How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes?

Hair fall, very casual fact for us. That happened with us every day. Its like a serious problem but when its fall too much or excessively then that’s look like a serious problem. Poor diet, stress, underlying medical conditions are some common reasons of hair fall. Sometimes bad weather is also responsible for that.

Excessive hair fall disturb us in different way. When hair shedding too much they stay everywhere like in our clothes, bed, base etc. That is really irritating. Sometimes remove Stucky hair of clothes become so tough for us. That becomes a big problem for us. Even sometimes we can’t remove them fully from our clothes.

In that case, here have some valuable ways those anyone can apply easily in their area and hopefully they might be benefitted.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes : 4 Handy Methods

Get hair out of clothes is not so hard job but ways are varying from hairs length and sometimes also varying from human or pets.

When hair stuck into our clothes casually, we can remove them with our hands help but sometimes they stick tightly and that time only hands are sufficient to take off them all.

So, to get stuck hair out of clothes firstly noted hairs length, their amount that means how much they are as well as their sticky condition. This also differs with clothes pattern. Because all washing ways are not applicable for all type of clothes. So, don’t ignore this point when you get out them from clothes.

Let’s start watching removal ways of hair from clothes.

1. Separate Hair Using Clothes Brush

A clothes brush can be the easiest solution to this hair problem stuck in your clothes. Typically, dust and other dirt particles are removed from fabrics and surfaces with this type of brush. You can remove unwanted human hair from your clothes by using a clothes brush and gently rubbing the material.

Using the velcro-like material on the component, it accomplishes the magic of separating all the hair from the clothes. All the particles stuck to the cloth would stick to the velcro-like patch when you run such material through the clothing. Use a clothes brush gently, because if you brush it harshly, the fabric might get damaged. Continue repeating the procedure until all the unwanted hair on your clothes has been removed.


  • Take a clothes brush.
  • Start brushing from top to bottom.
  • Brush both side of the clothes sequentially.
  • Continue repeating until unwanted hairs removed.

Separate Hair Using Clothes Brush

2. Get Human Hair Out of Clothes with Tape

With the help of duct tape anyone can easily remove human hair from clothes. This way will not damage your clothes quality yet. Its Just like a primary way to get hair our of clothes.


  • Firstly, take a roll of duct tape.
  • Tear off 12” long that is known as convenient length.
  • Properly stick that against the clothes. 
  • For a few moments let it grip.
  • After that you would see that hairs stick to the tape well.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes

3. Remove Hair from Clothes with Washing Machine

Washing machine, that relief us from daily clothe washing job. Quickly wash our dirty clothes and give us a good time space when we can do another home work. Gently help us to clean dirt as well as sticky hair also.

Can remove human hair as well as pet hair. When your machine maintains a good performance, you wouldn’t find any dirt and hair in your clothes.


  • At first, run your clothes through dryer cycle on tumble for 10 minutes before throwing laundry in washing machine. 
  • Do this work without heat. 
  • In this way the fabric of clothes will soften and loosen the hair and dryer’s lint trap easily catch the stuck hairs. 
  • Then shake the clothes and toss them in the washer for a while. 
  • After that If you find any hair in your clothes then put them washer basin and use extra ingredients like vinegar or baking soda. 
  • Then wash your clothes with detergent in the same way that you done normally.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes

4. Remove Hair from Clothes with Dryer

This way is almost the same that I already mentioned above. I explain that again easily for my reader’s concern. Here, you need a dryer, dryer sheet or dryer ball etc.


  • Put your clothes in a dryer which covered with hair. 
  • Toss the clothes with no heat. 
  • Add a dryer ball or sheet to pick up the hair which drop after tossing. 
  • It will be deposited into the lint tray. 
  • Continue cycling at least 10 minutes and then empty the tray. 
  • After removing hair wash your clothes as usual.
How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes
Image: The New York Times

Where Do You Put Vinegar in a Washing Machine?

To get hair out of clothes we need to soften our clothes properly that loosen the hair and helps to remove them from clothes.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes

Vinegar works well in that case. Its actually used in washing time for softening clothes. Very simple to use, you can directly use this in washing machine basin or use there where you use your regular detergent during rinse cycle.

Its very helpful to remove strong odors. For this you can also use vinegar to escape odors disturbance in washing time.

Where Do You Put Baking Soda in Laundry and Washing Machine?

Baking soda normally used for extra cleaning. Helps to lift dirt and grime as well as other unnecessary things that unfortunately stuck into our clothes. Here’s have a alert that you should know, your regular detergent dispenser is not allowed to put with baking soda.

how to remove human hair from clothes

However, firstly sprinkle baking soda into the empty drum of washer. Put your dirty clothes and add softener whatever you like. After hair removing work wash your clothes as normally you washed and check proper is your clothes clean exactly or not.

On the other hand, when you want to add baking soda in a washing machine, you can easily add that with your regular detergent. But this should be measured before use.

