9 Best Winter Tires Of 2021

When it comes to driving in winter, you need to take certain precautions to ensure your safety. Therefore, you should always try to get the best winter tires to accompany you in every snowfall. 

Fortunately, you can find quality options on the market, such as the Michelin Alpin 5 tire , which has a good load index and an H speed rating to give you a safe ride. 

In the same way, there are other alternatives, such as the Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 , which is a tire with very good adhesion to wet surfaces and with adequate fuel efficiency.

9 Best Winter Tires – Editor Recommended

If you want to have your car ready for the low temperature seasons, then you need to buy the best winter tires you can get. In this list, you will find some of the most outstanding models.

Michelin winter tires

1. Michelin Alpin 5 M

Preparing for colder temperatures with Michelin winter tires is a very good idea, considering that in their portfolio you could find the best winter tires of 2021. For example, this model has a load index of 91, so it supports up to 615 kilograms and, in addition, thanks to its H speed classification, it manages to reach up to 210 km / h without problems.

On the other hand, in terms of its dimensions, the tire comes with a width of 20.5 centimeters. This is complemented by a radial-type tire, along with a 16-inch diameter rim that also stands out for its quality and durability. These measurements are the most common in different cars, making it a versatile product.

Finally, it is worth noting that the tire has a fairly good grip on wet surfaces, class B, to give you the safety you need when driving.

By buying this tire you will be ready to take your car out for a roll in winter. More information below.


Practical: The size of this tire is the most common, so it works on various cars.

Speed: Although it is not recommended to go at maximum speed in winter, it is a good fact to know that the tire can reach 210 km / h without wear.

Weight: An advantage is its maximum load support of up to 615 kilograms.

Adhesion: Adhesion to class B wet surfaces will give you safety when driving in winter seasons.


Energy efficiency: This tire has a class E fuel efficiency. This is lower than other similar models.

2. Michelin Alpin 6 M

Among the list of Michelin winter tires you can find an option for each car. In this case, vans or minivans from various manufacturers may be used together with a model like this, as it has a section width of 19.5 centimeters and a diameter of 15 inches, to suit this type of car.

This tire maintains a B rating for wet grip, making it a good choice for use in winter seasons. In addition to that, to provide you with greater security, it can support up to 615 maximum kilograms and reach speeds of 190 km / h. Regardless of the speed, the outside noise level will be 69 dB at the top.

Finally, it is worth taking into consideration that its energy efficiency is class C, so that the consumption of gasoline due to the use of the tire will be at normal levels.

It is difficult to choose which is the best brand of winter tires, however, Michelin is a company that stands out for its quality models.


Price: This tire has a somewhat lower cost compared to other models on the market.

Safety: The fact of being able to support up to 615 kilograms and, in addition, having a class B grip provide safety when driving.

Versatile: The size of this tire is suitable for a wide variety of cars, which is a bonus.


Speed: These tires, with speed code T, can reach up to 190 km / h. A smaller number than other offers.

Winter tires 225 45 r17

3. Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 XL FSL M

For some cars it is necessary to have 225 45 r17 winter tires, and for these Pirelli has made a very good model. In fact, this could be the best winter tire for these cases.

With the Pirelli seal of quality, this product has been designed to give you safety in the most uncertain climatic conditions, so it has a grip on wet surfaces of class B. This will give you greater stability on the road and easier handling on wet terrain. The latter is complemented by grooves that facilitate the dissipation of water and snow.

Regarding energy efficiency, this is class C, while its maximum speed is 210 km / h, which is common for most tires. However, something that does make this model stand out from others is its load index of 94, as it supports a maximum of 670 kilograms.

Pirelli has built a very good reputation for making quality products, and this tire was no exception.


Load index The load index of 94 allows this product to support up to 670 kg of weight.

Stability: Thanks to its grip, this tire has great traction to give you good stability when driving.

Design: The functional design of the grooves on this tire dissipates water and snow more quickly.


Noise: 72 dB is a little more noise than that produced by other similar tires. However, this does not affect its operation.

4. Firestone Winterhawk 4-225

When it comes to buying 225 45 r17 winter tires, many are looking for the cheapest, however, due to the importance of these products in promoting safety, it is better to focus more on quality than price. In this sense, this Firestone model could be a good option.

The 17-inch, 22.5-centimeter wide Winterhawk radial tire is designed to give you a safe and stable ride in winter seasons. With great adhesion to surfaces, this product offers traction that facilitates handling on snow and also allows a shorter stopping distance, even in wet conditions.

Both passenger cars and minivans can benefit from this tire, which has an H speed rating to reach up to 210 km / h and a load index of 91, which is common in these products, as it supports up to 615 kg.

Driving on snow is not necessarily unsafe if you have the correct tires. In this case, this Firestone model could be the right fit.


Stability: Thanks to its grip, your car will be able to stay stable on roads full of snow or water.

Braking: To give greater safety and avoid skidding, the braking distance on wet surfaces is short.

Load Index: This tire will not deteriorate due to withstanding a large amount of weight, as it supports up to 615 kg maximum, thanks to its 91-rated load index. 


