Face Scrub Vs Face Wash – What’s the Difference?

When you are walking down the face product aisle in the supermarket, you will find yourself surrounded by thousands of products. From cream to serum to cleansers to face wash and scrubs, you will find them all in that aisle.

In the case of picking one of the face cleaning products, you will have two choices. One of them is to stick with the face wash, or you need to opt for the scrub. Well, this is where you will fall into a dilemma.

And in such a predicament, you might look for the topic face scrub vs face wash. Talking of which, it might be your lucky day because you just have managed to stumble upon the right source for that.

We are going to go through each of the bits of information that you should know about the topic. Hopefully, by the end, making a decision will be an easier task for you.

Face Wash

Just like the name suggests, the face wash will clear away all of the impurities on your face. Starting from dust, layers of makeup, oils, and other pollutants that might be on your skin. In fact, some of the brands will put special ingredients that will help reduce acne.

These are kind of similar to soap. That means it has some of the properties that a regular soap has. It will offer the refreshing and crisp feeling that a bar of soap can offer. However, this one has the combination of the ingredients that will enable people with oily skin to get a bit of relief.

Alongside that, some of these will also have a unique blend of ingredients that will help the complex skin get a bit of a glow to them.

Face Wash

Are Face Wash and Cleansers the Same?

Not really. Even though both of the liquids have the same functionality, which is to remove the dirt and impurities from the skin, they are not the same. While the cleanser has the ability to moisturize and clean the skin, the face wash mainly focuses on cleaning the skin only.

Other than that, the cleanser is a milky-like liquid that will let you remove the leftover makeups that the face wash can not properly remove. And the moisturizing capability that it has will let your skin achieve the smooth and silky look, which no face wash is going to offer.

Alongside that, you do not need to wash it down with water after application for most of the cleanser. They do not produce any foam, which the face wash does produce. And these will have a lotion-like consistency, allowing you to easily apply them to your skin.

On the other hand, face washes are not meant to be kept on your skin. In fact, you might face adverse effects if you keep it on your face without washing it off. For that reason, if you are reluctant to wash your skin with water, you can opt for the cleanser only.

However, if you mostly remain outdoors, there is a lot of dust and embedded debris to fight. That is something that the cleanser is not that efficient at. Considering that, you would want to get a deeper clean in that scenario, which is where the face washes come into play.

So, at the end of the day, these two products are not the same. You will need to pick one depending on your skin type and what it has to go through throughout the entire day.

Are Face Wash and Cleansers the Same

What Is a Face Scrub?

Face scrubs are something that is a whole lot different than the other face cleansing products that are on the market. These will have small particles in them, which will help the liquid exfoliate the skin’s top layer. Starting from embedded dirt, debris, and layers of the dead cells, it is capable of removing them all.

However, these are not only effective when it comes to deeply clean the face, but they are also gentle. There will be no need to worry about the skin getting damaged because of the small particles that are in it.

These will also contain dermatological-grade glycolic acids, which are the best of the best when it comes to removing the dead cells from the skin. This element softens the bond that is between the dead cell and the skin. As a result, exfoliating from the surface becomes an easy task.

What Is a Face Scrub

Can I Use a Replace Face Scrub with the Cleanser?

As we have mentioned before, the cleanser is one of the types of liquid that will allow you to clean the skin without needing any water. However, some of the cleansers are foamy. For those, you are going to need water. Nevertheless, most of them will not require water.

That being said, most of them will have moisturizing elements, which will make your skin look silky smooth. However, these are not capable of offering you a deep clean, which the face scrub is able to offer.

On that note, the cleanser is used to remove the makeup residue that other cleaning products are not that good at removing. So, if you were thinking of replacing one with another, you should consider using both if you use makeup on your skin and want your skin to stay healthy and silky.

Talking of which, if you stay a lot indoors, then you can replace the scrub with moisturizing cleansers. But if you want a deeper clean, then you will have no choice other than to use the face scrub.

Can I Use a Replace Face Scrub with the Cleanser

How Often Should You Wash Your Face with a Face Wash?

If you are staying indoors, then using it once would be more than enough. You can use it in the morning or before going to sleep. On the other hand, if you are venturing outdoors for the most part of the day, we would suggest washing it twice.

How to Use a Face Wash or a Face Scrub?

Using a face wash is as easy as it sounds. You have to go through three simple steps. And they are as stated:

Step 1: Clean Your Face with Lukewarm Water

First and foremost, you need to clean the skin with some lukewarm water. Go through the entire area of your face and massage it for about 10 to 20 seconds.

Clean Your Face with Lukewarm Water

Step 2: Apply the Face Wash or the Face Scrub

Then you must put about a teaspoon of the product into your hand and rub it on your face gently. Ensure that you do not rub it that harshly or else your skin might have some adverse effects.

However, if you are working with a scrub, you should massage your skin for a good amount of time. That massaging amount will ensure that the small particles are working properly to remove the skin’s dead skins. It will also help to deeply bring out the embedded dust particles that might be on your skin.

Also, do not forget the neck region. Follow the same rubbing and massaging process for this region.

Apply the Face Wash or the Face Scrub

Step 3: Clean Your Face Again using Cold Water

After you have properly lathered up your entire face and neck area, you need to clean the foam using cold or room temperature water. However, we would recommend using cold water as it will close off the pores that the hot water might have opened.

Clean Your Face Again using Cold Water

Difference Between a Face Wash and a Face Scrub

Let us get to the main point that you are here for, which is to know the differences that are in between them. As we have mentioned earlier, even though both of the products are meant to clean your skin, there are some major differences. And they are as follows:

  • Deep Cleaning Capability

Usually, facial scrubs have small particles in the formula. These small particles have the ability to go into the deep pores of your skin physically, which will enable them to offer you a deep clean. That means the embedded dirt and debris that might be on your skin will get removed after you properly use it.

Deep Cleaning Capability

  • Oil Reducing Capability

Because of having a creamy texture, the face washes are capable of fighting the oil better than the face scrubs. These do not have the small particles, which the scrub has. However, these will do a proper job in removing the oil layer that is on the top.

Oil Reducing Capability

Can I Substitute Face Wash with Face Scrub?

Though it might seem possible to substitute one with another, we would advise against it. If you find one beneficial factor in one and find many on the other, it will be better for you to use both. By doing so, you can get a complete face cleaning experience, which the other products will not be capable of offering.

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Final Worlds

To conclude, we hope that we could provide you enough information about the topic of face scrub vs face wash that you are no longer in the predicament that you once were. That being said, we hope that your face remains free of oils, acne, and embedded dust.

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