Its extra use can affect your clothes quality. So, use only ½ cup baking soda in your washing machine and after using it will deliver you odor free, bright and white clean clothing.

Can Vinegar and Laundry Detergent Usable Together?

Yes, usable. In that case, you can use them in the same load but not can mix them together.  In this work time you should be careful. You can use one instead of others one. You can use vinegar after cleaning detergent properly that means fully wash out.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes

After cleaning regular detergent add vinegar to the rinse cycle. If you use them together, they would create high pressure on clothing that would be responsible for color removing and also annihilate clothes quality.

How Does Vinegar and Baking Soda Remove from Clothes?

A little bit of scrubbing is enough to remove vinegar or baking soda from clothes. They normally a little amount for softening and whitening clothes. For this their washout works is not so hard. Leaving the paste for 30 minutes to set with little bit scrubbing. Then you would able to remove the stains almost from your clothing.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes

Appling Isopropyl alcohol is the fantastic way to remove stains from clothes quickly. At first, attach this alcohol to the stain and blot that with a clean clothe or napkin. For soaking alcohol might use a paper towel under the fabric. Immediately you would see that the stain start dissolving.

Is Baking Soda Safe to Use on Black Clothes?

Before going so far, I have to share a sign to all that is include baking soda or vinegar with laundry detergent increase the risk of poorer cleaning performance.  The specific pH level optimized detergents that alerted by softening and whitening product.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes

Now, the topic is about black clothes. When you wash your black clothes use vinegar or baking soda and salt. ½ cup rock salt use in the washer cycle which helps to prevent the risk of color bleeding too much.

Remember baking soda is applicable only ½ cup to keep the color vibrant. This way is also suitable for all bright colored clothes.

Is vinegar Safe to Use in Washing Machine?

Frequent use of vinegar in washing machine is not safe. It would damage the rubber part inside of washing machine gradually and leading to leaks.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes

But fortunately, another softener is not harmful for washing machine. They are very effective to removing stubborn stains. According some experiences, front-load washer are especially susceptible to vinegar-related damage.

Handy Ways To Remove Long Hair From Clothes

Remove long hair from clothes is very easy than little hair. You can simply get long hair out of your clothes with the help of a dryer. And sometimes with hands if the hair amount is little.

Putting the clothing items in a dryer on a low-heat cycle, stay that way for at least 10 minutes. Check back after 10 minutes if you find that hairs not fallen off properly from your clothes. Then start the cycle again for another 10 minutes. After that you would see that your clothes would properly clean up.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes
Love to Know

Why Do My Clothes Still Have Hair After Washing?

When too much hair stuck into our clothes, we normally can’t clean them after one wash. Sometimes we have to did this work 2 or more time for proper cleaning.

Moreover, some other reason become the liable of unexpected Stucky hair. If use too much detergent for washing it would be causing all the hair. That lint to redeposit back into the clothes. For this, everyone should use washing product with proper measurement.

Clothes quality and high load of clothing in the washing machine or dryer are also another reason of that problem. Sometimes clothe softening product can’t fight against fabrics and can’t loosen the hair. That’s why the lint of clothes can’t do anything to get rid of unwanted hair.

How Do I Stop My Hair From Sticking To My Clothes?

We can’t fully stop sticking hair to our clothes. But here have some tips those will help us to keep hair away from clothes a little amount.


  1. Keep your closet door shut.
  2. Choose light color clothing.
  3. Groom it out.
  4. Latex gloves. 
  5. Invest in quality lint brushes and keep them at home/purse/work. 
  6. Keep your house clean.
  7. Plain old water.
  8. Ignore such type of clothes those easily catch dirty things. 
  9. Lower the limit of detergent use. Etc.

Do I Apply Human Hair Removing Way To Remove Pet Hair From Clothes?

Yes, you can. If you want to use washing machine to remove pet hair, you can apply all the instructions that I presented above for human hair. And this way you can try dryer also. 

But in that case, the measurement amount of washing ingredients and softeners might be changed. Those normally used for removing Stucky hairs. 

Some Easiest Way of Removing Pet Hair from Clothes are Presented for Pet Lovers

  • Use of fabric softener. 
  • Use a good lint roller. 
  • Damp sponge. 
  • Furniture polish.
  • Use vinegar. 
  • Use a vacuum.
  • Prevention in the best machine. 
  • Use a rubber glove.

How To Get Human Hair Out Of Clothes

When pet hair stuck into our black clothes and you searching a easiest way to remove them, I can suggest you to use vinegar in that case. Because it almost available in our house and it is the best tools for cleaning anything quickly.

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Final Words

Human hairs or pet hairs both irritates us too much when they stuck in our clothes. Although these hairs stuck in our clothes in different way, we already have a lot of ways to get rid of this irritation. Removing ways are also similar for both types of hair. 

So, don’t be late, take your dirty clothes and start cleaning whatever way and ingredients you choose. But make sure perfect measurement of cleaning materials before cleaning.

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