5. Nokian WR D4 M

If you ask what are the best winter tires, they might recommend some from famous brands. However, many times the best 196 65 r15 winter tires can be from a brand like Nokian, which is less well known but still offers quality, as this model shows. The tire, as indicated by its data, has a width of 19.5 centimeters and a 15-inch rim.

At first glance, what stands out the most is probably its design, since the grooves have a particular appearance. These have been designed in this way to provide better adherence to wet surfaces in cold seasons, avoiding compromising tire traction on slippery pavement. To this is added a maximum load capacity of 615 kilograms and a maximum speed of 190 km / h.

As for its energy efficiency, this is class C, to avoid wasting fuel. In addition, its noise level is 69 dB; quite bearable for a tire.

This tire could be a good option if you need to use your car constantly in winter.


Adhesion: Its class B adherence, together with its design, provide stability and safety when driving.

Load: The maximum load that this tire can bear is 615 kg, so you don’t have to worry about weight.

Fuel efficiency: Like most tires, this model has a class C energy efficiency.


6. Hankook Winter i

Winter tires 196 65 r15 are products in constant demand and for this reason many companies make these types of tires. Hankook is no exception and its Winter i * cept model has garnered several positive reviews.

With an aspect ratio of 65%, the tire has a width of 19.5 centimeters and its rim has a diameter of 15 inches. When driving with it, it will produce an exterior noise of 72 dB, but this will not affect its operation at all, since its adherence to wet surfaces will remain class C to give you safety and stability when driving.

In addition to this, the tire maintains a common load index among the models of its type, of 91. This means that it supports a maximum load of up to 615 kilograms. Moreover, the product has a speed rating of H, so it can operate up to 210 km / h.

In case you are in doubt about which winter tires to buy, this could be a good option for its price and quality.


Load index: The maximum load capacity of this tire is 91, so it can support up to 615 kilograms.

Adhesion: This tire has an acceptable adhesion to wet surfaces for products of its type. Which will give you safety when driving.

Price: Compared to other tires, this product has a price that could be considered affordable.


Bridgestone winter tires

7. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V2 XL FSL M

Among Bridgestone winter tires it is possible to find a wide variety of models, such as this product that has been designed for use in sports utility vehicles and 4 × 4 cars. 

Due to this, it is a tire with a high load index, as it has a rating of 107, which means that it has the capacity to support up to 975 kilograms without problem. In addition, its speed rating is T, so the car can travel at speeds of 190 km / h without forcing the tire. When used, it will produce an outside noise of 73 dB.

Regarding its structure, it has an aspect ratio of 50%, with a section width of 25.5 centimeters and a rim that reaches 19 inches. In addition to that, its grooves have been manufactured to dissipate water and snow, and have small holes for nails, in case you want to place.

This is not one of the cheapest options, however it could be the right alternative for your car.


Load index: With a load index of 107, this tire manages to support a weight of up to 975 kg.

Mud and Snow: This product has been designed for sports vehicles and 4 × 4s, so it is also a suitable tire for traveling in mud.

Nails: In case you want to place nails in the tire to increase its grip, it will be possible to do so.


Adhesion: Its level of adherence to wet surfaces is class F, which is lower than other models.

Winter tires 205 55 r16

8. Riken Snow 205 55 R16 94H TL winter

Contrary to what you might think, cheap 205 55 r16 winter tires does not mean they are bad. That’s why Riken Snow brings the best value for money winter tire, a 20.5-centimeter wide product, a 55% aspect ratio and a 16-inch diameter rim

This tire has been manufactured to offer good performance, without minimizing your safety. Due to this, the rubber has a good speed index and also adequate grip on wet and icy terrain. In this way, the car can move with good traction, minimizing the risk. All of this is complemented by class C fuel efficiency, which prevents excessive gas consumption while driving.

As for the load index, which is also important, it has a classification of 94, so the maximum weight that the tire can carry is 670 kilograms.

Apart from being one of the cheapest tires on the market, this is also a practical and quality model.


Load Index: The load index of this product is rated 94, making it capable of supporting up to 670 kilograms.

Comprehensive: This product complements safety with good operation, so that you have a fast movement, but with good adherence.

Speed: The speed rating of this tire is H, so it can reach up to 210 km / h.


9. Pirelli W 190 Snowcontrol

Pirelli winter tires are always one of the most sought-after options by drivers, as it is a brand that is known for manufacturing quality products. For that reason, it is not surprising that the W 190 Snowcontrol model has also received so many positive reviews, as it is a tire that has a load index of 94 classification to be able to support up to 670 kilograms without problems.

The product has class B adhesion on wet surfaces, so it gives good stability and control. In addition, it has a T speed rating, and this allows it to work up to speeds of 190 km / h. When operating, the tire will produce a bearable noise of 72 dB.

As its numbers indicate, the model is 20.5 centimeters wide and its rim diameter is 15 inches. This gives you an aspect ratio of 65%.

This could be the best winter tire of the moment if you are looking for quality, good price and safety.


Adhesion: To give you greater security, the tire has an adhesion to wet surfaces of class B.

Load Index: This tire has a class 94 load index, therefore it supports a weight of up to 670 kilograms.

