What Should I Know To Acquire The Best Alarm For Motorcycles?

Motorcycles are vehicles that often attract the attention of thieves because they are more accessible to theft. To deal with these crimes, various protection systems have appeared, alarms being one of the most effective. With the number of options available, you have to know how to search and make a choice based on greater security benefits.

The popularity of motorcycle alarm systems is increasing among users, as a prevention or early warning mechanism to prevent theft of these two-wheelers, which generally tend to be more attractive than cars, because they are more lightweight and easy to move. 

Theft on the order of the day

According to some unofficial estimates, it is believed that a large part of the thefts that occur in Spain in relation to motorcycles corresponds to motorcycles. Faced with this situation and looking for adequate protection for the vehicle, it is necessary to have an alarm device. At present, there are many makes and models that are available. Each of the alternatives offers different attributes and advantages that are adjusted to the particular requirements, while presenting different levels of security and are equipped with different sensors. 

Therefore, before making a hasty decision, it is convenient that you know what features to look for, as well as what are the advantages of each model. All this will be tried to decipher below. In addition, the most frequent questions posed by users will be answered. 

Don’t be alarmed, look for an alarm 

It is true that thefts are the order of the day, but instead of going into despair, it is advisable to analyze the options and make a smart choice. Therefore, the first thing to know is that a motorcycle alarm is a system that, after being activated, will emit an acoustic signal if the vehicle tries to be moved in an unauthorized way. 

These protection mechanisms are a preventive action against possible theft, not a response. In other words, although they cannot necessarily prevent it from happening, they manage to issue an early warning and even go so far as to thwart crime. 

Simple operation

These systems work by connecting the alarm device to the vehicle. After installation, the alert sound will automatically go off when there are strong movements near the motorcycle or when an attempt is made to manipulate, without having previously disconnected the alarm. 

It is important to comment that not all models have the same operating system, being an essential requirement that its functionality is simple and its activation sensitive, but that, for example, it is capable of discriminating the wind with a touch. Otherwise, it will spend the whole day activated. 

Generally, an alarm system does not just include the device. Different brands present alternatives in kits. These are made up of the siren, motion sensors, controls or controllers, among other objects. 

The most popular modalities

  • Anti-theft motorcycle alarm: This model is compatible with Yamaha motorcycles, as well as most models that run on 12/24 volt batteries. It is equipped with four-level adjustable shock sensors. When activated, it emits a 125 decibel sound and the flashing lights come on. Its price is cheap, less than 10 euros. 
  • Motorcycle alarm with GPS: Commonly cataloged as the best motorcycle alarm on the market (check this link for some purchase options) , this alternative is integrated by a security system with a high degree of protection. One of the advantages of this model is that although it cannot thwart theft, it is possible to track the location, thanks to the GPS system that is included in the alarm.

According to its operation, a GPS signal is emitted that goes to the computer or mobile that it has joined at the time of installation or it will issue a notice to the company in charge of motorcycle safety. In any case, having this information, you can contact the authorities to recover the motorcycle, since you will have the exact location of where the vehicle is after the theft. 

  • Spy motorcycle alarm: Spy systems are alarms that have an easy installation process, which warn by means of a sound if there is any eventuality with the motorcycle. In general, they incorporate a control to activate and deactivate at a distance of up to 2 kilometers From this control the starter system can be enabled or closed and, in some cases, the control can vibrate when the alarm is triggered. 

Each of these alternatives is an appropriate option depending on the case and security needs. Therefore, before making a purchase decision, you need to make an analysis of the use of the two-wheeler, the hours you are alone and the place. With this information you will be able to access the best alarm system for each case.


In general, alarm systems, whatever the type, are simple to install and include the instruction manual with the steps that must be followed to complete the process successfully. It does not require many implements, but a basic notion of electrical circuits and cables is needed, since it will be necessary to make some connections to the board. 

Therefore, if you do not feel confident to complete the installation, you do not have mastery of the parts that are included in the alarm system and, if the model does not include instructions, then it will be necessary to go to a technician or professional who to carry out the process efficiently.

In this way, it will be ensured that the alarm has been properly installed and that its operation will be correct to activate when there are suspicious movements around the motorcycle or when outsiders try to move the two-wheeled vehicle without authorization. Similarly, a specialized center will be in charge of adjusting the sensors and the rest of the components.

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