The First Xiaomi Car

If you look around, you are likely to find a Xiaomi product. This manufacturer has a catalog loaded with devices that, in addition, does not stop growing. We have the proof in the future Xiaomi SUV, although its arrival is a bit in the air.

Despite having been in the market for just over ten years, Xiaomi is one of the best-known brands in the technology sector. From their mobile phones to their robot vacuum cleaners through their batteries, routers, watches, speakers and a large number of other references, Xiaomi’s presence in Spain is remarkable. In fact, one of the signs of the brand is to increase its presence in other sectors. And one of them is that of the automobile, where this company has also set its sights.

However, the launch of their vehicle, under the name Bestune T77, is being delayed quite a bit. And all this despite the fact that the vehicle is not a brand’s own design , but is derived from an existing one. A somewhat complicated story on which we are going to shed a little light. 

The pre-launch

The first news of Xiaomi’s leap into the automotive world arrived back in April 2019 . At this time the brand’s plans to create its first vehicle were known. For this, the company signed an agreement with Bestune, which would put the platform to launch the vehicle, while Xiaomi would put the technology, as it does in all its products. 

In this case, the vehicle was based on the Bestune T77, a vehicle presented as a concept car at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show and which, through corresponding customization and adjustments, would be the first vehicle equipped with the MIUI operating system . This is precisely the most attractive point of this new vehicle.

However, this would not be the only interesting aspect of this vehicle. And it is that as we learned in July of that same year, the price of this vehicle would be 89,900 yuan, about 11,500 euros at the current exchange rate. A more than interesting cost within the SUV car segment, which would place it at the level of the price of a Dacia Duster, although with much more engine and technology. This vehicle would be on sale in August 2019 under the Redmi brand, one of those that Xiaomi handles in the market.

The vehicle

The Bestune T77, called Pentium T77 in the first approaches of the vehicle, is an SUV with measures of 4.5 meters long, 1.8 wide and another 1.6 high, with a distance of 2.7 meters between axles. An approach that offers a pleasant interior space and adequate comfort for users.

Regarding its motorization, the model offers a 143 horsepower 1.2-liter engine capable of developing a maximum torque of 204 Nm. An approach that, thanks to its six-speed manual gearbox, is capable of reaching up to 181 kilometers per hour of maximum speed. Otherwise, the type of tires , the design of the steering wheel and other elements remind us of a rather European car, as is usual in these Chinese models.

As for the options, the vehicle comes with six different finishes, whose prices range from 11,600 euros for the most basic, the one we have mentioned, to 18,000 euros for the most complete and luxurious version. For its part, the full “Xiaomi” version would have a price of approximately 15,000 euros…. if it had been launched.

What does Xiaomi contribute

We already have the base of the vehicle but the touch of personalization that Xiaomi was going to incorporate is missing. Among those extras is that MIUI system, famous on mobile phones and other brand devices. This operating system would be used for functions such as navigation or inflight entertainment, in the same way that other vehicles use Android Car for such functions.

One of the strengths was the holographic assistant that these vehicles were going to incorporate, as part of their technology. This system would be a new way of approaching driving, changing the dashboard for a large screen for driving, to which it adds another central screen for entertainment. As if that were not enough, the vehicle would also have assistants, which would make many complex tasks such as parking or navigation easier. A complete proposal and at the level of the brand.

Current situation

In a regular article, in this section we would talk about the availability of the vehicle. However, at the moment it is not possible since, despite the time that has passed, the vehicle is still not available on the market. It is true that the pandemic and other events may have conditioned this launch, but more and more specialized media think that this launch is nothing more than a publicity stunt .

In fact, the approach of a highly equipped vehicle with Xiaomi technology for just about 11,000 euros sounds too good. It is true that Xiaomi usually positions its products in an economic segment, but even in this case it is too beautiful to be true. Above all, because such a low price would devalue the rest of the brand’s vehicles, if the launch were a reality. Therefore, there are many doubts about this vehicle.

Where there are no doubts is in the relationship between Xiaomi and the electric car. We are talking about the Baojun E300. This Chinese vehicle with 229 kilometers of autonomy has a price of 8,000 euros and a typical urban design. Xiaomi’s presence is part of the consortium that produces and distributes it. A context where Chevrolet is also in charge of marketing.

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