Noise: The noise produced by the tires is bearable, as they are only 72 dB that will not affect you.


Fuel efficiency The energy efficiency of this product is class E, which means that it will use a little more fuel than other tires.

Buying Guide:

Tires are the foundation of any car and, in winter, they take on greater importance because of how dangerous it can be to drive in adverse weather conditions. Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to check every little aspect of the tire you want to buy to ensure your comfort and protection while driving.


When it comes to checking out a guide to buying the best winter tires, most focus squarely on the qualities that the model offers to choose from to suit the winter seasons.

It is true that this is extremely important and that it is the basis of a tire of this class, however, the first thing you really should check is the dimensions of the product you want to choose and its compatibility with your car.

Not all cars use the same type of engine and, in the same way, each car needs a specific type of tire in order to function properly. Have the vehicle’s technical data sheet at hand to choose the right product and, if you don’t have it, consult a trusted mechanic.

Reading numbers and letters can be confusing, however, it is not as difficult as it sounds. In this case, for example: 205 55 r16, 205 is the width of the tire expressed in millimeters and 55 is the ratio between height / width in percent. On the other hand, 16 is what the diameter of the rim measures in inches.

It is possible to use tires with different sizes than the original ones on your car, however, if you overdo it, it is possible to face problems when driving, so it is not highly recommended.

Winter functionality

After knowing if the tire measurements are suitable for your car, then you can go on to check that this product is really appropriate for driving in winter. Here it is not the cheapest one, but the one that gives you the greatest security.

The first thing you can do when comparing winter tires is to verify their design, since the grooves should be deep and, in addition, have the inscription of “M + S” which means that they are suitable for snow and mud. The designs usually vary from one model to another, however, the important thing is that the grooves are deep enough to be able to dissipate water and snow with ease. Don’t buy summer tires or let them fool you. Always keep in mind that these will harden in temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius or less, which will compromise your safety.

To continue, check the tire’s rating for wet grip. This determines how stable the car will be when it is walking. The table goes from A to G and, most of the time, the tires are usually class B or C.

Remember that adhesion to surfaces is what keeps the car stable, even if the surface has water, ice or snow. Therefore, it is a very important piece of information.

Technical aspects

After examining each of the previously mentioned characteristics, then it is possible to focus on other technical aspects that are also important and will provide information on the performance of the tire.

As explained above, tires are inscribed with numbers and letters that identify each of their important details. However, after passing the first information, that is, the dimensions, you will see that it is followed by one more number and a letter. In this case, the number refers to the load index and the letter represents the maximum speed that the tire can reach without damage.

For winter tires, the load index can range from 80 to 110, and to know exactly how many kilograms these numbers represent, you need to check a table. Most of the time, the models come with an index of 91 and this means that they can support a maximum of 615 kg.

On the other hand, the letters can also vary, depending on the tire model, how much it costs, among other things. Winter tires usually have a T or H speed code, letters representing 190 km / h and 210 km / h respectively.

Lastly, try to check what the energy efficiency of the tire is. This information is not inscribed on the rubber, however, it can be found in the technical data sheet or by asking an expert. The closer the tire is to A, the better its fuel performance.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: What is the difference between winter and summer tires?

The most important differences between both types of tires lie in their composition and also in their shape, since each of them has been designed for a specific purpose.

The first thing that differentiates them is the rubber content they have, since winter tires have a greater amount of natural rubber to prevent the cold from interfering with flexibility. This makes the material adhere better to the ground, preventing slipping. Likewise, the tires manage to work without hardening at temperatures below 7 ° C.

Summer models, on the other hand, are made to withstand high temperatures and would quickly harden in winter seasons, which could cause accidents.

Q2: When to put on the winter tires?

This depends on the regulations of each country, as not all nations have the same requirements for these items.

However, regardless of the regulations of each country, as a general rule, when temperatures reach 7 ° C or lower, then it is time to change the tires.

Q3: How to identify winter tires?

If you go to a store to buy your winter tires, you should know how to identify them so that you do not get scammed or end up making a mistake with the purchase.

The easiest thing to verify is the inscription on the tires, as winter models have three types of inscription: M + S, MS and M&S. It is possible that this could be erased, but only after long time of use, therefore if they are new the identification should be there.

If you prefer to look at a more conspicuous callsign, then check the tire grooves. You will notice that the winter ones will have deeper forks to give greater adherence. In addition to that, these also have locations to install nails if needed.

Q4: How to store winter tires ?

If the winter season is over, then it is necessary to change the tires made for this season and use more suitable ones, otherwise, the operation of your car will not be the best, nor the safest.

However, just because it is time to change tires does not mean that they should be discarded. Therefore, it is necessary to store them in a better way so that they are ready for the next season.

First, you should know that the tires must be protected from light, hot temperatures and humidity, as these conditions can deteriorate them. However, the room should have ventilation and a stable temperature between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius.

It is best to store the tires vertically so that they do not deform and, on some occasions, rotate them so that they do not spend a lot of time resting in the same area.

If you can store the entire wheel, it is best to hang each wheel individually, without touching the ground.

It is also recommended to identify each tire so that you know its position when it is time to use them again.

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