. That is why it is the better option. As it heats up quickly, you do not have to iron your hair for long and the chance to heat damage the hair particles reduce.

There is a combination of all three technologies that provide the best safety for hair.

There is another type of curling iron which is gold. It is also good for hair as it retains moisture and keeps it nourished. It enhances the hair follicles to form and keeps the hair safe.

What Is Better Ceramic or Titanium Curling Iron?

Both ceramic and titanium technology of the curler is an innovative advancement to ensure hair safety. There are some differences between them which decide hat is the better one.

A titanium curling iron is faster to create a high temperature and hold it for long. On the other hand, ceramic curler is responsible to provide a smoother surface to glide your hair with optimal temperature setting.

best curling iron ceramic or titanium

Actually, ceramic technology is suitable for thin hair whereas the titanium curler is better for thicker hair.

A ceramic curling iron is good for the beginner. It is supportive to use the curler for the first time. Ceramic curler provides negative ions all over the hair shaft and it ensures an even heat supply.

The ceramic coating makes a smooth surface to distribute the heat. this smooth surface makes a smooth and shiny curling effect on your hair. So, this ceramic technology and ceramic coated iron are known as a solution to damaged or unmanageable hair.

A titanium curling iron is known as a professional hair tool. It is mostly used in the beauty salon as it is durable more and can work longer than others. These curlers can produce heat quickly and no warming time is necessary for the starting time. It does work like the ceramic iron for thin hair. As it is better for the thick hair, it can stay the same hot all day long. But it can damage the thin hair.

In terms of durability, ceramic can brittle after a long time of use, and titanium alloy is super durable. titanium is of premium quality. Though titanium curlers are superior in quality, it is reasonable than ceramic iron.

So, if you have thick or coarse hair, you can have the titanium curling iron and get all the benefits for a longer period. But for the thin hair, you should take risk of high heat. you can use titanium curler but you have to be cautious and use a low-temperature range for thin hair. now, the choice is yours.

Final Words

The best titanium curling iron has all the premium features that eliminate the risk of high heat production. Titanium curlers are the best suited for professionals. But you also can have one titanium curling iron personally if you can handle it properly. Before choosing one for you, check all the safety points and be careful while heating your hair.

Do not heat your hair for more than 10 seconds while beginning to use your new titanium curling iron. If you choose your iron from the list of this article, you can sure of your safety.

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