Does Biotin Make You Gain Weight?

Many of us take biotin tablets for several reasons. However, biotin is Vitamin B7 or H is available in many kinds of foods such as milk, eggs, nuts, and grains. Many researchers and physicians have dealt with in-depth studies on the role of biotin in human health. There is a confusion either does biotin make you gain weight or loss? The most conclusive understanding is that biotin aids in both gain and loss of weight.

Therefore, biotin has been in the application as a Vitamin both for people who want to lose or gain weight. Let us see the scientific justifications of biotin as an agent of gaining or losing weight.

What Is Biotin And How Does It Work?

As mentioned, biotin is B-vitamin. The biochemical function involves the transformation of fatty acid, protein, and carbohydrates into nutrients and energy that the body eventually consumes.

Does Biotin Make You Gain Weight?

Biotin belongs to the group of B Vitamins. It is a coenzyme which, functions in activating the enzymes and break down substrates into products. Co-enzyme is also known as co-substrate is a molecule essential in carrying out the catalytic function of a chemical reaction. To be more precise, coenzymes like biotin and NAD carry out catalysis functioning as intermediate carriers of transferred electrons in a reaction. 

Besides acting as cofactors, the Vitamins take part in vital processes like the production of hormones, breakdown of bigger molecules leading to absorption in the metabolic process. To be specific, biotin is water-soluble and catabolize in the fatty acid, gluconeogenesis, and amino acid reactions. It plays an important role in metabolic homeostasis or stability needed for proper functioning.  

Does Biotin Help Gain Weight?

Is it true that biotin helps gain weight? Let us what science says.

Biotin breaks down proteins, carbohydrates, and fat to convert into energy. The question is if fat burns, how can there be a gain in weight. Although many doctors disagree that biotin leads to gain in weight, data gathered from all gained several women when they have had biotin supplement showed weight increases. One woman B. Ashley gain 12 pounds in 7 weeks after taking biotin. W Jewyll gained 15 pounds in a week M. Quinn gained10 pounds. Therefore, how would these be justified?

Does Biotin Make You Gain Weight?

On further questioning several people having biotin they asserted that the following

-Biotin intake lead to an intake of appetite

-Increased craving for having food

-Increased the fluid content of the body. 

This information explained the fact the increase of appetite and craving for food with the intake of biotin supplements led to overeating of whatever kind of food, fat, carbohydrate, that results in gaining weight. The basis of science is that biotin boosts metabolic functions, digests food faster, and compels one to eat more often. Again, biotin reduces the sugar level in the blood as it converts glucose to energy. This low-sugar situation creates an urge to eat more. The gain in weight also added water, which is an added factor of increased weight. 

Therefore, this evidence confirmed that biotin is not the reason for weight gain. Rather it is the increased amount of food taken. Biotin Vitamin users felt more hungry and consumed a lot more calories than needed. These scientific explanations prove that biotin indirectly can lead to weight gain. 

Now How Biotin Helps In Losing Weight?

As Vitamin biotin is essential for the metabolic functions of some individuals, doctors do prescribe to patients but with certain guidelines. Therefore, the answer is that biotin can also help cut down weight.

does taking biotin cause weight gain

As biotin increases the appetite, doctors suggest you cut down the calories in the diet. When you are hungry, go for light food, instead of fast food or a course meal. Fruits, salads, yogurts, fruit juices will fill you and not add calories, extra fat. Cut down on the carbohydrate-rich food. Take sufficient lean meat to get the supply of protein. Adding lemon juice or apple cider vinegar helps in cutting down fat in your food. Keep up the habit of drinking water. 

How Much Biotin Is Enough?

Biotin usually comes as tablets. However, some companies produce liquids. The recommended dose of biotin is 30mg per day for a person above 18 years of age.

does biotin and collagen hair supplements make you gain weight

Before you go for biotin pills, you can enrich your diet with foods that contain this vitamin in large amounts. Food rich in biotin are almonds, mushrooms, cauliflower, milk, spinach, cheese, and sweet potatoes. 

Can There Be A Deficiency Of Biotin?

The absence of the major food from the diet can lead to Biotin deficiency. Brittle nails, loss of hair, skin rashes like dermatitis, sore throat, conjunctivitis, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting are characteristics of biotin deficiency. Insomnia, lethargy, numbness of the legs and arms, and neurological problems can also occur.

does biotin and collagen hair supplements make you gain weight

Side Effects Of Biotin Supplement

Too high a dose of a biotin supplement is likely to have side effects. These include skin rashes, kidney problems, upset of the digestive system, and the problem of release of insulin

Does Biotin Make You Gain Weight

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Final Thoughts

Biotin or Vitamin B7 or H is an essential nutrient for the metabolic functioning of the body. One must take sufficient quantities for metabolic functions that help the absorption of energy in the form, although the vitamin increases weight directly is a misnomer. The fact is that the vitamin improves the appetite and cravings for food, which if not controlled by a selective and regulated diet can cause an increase in weight.

Among many health benefits, biotin is for the skin and prevents hair loss. The best way to have a balanced intake of biotin is to watch your diet. Add enough low fat, plenty of vegetables, fruits, and protein to avoid biotin deficiency. Consult your doctor before you start biotin supplements, as too high a dose may cause side effects. It would be wise to weigh out advantages and disadvantages before taking supplements.

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